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Let’s start with a smile ?



Twinj were sleeping peacefully in eachothers embrace in a hugging position , twinkle stirred in her sleep slightly groaning a bit at the sunlight falling on her face even disturbing kunj’s sleep. Both opened their eye’s at the same time and looked at eachother.

” Good Morning Mr Sarna ” twinkle spoke with a smile cuddling herself more in his embrace.

” Good Morning Twinkle ” Kunj replied with a smile dropping a soft kiss on her forehead.

Twinkle nodded her head and closed her eye’s for few minutes before she looked up to see Kunj gazing at her lovingly. Twinkle raised herself on her arms resting on Kunj’s chest and spoke.

” Staring is rude Mr Kunj Sarna ”

” Staring your beautiful wife isn’t a crime at all Mrs Twinkle kunj Sarna ” Kunj spoke with naughtiness.

Twinkle blushed under his intense gaze and naughtiness , they were looking at eachother with love and affection they hold for eachother.

Ever so slightly twinkle leaned in capturing his lip’s in a passionate kiss both closed their eye’s cherishing the beautiful moment , twinkle’s hand was caressing his hair softly while his hand’s on her waist.

In a swift movement kunj turned their position now twinkle beneath kunj , twinkle moaned during the kiss and was caressing his hairs softly while kunj’s hand made their way through her white top she wore and was caressing her bare waist.

They broke the kiss breathing heavily and rested their heads against eachother closing their eyes cherishing the moment , twinkle opened her eyes and looked at Kunj his eyes still closed and a contended smile playing on his lip’s.

Twinkle cupped his face and spoke ” Kunj I am sorry for doing that but please don’t be angry with me.. I know I should not have taken such big decision without letting you know but kunj cherry threatened me that he will harm you..H…h…he will kill you and I…I…i can’t afford to loose you…..”

Tears rolled down twinkle’s eyes even at the thought if cherry had done something to kunj. Kunj looked at her and felt bad for being angry at her but he can’t help the fact that he could have ended up loosing her if cherry got to know about their plan..

That instant he felt like twisting cherry’s neck for making twinkle went through all that pain on the most important day of their life but he can’t even think what chinki might be going through cause of cherry and that scared him. They need to sort everything sooner.

Not just twinkle but chinki would have been in trouble and can even lost her life knowing the fact what kind of a person cherry is or anything bad could have taken place.

” Shh twinkle…It’s okay stop crying baby…I am not angry at you ” kunj spoke wiping her tears and kissing her moist eye’s, twinkle hugged kunj in that position only with him lying at top of her.

They broke the hug after while. Twinkle asked cutely with her nose red and childish tone , tears still visible in her eye’s.

” Promise you are not angry na Kunj ” sobbing like a kid. Kunj was amazed to see her this side. He shook his head smiling that it was another add to his list of how many shades his Siyappa Queen come Drama Queen have.

” Promise twinkle I am not angry ” Kunj spoke chuckling and placing a kiss at tip of her nose.

” I LOVE YOU KUNJ ” Twinkle confessed looking straight into his eye’s.

” I LOVE YOU TO TWINKLE ” Kunj spoke getting of her and cuddling her tightly in his embrace while twinkle to nuzzled herself more in him.

” Let’s go back to Amritsar ” exclaimed twinj together and giggled.

” We will together fight against cherry twinkle.. We will free chinki from his clutches but we need to find proves against him that how he had blackmailed you and tried to force you for marriage ” kunj spoke cupping twinkle’s face.

” Yes Kunj ! We need to find proves.. For the sake of our happiness chinki had done all this and I can’t see my sister suffering cause of me ” Twinkle spoke in a trembling tone thinking what chinki might be going through.

” Hmm you are right we need to free chinki from cherry’s trap as soon as possible ” kunj replied.

” I will call yuvi bhai and let him know that we are coming back and will also book the earliest flight for Amritsar till then you get ready twinkle. ”

Twinkle was about to get up when kunj pulled her back and cupping her face spoke.

” Don’t stress yourself twinkle everything will be alright okay ”

Twinkle nodded her head in response while kunj placed an assuring kiss on her forehead.


” But why kunj ” spoke yuvi while talking to kunj on the call.

” Okay ” replied yuvi and cut the call.

” What happened yuvi ” asked manohar who was sitting in hall along with everyone.

Everyone was eager to know what yuvi was talking about even Leela and RT were present in Sarna Mansion along with Malhotra’s (Amaya , Aman , Amar Abeer and Meher).

” Twinkle and Kunj are returning back to Amritsar by today evening. ”

” What ? But why ? ” spoke usha.

