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Episode starts…
Swara think to herself whether she tell about sanskar to ragini or not..
Swara come to her sense when ragini shakes her shoulder..
Ragini: what are u thinking???
Swara is about to say something suddenly swetha come and call them for lunch…
They go downstairs…
Laksh: k bhai.. your wish.. we(swalak) don’t tell ragini anything about you and your love..but when will she understand how much u love her…
Saying this laksh goes.. sanskar looks on…
Suddenly sanskar phone rings…its his mom call..sanskar attend the phone..
Sanskar: hello mom..
Ap: hello sanskar… did you had ur lunch??
Sanskar: no mom.. i had one important meeting.. just now i came to my cabin after finishing meeting..
Ap:what is this sanskar?? U always forget ur lunch?? Hereafter i won’t call u to remember this.. ur wife will do it..
Sanskar think to himself i think she already blocked my number… y will she call me???
Ap :can u hear me sanskar??
Sanskar came to his sense..
Sanskar: haan mom..
Ap: k beta.. go and have ur lunch..
Sanskar: k mom..
Sanskar about to cut the call suddenly ap call his name..
Ap :Sanskar. Dont forget to bring ragini in the evening..
Sanskar:k mom.. cut the call…
Sanskar think to himself” already she is angry at me.. if i go alone to pick her, definitely she will kill me.. how will escape from this?? ”
Sanskar think a second suddenly he says idea ..
Sanskar:Laksh is the only way to escape from ragini.. she behave nicely before laksh…
Sanskar calls laksh..
Evening at Swara house..
All the elders are sitting in the living room and have a causal talk..
Ragini and Swara is in the room.
Sanlak came inside and greet elders..
Swetha calls swaragini to comes down by saying sanlak arrived..
Swaragini comes down .. ragini angrily looks sanskar without elders knowledge… swalak notices it..
Laksh whisper to sanskar..
Laksh: bhai, u said if i come with u ,ragini behaves nicely.. look at her.. she seems more anger.. think if am not come with u , what will u do without me … and smiles.
Sanskar: shutup laksh..

Suddenly ragini come infront of sanskar and fake a smile…
Ragini: sanskar ji.. when will u come?
Sanskar: ( stammers) just now..
Swalak smiles at sanskar.
Swetha: ragini bring coffee for them beta…
Ragini smiles and goes.. swara follows her.
Ragini prepare coffee for them instead of sugar, ragini took salt bottle.
Swara: hy ragini, that’s a salt.
Ragini: I know,
Swara: That means you are gng to give them a salty coffee.. oh no..
Ragini: Not for them, only for sanskar, (saying this ragini puts salt to one cup of coffee and another with sugar.)
Swara: ragini, this is not fair.. don’t do this to him.
Ragini took a coffee plate and goes..
She gave it but instead of sanskar, laksh took a salt coffee..
Swaragini shocks and shooked her head ..
But laksh didn’t notice.. laksh take a sip of coffee and split out. His shirt got wet..
Swetha: what happen?
Laksh looks at swaragini..
Swara patted her head.. ragini look at him pity..
Laksh: nothing aunt. Sry I slipped a coffee cup..
Sanskar looks swaragini and laksh doubtfully.
Swara: come laksh. Washroom is there.sanskar also goes.
Ragini looks at them..
Laksh cleaned his shirt and come outside, sees sanskar and swara laughing..
Laksh: why are u laughing.? Why did u put salt in coffee swara?
Swara and sanskar smiles and look at him.
Laksh get irritated.. and shouts.
Laksh: swara.. don’t laugh.. i only saved u..if i tell ur family that u put salt in my coffee.. they will scold u must thank me..
Swara: yeah laksh.. i must thank u..but not for me..for ragini..
Sanskar smiles at Swara..
Laksh: what???
Swara: ragini only put salt in coffee..
Laksh: what? Ragini ..?
Swara: but not 4 u..
Sanskar: its 4 me..
Laksh: oh, now i got it. Why did u bring me here…
Swara and sanskar laughs..

After sometimes,
Ragsan and laksh ready to go.
Ragsan gets blessing from elders..
Dadi hugs her..
Shekhar: tomorrow mrng we have train to Kolkata.
Ragini looks at Shekar sadly..
Shekhar: i think for my daughter i will shift my business here..
Ragini gets happy and hugs Shekhar..
Sanlak and Swara smiles at ragini…
Ragini:when will u shift…
Shekhar: few days later…
Ragsan and laksh left for maheswari mansion..
At outside Swara house,
Ragsan and laksh come out…
Ragini goes and sit on back seat before sanlak arrives…
Sanlak sees this and smiles at eachother..
Sanskar drives the car and beside laksh sits..
Sanskar adjust front mirror to see ragini.. ragini look at outside..
On the way ragini sees panipuri stall..she excitedly looks at..sanskar notices it..
Sanskar stop near panipuri stall…
Ragini: y did u stop the car??( to laksh)
Laksh look at ragini confusingly… he think”when did i drive”
Sanskar: laksh i want to eat pani i stop here..
Ragini look at sanskar surprisingly… she get down from the car and walk towards panipuri stall…

Inside the car,
Laksh: what …u want to eat pani puri(said teasingly)
Sanskar:k k..ragini want to i stop here…
Laksh: when did she tell u??? She always look at u angrily..
Sanskar: she didn’t tell me.. she doesn’t need to tell me..i can read her eyes..
Laksh: bhai.. pls give some tips for impress Swara…
Sanskar: i think Swara already impressed.. then how did she fall for u(said teasingly)…
Laksh: bhai(fake anger)
Sanskar smiles at him..
Laksh: k bhai..come ur wife is waiting for u..(said teasingly)..
Sanskar look at laksh with fake anger…
They get down from the car and walk towards ragini..
Ragini eats panipuri happily.. Sanlak look at her and smiles..
Vendor gives panipuri plate to laksh.. laksh about to give sanskar but sanskar refuses to take..
Laksh: y bro..
Sanskar: i don’t want…
Ragini looks at sanskar confusingly…
Sanskar notice ragini reaction..
Sanskar: first i thought to eat panipuri.. now i don’t feel to eat..u carry on laksh..
Laksh nods and smiles at sanskar..
Ragini look at sanskar confusingly..
And think” first he only said he want to eat panipuri.. now he said he dont feel to eat..what happened to him..he confused me..may be he stop the car at panipuri stall for me…. no no y will he stop for me..ragini dont think about him..
Ragini came to sense when laksh shook her..
laksh: ragini where did u lost??
Ragini :nothing Laksh..
Saying this she start to eat her panipuri..
Laksh smile at her..
Sanskar look at ragini with a smile..
Episode ends…

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