The Buddy Project 10th April 2014 Written Episode Update

The Buddy Project 10th April 2014 Written Episode, The Buddy Project 10th April 2014 Written Update

Ranveer and kd starts conversation and ranveer says, when will you compatible with vaaani. Kd says, why we hate each other. Ranveer says, so you are trying to say that you like her. Kd says, i dont care about her but i love you my dear. Ranveer says, leave it, i had prepared list of everything, but you dont have enough time except vaani’s cafe. KD says, you also trying to engage with panchi all the times and you are saying for me.
KD reaches there where all planned about website. ranveer came into room and gets so upset. KD says, what happen, why are you so upset. Ranveer says, my accountant is hospitalized. I have to go. KD says, you go without any stress and whenever you come back, you will find our business at new heights. KD says, there is no need to worry. Vaani says, i forget i have some work, i have organised a protest. KD says, we are also going with you. KD says, we will support you and we will our first protest experience. Vaani laughs on piddhi and says, you ride this scooty of this yellow. My friend has given to this and this scooty will run fast from your scooty. KD says, ok lets do race, me and sheeba will follow you. Vaani wins. vaaani says, i will always use castrol oil. Vaani starts its protest against mobile towers. Vaani says, we have to work against and then she shows how mobile tower are harmful to us. But nobody like it. Vaani says, no problem, first step will always rejected. sheeba gets frustrated. Piddhi laughs on everybody and says to bani, look KD follows to people and nobody hears him. Vaani says, but atleast he is doing his efforts but you cant do this. Piddhi also put effort and then give up.Bani says to pidhi, have given up. Pidhi says, no, then he moves up on car and says loudly then gather to people. But finally no body is there. sheeba says, now i am so tired. KD says, today’s hero is pidhi. Pidhi says, i have to prove myself, i will come with you on every protest. Vani gets a call and ran towards cafe. Jetli sir and mam tries to hold the police man. Vaani reaches there and jetli sir says, show the papers. Bani shows the paper and police man says, it is only for restaurant so you cant run community center. Jetli sir says, we have to declare everything on commercial land. Kd says, we will get all the papers that we required. Everybody encourages to bani. Everybody came to meet police man. Police man says, just run your restaurant and leave all this. Vaani says, we will get all the documents from municipal.

everybody reaches at municipal office. Vaani says to inspector, we will just work on social issues. Inspector says, your restaurant is on public place, so we will discuss from people who are living there. Vaani says, you are really want to help me, i am not forcing you. Kd says, we will do it for friendship. everybody reaches at society and gets frightened to see 50 floor building.
Kd says, we will coverup 12 flats per person and extra people will be covered by me.

NO precap

Update Credit to: Priya

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