Best Friends Forever 13th March 2013 Written Episode Update

Best Friends Forever 13th March 2013 Written Episode, Best Friends Forever 13th March 2013 Written Update

Episode starts from y’day scene Prithvi brings Sanju at Hall,Prithvi goes aside. Sanju ask him to come but he doesn’t. Just then lights are on everyone screams SURPRISE! Ela,Vinnie,Sanju hugs each other. sunny gifts Sanju a greeting card sanju gets emotional. Sanju tells now I got it why u were behaving so strangly at college. Prithvi holds his ears & say sorry. Sanivi shake their hands. Ela & Vinnie notice this. They cut the cake & the celebration begins. Sanju feeds Prithvi cake, prithvi is about to feed sanju just then Varun enters clapping.!

All are shocked to see him there. He takes the mike & dedicates a song to Sanju.(sorry Dunno the name) Meanwhile everyone keep staring. Sanju goes near Varun Ela,vinnie wonder what will happen. RGV,Rohan places a bet. Sanju switch on the lights Varun thanks her for giving him chance to sing. He gives her fav yellow flowers,Sanju throws them & tells this things are also out like our friendship which is out. Varun agains on say something When Prithvi stops him saying leave otherwise you will be thrown out from here.

Varun smirks that you are coming between Sanju & Varun ( What the?) Sanju says We Don’t need you anymore! Ela tells I hope now you have understood. Vinnie too tells Varun to leave from here.Varun leaves from there.Ela tells prithvi he is physco.. Prithvi feeds sanju cake.. everyone teases them, Ela announces Prithvi will now present something he is asked to sing. Prithvi denies saying he can’t Sanju says please he agrees.

Prithvi sings iss dil kya karun.. everyone puts hands on their ears except Sanju. Prithvi imagines Him & Sanju dancing. Song is over everyone praises him. He thanks them, Sanju goes & hugs him, She tells him really u don’t sing good.. Everyone teases them. Mak takes the mike he says u all know my heart was never in my control so this song is for Ela. Ela scarscams Makes gets sad & back off. Prithvi tries to console him.! He tries to cheer up the mood by telling Ela to sing a song for Gr8 BFF’s.

Ela tells she was heart broken when her BFF’s left her FB that day when Sanju tells to get out of her life. But now she is happy to get them back. She thanks Vinnie & Sanju.Video clip is shown of BFF’s moments. BFF’s dance & sings the Lets rock together! Everyone claps!Sanju pulls the guys everyone dances. Varun enters his house, he is sad & rests himself in sofa. He remembers what happened in Sanju’s b’day incident.eposde

precap: SanVi drinks juice from one glass. Prithvi says good bye to Sanju. Mystry man clicks this moment. Prithvi enters the house & is shocked to see everything messed up.

Update Credit to: -Rasmi24-

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