Rang Rasiya 10th April 2014 Written Episode Update

Rang Rasiya 10th April 2014 Written Episode, Rang Rasiya 10th April 2014 Written Update

Scene 1
rudra breaks chari, he puts wood in pot, rudra says we need pandit but in this marriage groom is enough for every thing, he says now we need fire, he goes mandir and puts fire on dupatta, he moves dupatta in round which have fire infront of paro she is feared, he puts fire in pot and havan kund is ready, he says you wanted to marry, wanted to become one, paro says not like this, he comes close to her shoulder and ask to say again, she says you have problem with this too, everytime you want your style but now it will be rudra’s style, he says no more drama, we will do marriage directly, he puts dupatta around his neck and ties it with paro’s saree for gath bandhan.

he holds her hand and start taking phera, he says 1st phera 1st promise that for your blinded love you will ask nothing from me, 2nd promise that like you never trusted me you will never ask trust from me, 3rd promise that i will always be away from your beauty, 4th promise that like my respect was snatched, my soul was screaming but nobody listened same way you will scream for whole life but nobody will listen, 5th promise that our relationship will be like you have never imagined in you worst dream, 6th promise that i will answer your stubbornness with my stubbornness, 7th promise that you will never get happiness and i will not allow you to be happy and now 8th phera only for you, he pulls her towards him and take phera while holding her in arms, he says rudra will never be of paro, he leaves her. he brings sindoor and says you wanted sindoor in your maang, he puts sindoor on paro’s forehead and throws box, paro closes her eyes, he shows her mangalsutra(thread) and ties it around her neck, paro in tears looks at him, he says happy marriage mrs. rudra pratap ranawat, he says clap and thanks for coming in marriage, he leaves to his room. paro feels dizzy and falls on ground, maithili ask sunehri to bring water, mohini is unable to react, maithili gives her water, chacha says he did that in anger and bhaisaa is not here, mohini says it was a plan that he is not here, she came in this house to write name here, rudra he married himself, she says now your brother will come and says oh what happened, now leave it and give them blessing,

she says now after sometime small smoke girl will be running here and there, she says you remember dilsher said that rudra will get married 1st and he will have grandchild, she says now what you all are seeing, lets leave from here, all leaves. danveer comes back and says to paro that what happened was not in good way but truth is you are now daughter in law of this house and we will welcome you like a daughter in law, maithili, samrat and sunehri comes with pooja thali. she ask paro to get up, they take paro to gate and puts kalash infront of her, maithili do paro’s aarti, paro touches danveer’s feet, he blesses her to be married, paro touches maithili’s feet, she hugs her and says i have nothing to give you but hope God give you everything, sunehri also hugs her, paro throws kalash and comes in, she puts feet in red water and is about to come in, rudra comes and says i made her bahu so why doing rituals alone mrs. rudra pratap ranawat, he lifts her in his arms, danveer ask where you are taking her, he says she is my wife, so suhaagraat must happen, he takes her to his room and disbalances, he says i am not that drunk that i will put you on ground. he makes her sit on bed and closes door, he comes to paro, she is afraid, he leans to her and takes viscky bottle from side table, he sits on ground and says this drink is for mr. and mrs. rudra pratap,

paro says enough you have drank alot, rudra says you are talking like wife, he says another glass for losing my bsd job, paro goes out and brings milk and glass, he says you will also drink, paro gives him milk, rudra says sit, he says if you drink this milk then i will not drink wine

PRECAP- rudra says till when you are drinking milk i will not drink wine, if you stop i will start drinking again, paro starts drinking milk.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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