” They had to return after two day’s right ? ” continued Leela.

” Haan Maa but they said they don’t feel like staying their after what all happened ”

Everyone just hummed in response while Aman who saw difference in yuvi’s behaviour excused himself and yuvi while abeer followed them.

” What happened yuvi ? ” asked Aman.

” Kunj and Twinkle had something to tell us but he had said that it should be just kept within us ” replied yuvi.

” But what that could be ? ” abeer asked confusedly.

” Even I am thinking same ” yuvi replied.

” I hope everything is fine. Already everyone is tensed due to what all happened. Everything turned upside down in a moment. ” spoke Aman with a sigh.


” Twinkle aur Kunj dono shaam ko wapas aane wale hain aur tum log yahan aise baithe ho. Maanti hun no sab Hua woh theek nahi tha aur usse nikalna buhat mushkil hai par undono ki nayi nayi Shaadi hui hai. Usha rani apni nayi nuh (daughter in law) ke grahpravesh ki tyaariyan nahi karni Kya? ” spoke bebe to enlighten the sadness that lingered since last two day’s.

” Haan bebe aap theek bol rahe ho.. Chal mahi puttar chal ke tyaari karte hain ” spoke usha getting up.

” Ji maa ” replied mahi and walked after Usha.

” Humien bhi ab chalna chahiye..Kal twinkle puttar ki pagphere ki rasam ki bhi tyaariyan karni hain. “

” Areh sirf twinkle ke pagpehere ki kyunki chinki ki bhi toh nayi nayi Shaadi hui hai ” spoke Anita standing at door with an evil smirk.

” You… What are you doing here ? How dare you enter our house.. ” spoke Amaya angrily standing up while everyone else face were red in anger.

” Areh…Areh Amaya calm down baby iss halat mein itna chalana theek nahi hai tumhare aur baby ke liye..” spoke Anita with a smirk knowing she was hitting everyone’s nerve.

” Get lost from here anita aunty else you will face the worst ” spoke yuvi angrily.

” Ohoo yuvi puttar mein toh yahan se chali jaungi par jo tufaan media walon ne news channels aur news papers mein uthaya hua hai chinki ki Shaadi ko lekar uss tufaan ko kaise shaant karoage ”

” Kehna Kya chahti hai Anita saaf saaf bol.. ” spoke bebe.

” Lagta hai aap logon ne tv aur newspaper parha nahi..Kunj aur twinkle ki Shaadi se zyada badi headlines toh chinki aur cherry ki Shaadi bani hui hai..”

Yuvi immediately switched on the TV and all what Anita said was true. News channels had made fiasco of all drama but surely that mother-son duo had spiced it up with fake news.





This all was the main headlines of the every news channel yuvi surfed , everyone was shocked seeing that RT sat with a thud on sofa with his head hung low while Anita was smirking looking at everything.

Everyone rushed toward’s RT who was by now in tears , he had grown up chinki , twinkle and Mahi like his little princesses. Never made any difference between them , he loved them equally and today his love was questioned.

” RT ji fikar mat kijiye sab theek hojayega ” Leela spoke consoling him.

” Haan papa sab theek hojayega aap chinta mat kijiye ” spoke yuvi handing a glass of water to RT.

” Sab kaise theek hoga puttar sab barbaad hogaya ” spoke RT within tears.

” Why are you doing this Haan? What do you want from us ? ” spoke Mahi angrily.

” Revenge… I want revenge ” Anita replied in a venomous tone.

All the elders gasped in shock while all the youngsters present there were shocked. They didn’t knew what revenge she was talking about.

” What kind of revenge ” asked Aman confusedly.

Before Anita could reply RT cut of their conversation in between , he don’t want that incident to come out infront of his children. Even manohar covered the conversation by twisting the talks he knows Anita’s revenge was baseless and useless but that doesn’t means they will let the darkness of that revenge fall on their children.

” What you want Anita ? ” spoke RT in between.

” It’s simple RT you have to do chinki’s pagphera rasam as twinkle for now ” Anita replied with a smirk.

They knew this wasn’t just it she had alot more motives behind this all but right now they were helpless. She can destroy their children life just for that silly revenge and they had to keep their children away from all that.

” What do you mean for now ? ” asked meher interrupting.

” Uffo sab kuch jaane ki kitni jaldi hai na tum bachon ko thora intezaar karo sab pata chal jayega ” Anita replied with a smirk lingering on her face and left from their leaving everyone angry.

” Papa what revenge she was talking about ? ” yuvi asked RT who was speechless and looked at manohar who immediately covered up the situation.

