Paaya Hai Maine Fir Tujhe! (RagSan) 2


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Recap – RagSan in Sanskaar’s house…

Its 4 in the morning, ragini wakes up as the rays of sun disturbs her sleep. She gets up and goes to the washroom and comes out tieing her hair in a bun. She looks around the room and recalls the last night. Sighs and sits on the bed when she suddenly realize that sanskar is not in the room. She hurriedly goes out of the room cursing herself for locking the door.

As she comes out in the drawing room, her feet gets fixed at their place and her heart feels heavy as she sees sanskaar sleeping beside ansh on the sofa.

She moves towards them and watch them lovingly. She sits on the floor beside them and caresses Ansh’s hair and then looks at sanskaar who was feeling uneasy as Ansh was sleeping on him and it was really hot there.

She switched on the AC and tries to pick up Ansh from Sanskaar’s hands but in this process both Ansh’s and Sanskaar’s sleep is disturbed. Both gets up seeing Ragini and get worried for her.

Sanskaar: Ginni are you okay?

Ansh: Mom what happened?

Ragini: sorry… Actually sansky.. you were feeling uneasy so I thought to take Ansh with me… I didn’t knew you’ll wake up…

Sanskaar: it’s okay ginni…. You take ansh to the room and freshen up.. I’ll get tea for you…

Ansh # and chocolate milk for me..

Sanskaar: of course champ! Common now get up and go with mumma…. I’ll just come.

Ragini nods and takes ansh with her while Sanskaar moves to the kitchen to make tea for the family.


Ragini turns around instantly as she heard the door opening. Her heartbeat goes faster as she finds sanskaar standing there with tea and breakfast, his eyes wide open and jaw dropped.

She slowly turned around covering her chest with the pallu of the saree…

Sanskaar comes in, keeps the tray on the table and turns to leave but stops at the door.

Sanskar: Ginni please close the door before you change.

And leaves from there after closing the door. Ragini sighs and adjusted her saree.


Sanskaar moved towards the dining area lost in Ginni’s thought. He blushed as he recalled the sight of water droplets dipping from her wet hair on her collar bone and then down towards her chest. Her Rosy lips trembling seeing him there and her Kohl eyes wide open and her brows twitched due to tension. And her Chubby cheeks red due to embarrassment.

He blushed as he realized he was falling more in love with his beautiful newly wed wife!

He blushed and rubbed his hair and sat down at the dining table beside Ansh. He looked at him and raised his hand for a hi five. But stopped as he saw his plate empty. A layer of sadness and anger covered his eyes.


After wearing the saree and combing her hair, Ragini moved towards the dining area to make breakfast for everyone but it seems Sujata had already made as Ram was eating as well as Sujata.

She wished everyone and proceeded towards kitchen to prepare something sweet but Sujata stopped her.

Sujata : where are you going???

Ragini : voh… Mom… Today’s is my first day so…..

Before Sujata could speak anything, sanskaar immediately spoke.

Sanskaar : so today mumma will make champ’s favourite chocolate pudding…. Right champ?

Ansh ( giving him hi five): yessss papa…

Ram smiles and nods at Ragini while she looks on teary eyed at sanansh!


Afternoon, Ragini was in her room arranging her clothes and belongings in the cupboard whne Ansh came running and jumped on her.

Ragini: Ansh… Careful…..

Ansh : mumma get ready… we are going out…..

Ragini : where ansh ???

Ansh : uff mumma….. How many questions do you ask… Just come with me…

He pulls ragini out of the room and then takes her towards car where sanskar is waiting for them..

Ragini : sansky….

Sanskaar ( opening the door of the car ): come sit…

Ragini ( with ansh in her lap ): but where are we going?

Sanskaar: its a surprise! ?

He winks at her but she looks away. Ansh plays the music from sanskaar’s mobile and dances.

Sanskaar’s Pov!

I know Ginni mom screwed up everything in the morning and your already sad heart got more sad and hurt. I’m sorry for that. ? I have promised to be on your side forever and give you all the happiness of the world so this is going to be just a baby step towards your Happy life!

Pov Ends;

He looks at her and adores her clear and glowing face! The episode ends with the family going towards the happiness destination!!!


So guys how was This?? I know it’s very boring and no RagSan scenes….. I promised Puja that I’ll update one chapter today so yeah here it is; it may not be up to your expectations but ?????

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Till then keep smiling and laughing! And do Pray For the people of Kerala.. they are going through so many difficulties which we can’t even imagine…. And if possible do help them with whatever you can! ?

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