Tumhari Pakhi 10th April 2014 Written Episode Update

Tumhari Pakhi 10th April 2014 Written Episode, Tumhari Pakhi 10th April 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with Anshuman taking Tanya out for breakfast. Tanya is happy and leaves with him. Pakhi sees Ayaan going to his room and comes to talk to him. She shows him their family photo and says lets hang it in your room. Ayaan asks her to leave. Ayaan crosses on her photo. Pakhi asks why did you spoil it, what happened to you. Ayaan says go from here. He gets angry and ruins the room. She stops him and asks why should I go. He says because they will kill you. Pakhi is shocked and hugs him. She cries and asks who told you this. Ayaan says I know everything, that dad will kill you as he does not love you and loves Tanya.

He says he killed my first mum also, and will kill you also. Pakhi says no, tell me who told you this. Ayaan says Tanya. He tells him how Tanya came to take him and told him about Anshuman. He says your mum died in accident, Anshuman did the accident as he did not like his mum. Ayaan was shocked to know that Anshuman killed his mum. Tanya tells him that Anshuman will kill Pakhi also as he does not like her. She scares Ayaan and rides the car in high speed. She says Anshuman loves me and he murdered your mum, he does not care.

She asks him to choose her else Pakhi will die just like her mum. Pakhi hugs him and Ayaan says no, dad will kill you. Pakhi says no, Tanya has lied to you, she used to stay in this house. She wants to use you, your dad loves you a lot, he did not kill your mum. Pakhi says Anshuman asked Tanya to go, he wants what you want, he wants me to stay here. He says then why did he not show me my mum’s photo. Pakhi says I m saying you that Anshuman did not kill your mum, it was an accident.

She says I will make you talk to people who were here. Lavanya gets angry knowing this from Pakhi. Pakhi says Tanya tortured Ayaan, he is not listening to me, please explain him. Girish talks to Ayaan and talks about his mum. He says Anshuman loved her a lot, after her death he punished himself as he could not save her. Lavanya explains Ayaan that if you love something and if it pains you, then what, we have removed the photos as Anshuman used to cry and not being normal. It does not mean we don’t miss her, she is in our hearts.

She says Anshuman loves you a lot, he did not kill your mum. Girish tells Tanya is a snake and has lied. Ayaan says sorry to Pakhi and hugs her. Pakhi says don’t say sorry, I know you did not do anything, we all love you, now you know the truth, smile now. He says this thing will not end here, Tanya did wrong. Lavanya says come, we have to tell everything to Anshuman. Pakhi says he won’t believe us without any proof. Girish says yes, Tanya has to accept it. Ayaan says I will do as you say.

Girish says once we have proof, then Tanya has to go back to London. He gives a camera to Pakhi and asks her to record everything. He says I will come with you. Pakhi says no, I will go myself. She calls Anshuman asking him to come home.

Anshuman asks what happened. Pakhi says its urgent. He says I will come. She tells Girish Anshuman is coming. I will send Ayaan to school. I don’t want anything to happen infront of him. She says I will take answers from Tanya. Lavanya says Tanya can do anything. Pakhi says don’t worry, I wanted Anshuman and Ayaan to be together and away from Tanya, after showing Anshuman the proof, he will ask her to leave the house, now I have to get proof against Tanya.

Tanya talks to Mr. Rana and tells him what she did with Ayaan. Ayaan comes to Tanya and she again repeats what she told him in the car that Anshuman has killed his mum. Pakhi records her statements. Pakhi thinks now Tanya’s game is over.

Tanya beats Pakhi and hurts her. Pakhi and Tanya have a fight. Tanya asks her to give the chip.

Update Credit to: Amena

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