Thapki Pyaar Ki 27th May 2015 Written Episode Update

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Thapki Pyaar Ki 27th May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Mishra asking Diwakar to take Thapki for shopping. Diwakar sees her high heels and refuses to go with her. Mishra asks why, he is going to marry Thapki now. Shubh says he will come along. Aditi says no need to go today. Thapki and Diwakar go out and she looks taller. She says she wants to buy a gift for him. He asks why should I take a gift from you, I m guy, I will gift you, what do you want. She says nothing. He asks her to buy anything. She says fine, gift me a sandal. She says she wants him to have aloo chaat and he agrees. He says he has acidity with chaat. She says I will tell him, and asks him not to make it spicy.

He says no, I will eat this one. She says this is spicy. He says its very spicy and drinks water. Mishra and Krishnakant go for shopping with family. Diwakar’s mum chooses a high rate bridal dress for Thapki and Diwakar, and the rate clubs to Rs 1 lakh. Krishnakant and Poonam are shocked. Mishra says kids will be happy, what are you thinking. Krishnakant says I promised you and I will not move back to spent. Poonam says we will buy for Diwakar, why for Thapki.

Diwakar’s mum says we want Thapki to look very pretty that no one sees her stammering weakness. Krishnakant says fine. Aditi and Shubh look on. Diwakar asks Thapki to choose any sandal and she likes the heel ones. Diwakar gets irked and goes to make a call. She goes to see him. Diwakar hears a medical centre promoting itself and goes there to say he wants good height and does not want to look shorter than his wife. Thapki looks on and leaves. The hakeem says he will give medicines that he gets taller in on week. Thapki and Diwakar come back to sandal shop and she buys flat ones. Diwakar thinks its good it does not have heel and smiles. He pays the money.

Thapki comes home and keeps all the heel sandals inside the bag. Aditi thinks she is packing. Thapki says she will not wear heels now, and wear flats, as her feet get hurt by high heels. Aditi and Poonam look on. Aditi says you like high heels. Poonam says don’t trouble her now. She asks Thapki is she happy. Thapki says yes, and girls should match guys and shoulders should match, she is lucky. They smile. Poonam hugs Thapki.

Krishnakant says her lahenga came and Thapki goes to see. She likes it a lot and says this will be very costly. Aditi says your inlaws chose this for you. Thapki says whats the need to spend so much. Krishnakant says this will look good when you wear this. Thapki says why did Diwakar’s family spend so much, and why did you not stop them. Aditi says dad paid the money, not them. Krishnakant says Aditi…. Aditi says I have seen you paying money. Thapki asks did they tell you. Poonam says no. Thapki asks why did they pay, tell me its rate. Krishnakant says her smile is priceless infront of this.

He hugs her and they cry. He asks her to be happy, she will look very beautiful in this lahenga. He says Varun can’t come, he said he can’t manage so soon. He asks her not to worry. Thapki goes. Poonam asks Diwakar why did he lie, how will Varun send money. He says we can’t give tension to Thapki. She says how will we manage so many expenses. Thapki smiles trying the clothes. He says everything will be done, just see her smile and have trust in Lord. Aditi tells Poonam to see how Thapki left when Diwakar’s call came.

Diwakar talks to Thapki and says my friends… His friends say we are his childhood friends. Diwakar says they want to meet you. She says Papa… He says fine, I will refuse them, they can meet you in marriage. He ends the call and they ask him to call. Diwakar thinks how to say her voice has the defect. Thapki says Diwakar is very nice, he thinks a lot for me and our family. Krishnakant asks the men to light the house well.

A man comes and Krishnakant asks why did he come here, I said I will come to bank. The man says his 6 lakh loan is sanctioned. Poonam asks which loan. The man gives the papers. Krishnakant says thanks, I will call tomorrow. Thapki gets sad that she will miss everyone, her family is the best. Shubh comes and takes the paper. She says she wrote her feelings for them. Shubh reads it and she tries to catch him. he says he will tell everyone what she wrote. Poonam says 6 lakhs is big amount, how will we repay. He says don’t worry, my work is going well. Thapki should not know this. Thapki comes and asks about Shubh and the paper. She thinks its that paper and goes to take the loan paper.

Krishnakant and Poonam are shocked. Shubh says her paper is here and she keeps back the loan paper. Poonam is relieved. Thapki says he is spoiling my surprise. Thapki says she wrote something for them and she will say tomorrow. The sangeet function starts and Diwakar comes. Shubh jumps on him. Krishnakant asks how did he come suddenly. His friend Anant and his wife come to meet Thapki. They ask for Thapki as they planned to go for dinner.

Aditi asks Poonam to let Thapki go, Diwakar has come to take her and convinces them. Diwakar did not wish this. Krishnakant says fine. Aditi says I will get Didi, and asks him to dance to get Thapki. Diwakar says he does not know. Aditi takes him to dance. Diwakar dances and Thapki smiles seeing him. Poonam worries if anything wrong happens.

Thapki says she will not wear high heels and says she is happy with the relation. She gets married with Diwakar.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Seriously when will the marriage take place don’t drag this track

  2. plz dont…… is c really goin to marry him???? i mean wat abt dat guy on tv????

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