Main Naa Bhoolungi 13th January 2014 Written Episode Update

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Main Naa Bhoolungi 13th January 2014 Written Episode, Main Naa Bhoolungi 13th January 2014 Written Update

Episode starts with Inspector unwantingly releasing the stalker.. he leaves in an auto and they follow him.. pandit blesses shikha and they leave mandir.. sudha is asking avinash how much more time its gonna take since they need to reach on time and get ready as well.. sameer and his family also leave.. shikha gets call from nisha asking for address and she tells her..

inspector is following him and wonders where he’s heading to.. he goes to ticket counter and is seen sitting in a bus.. here at farmhouse, sameer’s parents are checking last minute arrangements when sameer offers to help but they ask him to be inside as he is groom and groom doesnt welcome guests but is welcomed.. shikha’s and family reach farmhouse, while sameer gets a phone call and

he leaves..

inspector gets to know that he’s leaving to belgaum but he’s sure that its not his destination and asks raghu to keep following.. shikha’s family is welcomed.. everyone is surprised and happy seeing the arrangements and mahi is more excited for joota chupai rasm.. inspector calls raghu to know whereabouts and is informed that bus moved out of nasik but he didnt get down.. inspector asks him to come back and wonders what he’s upto as he used to follow her, didnt say if he loves her or not and now he’s going out of nasik..

shikha’s boss tells gappu and pooja to be ready as they’ll go together in evening.. gappu refuses to come saying he cant believe she is getting married but boss asks him to be ready on time.. sudha and avinash feel bad that sameer’s parents are doing all arrangements being from groom side and consider shikha lucky for getting such a family..vineet calls saying he’s reached and avinash goes down to greet him.. inspector is seen very worried and impatient when raghu comes asking why he’s so and that the man has left.. inspector asks why he came if he had to leave and says they are missing something.. he decides to go to shikha’s house..

shikha is unpacking when there’s a call on room phone from house keeping asking if she needs anything.. shikha says no but he keeps insisting which makes her angry.. he finally tells her to check outside her door for her gift.. shikha finds shaitaan with a bag and takes it to find that its the same wedding dress she had liked.. she gets happy when sameer calls.. he says their rules are strict of not meeting but they can talk and asks about the dress.. she says she liked it a lot.. they hang and shikha stands in front of mirror smiling trying the dress.. BG bin maange koi dua hain plays..

sameer meets avinash and asks if all’s perfect.. he apologizes for the inconvenience as because of him all of their relatives arent being able to make it for wedding.. avinash says its fine and asks if his employees are coming? sameer says he isnt sure as he’s closed his business making them lose their job and job security is a big thing.. shikha overhears everything.. insector is ringing bell and wonders why no one is opening door.. they ask security who informs they have left for its shikha’s wedding at the groom’s place.. inspector gets thinking on the same and leaves..

wedding rituals going on.. boss tells avinash he’s happy for shikha who’s got sameer while gappu is shown to be upset sitting in one corner.. pandit asks to bring bride and sudha leaves.. here nisha and mahi are teasing shikha.. sudha comes and is stunned and happy seeing shikha.. they both get emotional.. shikha is brought to mandap and is seated for rituals.. BG mysterious tune plays..

pheras going on.. Inspector is heading to the wedding place..

Update Credit to: Preetz

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