” Kuch nahi yuvi puttar woh yeh sab buisness rivalry ki wajah se kar rahi hai ”

” Aap log humse kuch chupa toh nahi rahe na ? ” asked Amaya while elders looked at eachother worriedly.

” Nahi puttar hum log kyun tum sab se kuch chupane lage ” replied Usha.

” Chaddo ae sab kunj aur twinkle ke swagat ki tyaariyan nahi karni Kya ? ”

” Haan.. hum bhi chalta hain ” spoke Leela.

” Leela maasi hum apke aur RT mausa ji ke saath rahengay.. ” spoke Aman.

” Haan maasi mujhe apke haath ka Khana Khana hai…I can’t bear that tasteless food of Meher’s hand anymore ” spoke abeer dramatically to enlighten the mood.

Everyone giggled at his drama while abeer received a glare from meher.

(Remember Aman and Abeer are Twikihi cousin)

” Areh…sahi toh bol raha hun bhabhi can’t cook food and I really don’t want to eat that salad and all right Aman bhaiya ”

” Kya ? Mujhe Kya puch raha hai ? dekh don’t tease meher okay ” Aman replied giggling.

” Huh you all are very bad always irritates me ” replied meher with a pout.

” Areh bas karo don’t tease my kudi okay ” Leela replied taking meher’s side while meher showed her tongue to other’s teasing them.

After a while LeeRT left to Taneja mansion along mehbeer Amar and Amya. That mansion felt empty to them. Two day’s back the mansion that was filled with laughter of their younger twin daughter’s was now silent.

Mansion that was lit and decorated felt empty , silence in the mansion was eating them though mehbeer and Amya tried their best to distract them and surely little amar was their to spread happiness still sadness lingered on their faces.


It was five by now and twinj were probably about to reach , yuvi had went to pick them from the airport while everyone else was waiting for them.

After a while they heard car honk and little rahi jumped in happiness clapping her hand’s. Finally her wait was over to see her most favourite person in family come her partner in crime her chachu back.

” yippee Chachu and maasi (twinkle) is back. ” ruhi shouted jumping in happiness.

Everyone went ahead and Usha opened the door to see Twinj standing on door along with yuvi carrying a luggage.

Yuvi stepped inside with luggage and along with him came a servant who was holding rest of the luggage and kept in the lounge.

Twinkle was cladded in a beautiful pink and white floral Saree with pearl embroided border , her hand’s adorned with red chuda , her maang filled with sindoor , her ears adorned with heavy earrings and mangalsutra adorned in her neck. She was looking beautiful and elegant.

Usha came ahead with a pooja thal and did their aarti and twinkle’s grah pravesh with complete rituals. Twinj took elders blessings. As soon as twinj entered the house little ruhi jumped on kunj making him stumble a bit but he gained his posture.

” I missed you so much chachu.. ” ruhi spoke now hugging him as kunj lifted her in his arms.

” Aww I missed you to Angel ” kunj replied.

” Haww ruhi you only missed chachu and not me.. ” spoke twinkle dramatically fake sobbing.

” Areh no no maasi I missed you to but I missed chachu a little more ” spoke little ruhi innocently showing the distance between her hand’s making everyone giggle at her cuteness.

” Acha ” spoke twinkle kissing and pulling her cheek’s.

” Yep ” replied ruhi kissing back her cheek.

” Puttar tum dono safar karke thak gaye hoge. Jao jakar aaram karlo thori der tab tak khane ka waqt bhi hojayega ” Usha spoke interrupting twinj and ruhi’s conversation.

” Maa apko kisi help ki zaroorat hai ? Main Karun apki help ” spoke twinkle.

” Areh na puttar tum log araam karo naukar haina ghar mein sab dekhne ke liye. ” spoke bebe.

Everyone dispersed to their work’s while twinj walked upstairs to their room.

Kunj opened the room of his now their room.

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” Welcome to our room officially as my wife Mrs Twinkle Kunj Sarna ” spoke kunj walking in with twinkle.

She had been here alot of times. This room was not new to her but surely this feeling was different. She was gonna live with him forever sharing everything with him.

” Twinkle I had spared half wardrobe for you in walk in closet. You can fill up your thing’s as you want. There are few clothes for you already present which Maa and Bebe had brought for you. You freshen up and change then I can help you in setting the closet. ”

” It’s okay kunj I will manage. You rest ”

” You sure twinkle ? Aren’t you tired ? You also had been through a long journey and all the wedding stress. ”

” Areh it’s okay ku… ” twinkle spoke but was interrupted by kunj in between who kept his fingures on her lip’s. His mere touch sent shivers down her spine.

