That falling kite- part 7(shivika ff)

That falling kite- part 7(shivika ff)

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After 10 years.

“Gaurav, don’t make mumma wait…we need to sleep baby.” Anika called the enthusiastic kid who was busy taping the keyboards to the music notes he was taught just an hour back.

At the age of just nine and half years he was a gem… people always expressed utter amazement when they knew it was this little boy playing the piano.

The decision had been the toughest one for both of them as parents but they worked for it…they shifted to Germany for the sake of their child and now they were the happiest parents to a very stubborn kid, she caressed her boy who showed her brightest smile.

Letting him be with his piano for a while she thought to call Samar… to ask when he was arriving home because there was a warning about heavy snowfalls in Cologne this evening.

But his phone went off after ringing for a while and though a little skeptical about his whereabouts she thought to fix something quick for all of them before the New Year’s party started.

“Mom…” the other kid needed her attention and she turned with the smile,

“Harshi.. You are done with your hindi article?” she asked about the article her daughter was given to write by her.

“Yes mom… and Rudy uncle says I did a good job.” She exclaimed with joy.

“You sent him that?” she was amazed of the technologies which made the world connected with each other to a distance of seconds.

“yeah… and even dadi loved that.” The not so small girl said helping her mum washing the vegetables for the dinner.


A shout followed by a silent attack on Harshi’s shoulder terrified both the ladies.

“I aaant ooo aley.” Pointing to the little snow out of the window the little boy hanged on her back.

“okay Gaurav, we will go but not now…it’s so cold na.” with the patience more than her mother, Harshita Singh oberoi took her brother in her arms and went away trying to understand the incoherent talks of her brother who was the best brother for her in the whole world even if he wasn’t BEST.


He always felt attached to the glasses, every time he looked at the glass vases he felt something was pulling him towards it but as his boss cum big brother had warned he brushed the feeling and concentrated in his files.

“Brother, where are you? Come soon we are waiting for you?” suddenly the message on his laptop screen popped and he looked at his phone which had no tower due to the snow falls.

Typing a quick reply that he was coming in half an hour, he collected his things.

It had been eight long years since his life changed, since he came here and started a fresh… sometimes he thought about the old life but now it was just a horrible memory.

He had visited the place after he came to life but there was no sign of her… they said no one knew where his sister was and where did she go after he didn’t come for months… but he was relived Ragi was fine and all of them left the slum the same day.


Ring ring ringaa… ring ring ringaa… ring ring ringaa ringaa re… with the beats she moved to the eternal cartwheels… the beautiful eyes shined in symphony to the changing lights of the dance room.

“She looked like 16 or 17 though who knew her age but the electricity in her moves were beyond perfection,” Ragi mused to herself looking at her.


Hello everyone, so finally after nearly nine months I am here with this update, I know I need big apologies but I wanted to collect all the things before writing an update after processing the old and new thoughts together.

This is my favorite story because here I am broaching not one but many real aspects of life,

A very HAPPY NEW YEAR to everyone, enjoy the story and do tell me your thoughts.

Next update will be soon.

With love Morusya.

  1. Nikita_jai29

    It is nice.. Ah finally got an update

    1. Morusya51

      sorry for the delay…happy that you read♥♥♥

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    A bit confused rn.. But it feels good to have you back with my forever fav story.. Will be waiting for the next.. Till then take care..

    1. Morusya51

      i am really sorrry Prabha, actually the story is taking a gap of 10 YEARS despite of 8 YEARS, i apologuise for this error.
      and other things are on their place; they will unfold in next update .
      i am happy for you read it.❤

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      I am happy you haven’t given up on this story … Yes the gap has come with many different things which will eventually be unfolded in next update.
      Thank you for showering your love❤️

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