Tumhari Pakhi 13th January 2014 Written Episode Update

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Tumhari Pakhi 13th January 2014 Written Episode, Tumhari Pakhi 13th January 2014 Written Update

Pakhi keeps gift box in Ayaan’s room, while ayaan watches and is excited for surprise. Ayaan was about to open the room when pakhi asks him and he tells he wants to use wash room. She offers to use in her room and extend her hand to hold. He hesitantly takes it. Pakhi uses the opportunity and tries to make conversation.

At Lav’s house, she is very angry, sad and frustrated. Girish has to face her outburst. She is keep crying and tells him that he has cheated on her he had lied to her. Girish tries to justify, tries to tell her that she is his only love and what happened was his biggest mistake, but in vain. Lav now connects all the dots about naina’s parents contact not getting it, bua’s visit all was planed etc. She is so devastated that she asks hi if he has done this

because she can not be mother. He denies but she does not believe him and in anger kicks him and his empty suitcase out of the room and house saying that there is nothing between them.

Anshuman gets ayaan in his room. He wants to open box, but anshu asks him to wash hands. While ayaan is in washroom he keeps one paper in the box. after coming out ayaan wants to open the box. He again stops him and asks about story in story book. AYaan brief about story i.e. A witch first feed the kids then eat them ( basically he was making base to prove pakhi is witch. That’s what I felt. Bad anshuman. see bad karma always comes back). Now he asks him to open it but says wait till he comes back and leaves.

Ayaan could not control and opens the box to find boarding school interview letter with his child hood toys. Anshu who is watching his action from out side steps in and ayaan gets hyper. Anshu tells it is all done by pakhi. Ayaan says to him that’s why she was making me laugh and you too are with her you too plan this.

Pakhi after distributing gifts to ayaan’s friend happily walks in thinking father-son duo must be bonding. She gets shocked when ayaan starts throwing toys on her screaming that he hates her, she is bad. He starts throwing more stuff when anshu runs to stop him and changes his party aka starts defending pakhi, counts her good deed to him. Confused pakhi goes upstairs when ayaan pushes anshu and locked himself in the room saying he hates both of them. Anshu briefs the situation to pakhi saying he is blaming you for getting letter. Pakhi blames herself for breaking the bridge between father-son. Anshu is shocked to her act, she walks out from there ( his face is million dollars worth to watch), leaving anshu to think, why type of girl is she who does not say anything to anyone but blames her self.

Night falls. Anshu in his sleep blabbers ” Just go, go away, why do not you go I can not tolerate. PAkhi gets up, puts her hands on him so he can sleep. Next morning anshu feels strange seeing pakhi sleeping like that. She wakes up saying he talks a lot in his sleep and tells what all he was saying. She stumps him by asking if he wants to get rid of him. He chides her why would he want it. She teases then tell me if you wanna get rid of your girl friend. he gives her you are impossible look. She does not stop there holds his palm saying his line says he has chance of 3 times getting wed. He gets up saying what nonsense you are talking. ( I just love this bed scene of pakhi making him speechless).

Ayaan yells to mahaji to put board on his door that dad is not allowed. Anshu his own fills pakhi’s maang saying 8 days left. Pakhi replies today is patch up day. Let ayaan be mad at me but he should not be mad at you. You guys should patch up ( anshu again speechless and shocked). His phone rings he walks out. pkahi thinks how to bring these two close. She sees a circle on Grand Prix ad, she is happy to see the solution

ANshu irritated as TV not working, mahaji pacify ayaan and says to patch up with anshu. Ayaan fills pipe with mud and pakhi connects the water that flashes muddy water on asnhu. He is mad at her..

Update Credit to: md410

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