” Nope I am helping you okay.. No arguments Mrs Twinkle Kunj Sarna ” Kunj spoke with authorative voice , their eye’s locked with eachother simply lost within the moment.

They came back to senses after a while and avoided eachothers gaze smiling and blushing. After freshening up twinkle started arranging her wardrobe with help of Kunj but more than that kunj was disturbing twinkle teasing and romancing her.

Twinkle was arranging her sarees in wardrobe when two strong arms encircled around her bare waist making her shudder.

” Kunjjjj… What are you doing.. ” twinkle spoke trying to control herself from loosing herself in his touch.

” I am helping you ” kunj replied sliding her hairs to one side of her shoulder and placing wet kisses on her neck.

” Kunj stop teasing me and let me do my work ” twinkle spoke trying to control her moans.

” Haan toh karna Roka kisne hai.. Tu apna kaam kar main apna ” Kunj replied in husky tone still kissing her neck and caressing her bare waist.

” Kunjjjj… ” twinkle moaned with a hint of pain and pleasure as kunj bit her shoulder leaving a red mark.

Twinkle turned around stopping kunj from continuing his torture , twinkle was about to go when kunj blocked her way by keeping hand’s on wardrobe trapping her between.

” Kunjjj hato ” twinkle whined like a child.

” Haan toh chali jaa. ” kunj spoke with a naughty smirk apparent on his face.

” Kunj dekho don’t irritate me warna.. ” twinkle spoke in irritated tone only to be interrupted by kunj.

” Warna main…warna main… ”

” Warna Kya Mrs Sarna ? ” kunj spoke stepping closer to her pushing her petite frame more toward’s the wall as his pressed against her.

Kunj nuzzled his face in her neck placing soft wet kisses on her bare neck teasing twinkle. Twinkle moaned in pleasure due to his sweet torture.

” K…Kunj.. w..we need to…set the wardrobe and then…then go downstairs for dinner ” twinkle managed to speak while breathing heavily and caressing Kunj’s hair unable to bear his sweet torture he was doing on her neck and bare waist by caressing it s*xually increasing the pleasure for her.

But kunj seemed in no mood to stop even twinkle was loosing herself in him when they heard ruhi’s voice coming from there room. They immediately separated and composed themselves making their appearance presentable.

Kunj immediately left the walk in closet before ruhi comes here and situation becomes awkward and difficult to explain while twinkle set her hair properly and started arranging the left over wardrobe.

” Chachu..Maasi where are you both ? ” little ruhi spoke a but loudly confused not finding them in room. She was about to go when saw kunj stepping out of the closet and jumped on him happily and asked.

” Where were you chachu ? I was finding you and maasi ” ruhi spoke in her cute innocent tone.

” Woh maasi was arranging her wardrobe ” Kunj replied.

” And what were you doing chachu ? ”

” Umm woh ruhi… ” kunj found himself in trouble. What can he answer a little kid. Twinkle who was watching this standing near the door of walk in closet giggled as kunj tried to answer ruhi’s question.

” Uhh.. Acha why you came here ? Kuch chahiye Kya ? Ya phir se koi Siyappa ki ” kunj spoke raising his left eyebrow knowing very well that his little cute niece was no less when it comes to doing Siyappa after all she was Siyappa Queen’s niece to.

” Haww no chachu I didn’t do any Siyappa. I came here to tell you that Dadi (Usha) is calling you and maasi for dinner ” replied ruhi innocently.

Before kunj could speak anything little ruhi palmed her mouth with her tiny chubby hand’s and spoke innocently ” Uffo chachu cause of you I forgot my cutie (ruhi’s soft toy teddy bear) in my room only what if he got scared alone. ”

” Haww that’s really bad ruhi you left cutie alone ” kunj played along ruhi giggling even ruhi giggled palming her mouth trying to muffle her giggle.

Kunj tickled her making ruhi laugh out loud while twinkle was witnessing the scene admiring both. Kunj was not less than a kid when he is around kid’s and specially ruhi and amar. He loves them unconditionally and that’s why they were so close to him.

” Areh twinkle tu bhi agayi chal saath hi chalte hain ” kunj spoke seeing twinkle standing at door of walk in closet unknowingly snapping her out of her admiring session.

Twinj along with little ruhi want downstairs who was in kunj’ arms. Everyone settled themselves on dinning chairs and started having dinner. Everyone was silent. They were tensed after what happened in morning but decided not to talk about that infront of twinj.

Already they had been through stress. Manohar feared that if these topics will be raised again and again the past will unfold infront of children which he didn’t wanted at all. While in taneja mansion RT’s condition was no less. His fear was same.

