Epilogue: Destined to be together (Adiya) SS

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Hello guys, here i am with epilogue to my SS Destined to be together. Hope you will like it.


6 months passes…

Adi and zoya where standing in wedding costume. Vish and Ajitabh where now married. Raglak, Swasan , Arnoor and Behir where standing near to them.

Laksh: Adi culprit.

Adi: why yaar? What happened?

Sanskar: we are the first to fall in love. But now see Aji who is last to fall in love married first.

Laksh: you also fall in love after to us only. But before to us you are also marrying. See we are wasting our age.

Everyone laughed.

Adi: within 3 months you won’t become old.

Laksh: what?

Sanskar: are you serious?

Adi: yeah. I overheard our parents conversation yesterday. They planned you both wedding after Swara’s studies got complete. Means what after to 3 months na.

Sanlak where jumping in joy.

Arjun: what a eager to lock yourself in prison.

Noor: what did you say?

Arjun(stammers): Aji bhai only told to me.

Noor and Vish turn to Ajitabh.

Vish: did you say like that?

Aji: i told as i am imprisoned in your heart. But Arjun misunderstood it.

Suddenly Bela move from there with tears. Mahir follows her.

Adi: what happened to Bela bhabi?

Sanlak: you stay here. We will go.

Bela is in guest room. She is crying. Mahir tries to console her.

Laksh: what happened bhabi?

Sanskar: whether anybody mistreated you?

Bela nods as no.

Bela: i just remember our wedding. My last day with my dad. After to my marriage, 1 week passed, he passed away. After my mother’s death, he is the only relation to me.

Sanlak feel sad.

Harsh hear this conversation. He enters the room.

Harsh: don’t worry dear. Hereafter you should call me as dad.

Bela really moved by his sudden affection.

Harsh: now wipe your tears. Smile.

She smiles.

Harsh: good.

They went to stage. Adiya did all rituals. Adi tied mangalsutra in Zoya’s neck. He filled her hairline with sindoor.

Adiya becomes emotional.


Adi enters the room. Zoya is sitting in bed. He went near to her. Her heart beat increases. He removed her veil. Zoya turns her face in shy.

Adi: i would like to give you something.

Zoya looks at him.

Adi takes her hand and wears a diamond ring.

Zoya: but you already gifted me.

Adi: that day you are not mine Zoya. Today you are only mine.

Zoya: i hurted you so much on that day na. Sorry Adi ji.

Adi: what ji?

Zoya: wife should give respect to husband na.

Adi: you no need to give any respect to me. You just call me as Adi.

Zoya smiles.

Adi: when you are comfortable with me, we will start our life then.

Zoya nods with smile.

Adi: i will sleep in couch.

Zoya: i wish you to sleep near to me.

Adi smiles at her and he lies in bed. Zoya lie near to him and keep her head on her chest. Adi smiles  and starts caressing her. Both fell asleep


A beautiful hill station. There is a mansion. If we go inside the mansion. It’s fully noisy with sounds of kids.

Zoya: Bela didi have you seen Swasan.

Bela: No zoya, Raksh also missing.

Swara: Ajish also missing.

Ragini: where these kids went?

Vish: will be playing with Aroor, Mahila and Adiya.

Mahila: no chaachi. They are not with us.

Adiya: I saw them going out.

Noor: when beta?

Aroor: morning.

All ladies went to kitchen. Sanlak, Adi, Aji and Mahir where engaged in cooking.

They informed them about the trio missing. They put all as it is and hurriedly went near entrance. To their happiness Ajish, Raksh and Swasan where standing with another kid and his parents.

They welcome them.

Adi: hey guys where did you went?

Ajish: to Posh house.

Laksh: posh?

Raksh: he is Posh dad. They are his parents Pooja and Yash.

Mahir: thanks for bring our kids safely.

Yash: no need to thank us. No one can kidnap them. They are intelligents.

Their parents smiled proudly.

Sanskar: ok, why you three went there?

Swasan: for warning dad.

Aji: warning?

Ajish: yeah dad. Posh is also our school only. Yesterday he followed Mahila. So we went to warn him for not to follow her.

Mahila: He followed me to give my notes Ajish.

Trio look at all innocently.

Bela: it seems like seeing Sanlak and Adi 14 years before.

Everyone laughed.

Pooja and Yash leave from there with Posh after a while.

Aji: you shouldn’t go anywhere without telling us here after.

Trio nods.

Aroor: mumma we will stay here itself.

Noor: you should go to school na.

Adiya: why mumma we are coming here only in week ends?

Zoya: because this is guest house. It will be used like this only.

Mahila: mumma this place is nice, why don’t we stay here itself?

Bela: you have to go to school and Papa has to go to work.

Raksh: chaachi everyday our papas only going to work.

Swasan: we are also going to school.

Ajish: why don’t you mummas all go to work one day. We all will stay with papas here.

Vish: i don’t know where this trio learn to talk like this?

Adi: from where? From their fathers only.

Aji and sanlak look at him scornfully.

Aji: you are happy because you got girl child.

Sanskar: now a days girl child also like boy child only.

Laksh: yeah.

Swara: always blaming girls.

Ragini: they don’t know anything other than this.

They all live their life happily.

Sorry for not adding pics. Hope you like this.


This is link for Love everyone like yours episode 10. It was posted in Swaragini instead of bepannah.

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  1. Silent reader

    Perfect ending for a superb fanfic??
    I really enjoyed reading it.

    1. Anuva

      Thank you so much dear…

  2. It’s fantastic.the children are very naughty.and especially their names made me surprised.it was so good.the epilogue is apt for your superb fanfiction.bela crying and harsh consoling her was emotional.also u included poosh.it was really nice.i really liked the three warning posh.how much they care for Mahila.they all have a good bond.we all long for that in our life.it was really very nice yaar.

    1. Anuva

      Thank you Anu dear… i love my brothers and sister very much…as i said i never think my cousin brother n sister as cousin…. i always think them as my own brother n sister…. so i made this ff as like that… thank you again…

  3. Jasminerahul

    sanlak conversation was funny.ajivish scene was hilarious. happy for adiya wedding.loved adi saying that now zoya is his so he is gifting her diamond ring.zoya calling adi adiji was hilarious.sweet gesture of sleeping in each others arms.leap was unexpected. I was surprised about the names you gave the kids.superb perfect names.mahila was really your innovation. kids are so hilarious.poosh were a surprise. nice epilogue. really missed pics

    1. Anuva

      Yhanks a lot sissy…

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