Dil Dosti Dance 10th April 2014 Written Episode Update

Dil Dosti Dance 10th April 2014 Written Episode, Dil Dosti Dance 10th April 2014 Written Update

Nil stops Vicky in the corridor and gives him the notes Simmi gave him. He asks him why he was not coming to the classes for two days. Vicky asks ‘why was he missing him?’ Nil told him that he didn’t like anything without him. Vicky says ‘you’ll remember this missing when you will get failed in the exam’ and leaves. Nil stops disappointed, saying ‘What a friend he is… ’

Swayam and Sharon were in the café. Swayam asks ‘why did she think she has some problem?’ Sharon was about to tell him, then stops. She says she can see in her eyes. Swayam says he never noticed this, she told me once he has friendship with a guy in Indore. But if you say I will try to find out. He asks her why they are wasting their day discussing about his topic. Can’t we speak about something else? Sharon reminds him that Rey had called them for meeting. Swayam says he also forgot about it. They leave.

They were in a class-room. Rey says that this is the time that they spend all their energy for affiliation and shows the world that it is worth it. A boy asks where are they going to rehearse. Someone suggest they Amar were welcoming them in the garage. Swayam says that whatever they do, they will not let it affect their studies, they won’t bunk any classes but do the rehearsals at night. Rey says that they will get divided in teams, Nil asks ‘but who will be the advisor?’ Rey announces “Kriya! Does anyone has an issue about it” They say ‘No’. Kriya objects saying who he to take decision about her is. Rey says that you have got an international price and she knows a lot about dancing. Kriya says that when she was here before, people had a lot of problems with her. Swayam asks what problem she has. She tells that she must be informed about every decision that involves her. Swayam agrees saying that there is no good in fighting. She agrees. Rey asks was he saying it in French. Swayam suggests they should get back their dancing hall for some time. They agree. Rey calls Sharon who was sitting lost in her own thoughts. She says ‘yes! What is it about’ He tells her they are going to VP sir for permission. Rey asks Kriya did she want to drink water to get cooled down, or go to VP sir. She says they will first check the costumes.

Sharon and Swayam are in the corridor. Swayam asks why she was so quiet, are you worried about the hacking issue? She says yes yes, that’s the reason. He says that the intention is right but the way we opted is wrong. She thinks how she shall tell him that Ruhi’s intentions are not good. He asks her to go and they leave.

Kriya and Rey are checking the costumes. He is walking behind him saying sorry. She asks why he was saying sorry. He tells because it was his mistake, but everything is getting alright again. She asks what is getting alright. He tells her ‘like yours and mine reunion, you return, you helping me…’ Kriya does not pay attention to him. He thinks it’s very difficult to prepare for exam, dance practice and making up Kriya’s mood.

Sharon and Swayam go to VP sir. He asks what they have decided about farewell. Sharon suggests that there are a lot of plans but they also want to dance in their last farewell. Sharon asks him the permission for the hall as they have a lot of memories with that hall. He says that he will postpone the library work and he and the whole college wants to see their dance for the last time. He tells them he is happy they have left the dance. She says they have not left the dance as it is their identity.

Kriya was sorting clothes saying they should keep the look western. Rey was messing up with clothes. On one suit he remembers the time Kriya had worn it. She was also remembering the same. He asks her but she scolds him saying she doesn’t have this good memory. Rey asks why she was behaving so harsh. She scolds again saying they have a lot of work to do. He starts to throw all the clothes on the floor again. Kriya tells him what she was doing; a cloth piece wraps her due to which she falls. He holds her.

PRECAP: Rey tells Sharon that she should not think about Ruhi right now, dance is more important for them right now. Ruhi listens to their talk. The boys were dancing in the hall. He asks what they were doing. They tells him ‘Musical!’ He was in shock

Update Credit to: Niki

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