Ruhi’s endless chattering was going on while yuvi was feeding her and mahi was busy handling little yuvaan who seems irritated for no reason.

” Uffo mahi puttar isse mainu de de main khila deti hun usse tu bhi kuch khale warna yeh khane nahi dega tujhe. ” spoke bebe seeing mahi struggle with yuvaan while everyone was almost done with their dinner.

” Areh no bebe it’s okay main baad mein dinner Karlungi ” mahi replied.

” Areh di my dinner is finished give me I will look after him ” spoke twinkle as she finished her dinner.

” Okay twinkle but of he irritates you then tell me ” mahi replied handling yuvaan to twinkle who took him in her arms and cuddled him.

Everyone started getting up from dining table as they finished their meal and retired to their rooms after an eventful day.

While yuhi , twinj and ruhi were still present there Mahi and yuvraj was finishing their food as they were busy with ruhi and yuvaan. While twinj were busy playing with yuvaan.

” Twinkle yuvaan ko mujhe de na. Kabse teray paas hai ” kunj spoke irritatedly trying to take yuvaan from twinkle who was busy teasing him.

” Huh no I won’t give him to you ”

” Twinkleeeeeee ”

” Kunjjjjjjjjjj ”

Twinj were bickering and seeing them all busy with their fight little yuvaan started crying gaining their attention.

” Aww baby don’t cry. Huh kunj how bad you are. You made little yuvaan cry. ” twinkle spoke glaring kunj.

” It’s you who made him cry ” kunj replied glaring her back and taking yuvaan in his embrace.

” Its okay yuvaan. See every thing is okay ” kunj spoke trying to calm yuvaan. He cuddled him which made yuvaan a little calm but still he was gurling. Twinkle kept her hand on his back and started caressing him which made quite completely.

Twinj were surprised seeing him calm when mahi came and spoke with a giggle” Aww my baby doesn’t likes fighting.. just like me ”

” Just like you ? Mahi atleast spare my baby ” yuvi exclaimed coming from behind teasing mahi.

” Shut up yuvraj it’s you who likes to fight always ” mahi spat back.

” Did I said you fight ? ” yuvi spoke naughtily teasing mahi more and more.

” Di…Jiju stop fighting.. you both will awake yuvaan ” twinkle spoke pointing at yuvaan who was by now asleep on Kunj’s shoulder no one noticed when the little munchkin fell asleep.

” Aww he slept.. Kunj give me to him.. I will make him asleep in room.

Mahi took yuvaan in her arms and went to room along ruhi to put them to sleep. As soon as mahi left twinj and yuvi spoke at the same time.

” We need to talk about chinki ” Yuvi nodded and trio sat on the sofa’s in lounge opposite to dinning room.

” Bhai chinki’s marriage and everything that happened was all a planning and plotting. ” kunj spoke stunning yuvi.

” What ? Whose plan ? ”

” Jiju actually this all happened because cherry’s blackmailing *twinkle narrated all the happening’s and their helpless situation* I wasn’t left with any other option to do all this but at last moment chinki took all this over herself ” twinkle replied this within tears while kunj intertwined their hand’s and lightly squeezed them to console her.

” I won’t leave this cherry ! How dare he threat you. I will kill him. ” yuvi spoke with anger fisting his right hand.

” Bhai calm down we can’t take any step in anger. We need to plan strong against him and also collect prove against his all doings so he doesn’t attempt to do anything like this further. ”

” Kunj is right yuvi we have to be calm and fully planned against cherry ” mahi intervened their talks. She had listened everything and was angered at cherry for playing her little sister’s lives.

” Mahi Bhabhi when you came here ? ” kunj asked her as they were unaware of her presence.

” When twinkle was narrating all the happening’s kunj ” mahi came near twinkle and hugged her. She can’t even imagine what her baby sister had to go through because of cherry.

” Its okay Twinki everything will be okay bacha ” mahi spoke caressing twinkle’s hair who was sobbing.

” Umm.. Twinkle.. Kunj kal pagphere ki rasam mein taneja mansion mein chinki aur cherry bhi honge ” yuvi spoke hesitatingly shocking twinj at the revelation.

He didn’t mentioned what all happened today as even for him everything was confusing but told twinj that chinki would also come to taneja mansion.

” That’s good we can actually have a chance to talk to chinki about all what happened and even plan against cherry. ” kunj spoke.

” Yeah ! That’s great. When in morning twinkle will go taneja mansion she can have sometime alone to talk with chinki ” yuvi replied.


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