The Buddy Project 13th January 2014 Written Episode Update

The Buddy Project 13th January 2014 Written Episode, The Buddy Project 13th January 2014 Written Update

Epi begins with Kiya telling Harsh she will go get ready, Kiya gets up and hugs KD and tells him if it wasn’t for JJ she would have never done this and explains him she has to befriend him right now so that she understands him, KD tells her he understands and if JJ wouldn’t have been there he would have ruined Harsh’s geography by now, he tells Kiya he is with her and tells her to be careful

Harsh on the other hand has other intentions for the date and thinks what if Kiya hesitates but then if he doesn’t tell her where they are going she wont hesitate
Kiya tells KD to leave as she has to get ready, KD teases what if he doesn’t, Kiya tells him the man she is going on a date with is quite stubborn and possessive guy so he needs to be careful, KD pulls her closer and says whoever she calls he isn’t leaving, Kiya says to KD he has become quite romantic and she is liking it, KD says she should have said that before he is ready to romance day and night (kaun mana kar raha hai jitna chahe karo and OMG that thing he does on her chin with his finger hahaha dats soo freaking CUTEE)
He moves forward to kiss her but Anya calls out to Kiya saying Harsh has come, KD leaves Kiya, Kiya asks him he left so easily when he said he wouldn’t, KD holds her face and kisses on her cheek and tells her to take care and is about to leave through the window when Kiya calls him out and says I love you’, KD sends her a flying kiss and so does Kiya(Aaahhh they are sooo damn Adorable)

Harsh praises Kiya who asks him where are they going, Harsh tells her it’s a surprise and they both get in the car, Harsh stops the car and gets Kiya out with her eyes closed, Kiya asks her where are they, Harsh tells her to open her eyes, Kiya exclaims the place is amazing, Harsh tells her its nothing in front of her and goes and get a champagne bottle from the car, Kiya says he is well prepared, Harsh tells her he has to be since he is with Kiya Gujral

Harsh takes her to the table and then opens the champagne bottle, Kiya asks him if he is sure about drinking since he has a match tomorrow, he tells her he is going to win tomorrow for sure and cheers for their friendship and new beginning
Kiya to the camera: Its good maybe after drinking he might open up about his life and family with her

Harsh to the camera: this champagne will take her to the right mood afterall what he planned its important to have the right mood for it
RV asks KD why is he so tensed and asks if its because of the match, KD says its not just that but overall, he tells RV how he gets pissed seeing Harsh and above that he has gone for a date with Kiya, RV says that’s the main problem he has and asks him to relax as Kiya can handle herself, KD says he has a doubt on Harsh as he is doing all this to humiliate him, RV asks where did they go, KD says he has no clue

Kiya asks Harsh about him saying once he liked being hated and asks about his family his childhood, Harsh says he wishes he arranged the music too atleast he would have been saved from these boring talks

Kiya to the camera: he is avoiding

Kiya asks him about siblings, Harsh tells her he has 100 brothers and he is the eldest of all Duryodhan, he tells her to drink as they are here for a date and not to talk all these boring things about family and all, Kiya apologizes and says its just that she wanted to know more about him, just then Kiya’s phone starts ringing and before Kiya could take it, Harsh switches off the phone, Kiya says what if its from her home, Harsh reminds her she asked him something and he could only reply to that when she is talking to him

Kiya says fine and they will talk and asks what was he saying, Harsh says he will tell her everything but for that she needs to go somewhere with him, Kiya feels odd and says where as this place is nice too, Harsh says a date should move ahead to the next phase and they could explore each other, Harsh says he is hungry so they might eat something too, Kiya asks him about the place they are going to go but Harsh says it a surprise

RV asks KD if he got the call, KD says he was but the call was cut and now phone is switched off, he tells RV he feels Kiya is in trouble
Kiya looks around and asks where are they, Harsh tells her its his house

Kiya to the camera: why did he get her to his house on their first date? She isn’t getting a good feeling about this

They enter the house, Harsh asks Kiya if she’s hungry, Kiya says yes and Harsh tells her to give five minutes and he will be back, Harsh gets to cooking the food

Harsh comes to Kiya with a drink but Kiya refuses, Harsh insists her to drink, Kiya places a condition that he has to say everything about him to her, Harsh ask she wont leave that matter, Kiya says no and asks when did he start drinking first, Harsh tells her he had his first drink with his dad, he offers her the drink and she takes it smiling, Harsh asks her the reason behind the smile, Kiya tells him eversince she met him she always thought how it must be for him to live in the royal family with all the peer pressure and all, Harsh tells her he doesn’t come under any pressure, he always had his freedom and still has and will always will

Kiya shares about she never having such freedom, always being overshadowed by her sister and never having friends at school it gave her a horrible feeling, Harsh brings the food and says to talk about something else, he asks her to finish her drink and sit down, he serves the food for Kiya

While on the other hand KD tries calling Kiya but in vain, RV tells him to relax and says maybe her battery is dead, KD tells him he has a bad feeling and Harsh doesn’t have good intentions, RV asks him if he knows the place they went to, KD says no, RV says then what can they do, KD gets an idea and tells RV since he is Harsh’s friend he can go to his house and ask about Harsh’s whereabouts, RV says and what will he say going there, KD tells him to say anything and give any reason, KD insists him to go, RV tells KD to chill and says he will go, KD tells him he will wait for his call

Kiya praises him for his cooking talent and asks him what other talents does he have, Harsh replies she will come to know everything, after their dinner Harsh tells Kiya he wants to show her something and asks her to close her eyes, Kiya says he has been making her close her eyes a lot and asks if he is planning to keep her in the dark, Harsh tells her this time after she opens her eyes she will see that life is very beautiful, Kiya agrees and Harsh takes her to a room full of candles, Kiya exclaims its beautiful but asks him why all this

Harsh plays the music and dances with Kiya trying to get more close to her, Kiya starts feeling uncomfortable and pushes him off, she tells him she should leave, Harsh asks what’s the problem, Kiya tells him she doesn’t want to stay here anymore and is about to leave when Harsh says he wont stop her but atleast to let him drop her back home, Kiya leaves from there followed by Harsh, Kiya opens the door to find RV about to ring the bell

Precap: Harsh clashes with some girl and drops his phone, he asks the girl if she is blind but Piddhi comes there and says to the girl that he hasn’t gotten over his hangover from yesterday, the girl asks Harsh if he is all ready to loose, Harsh gets pissed, Kiya tells Harsh to focus on the game coz if he looses than all the big talks he does will go in to waste

Update Credit to: sweetshine

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