Razia Sultan 27th May 2015 Written Episode Update

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Razia Sultan 27th May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Qutub asks Altunia to tie the flower on the door as it is sacred and brought from Khaja dargah. Altunia agrees. Razia sees him and asks why didn’t you go from here. Qutub says she asked him to do that. Razia says she won’t leave him. Althunia hang the flower on the door and thinks to leave before anyone identifies him. The flower garland is seen half hang. Shah Turkan talks to Ustaad. He shows her the sword and says it is really killer sword. He says killing is also an act. He makes faces and says it would be fun. Turkan says she will give this responsibility to Rukn uddin. She says he will take the sword in the palace. Ustaad smirks.

Yaldos asks Altamash to tell what he wants to say. Altamash says please don’t think me wrong. He says I am in dilemma thinking about your and Razia’s marriage. He says he thought about it again and says this relation is made on helplessness. He says there is a huge difference between you and Razia, interms of age, thinking, intelligence etc. Altamash says he is emotional about Razia and asks him to understand. Yaldos says every father worry for his daughter. I don’t have any objection. Altamash smiles and gets relieved. Yaldos says he has a request and asks him not to announce this till Nasir gets the crown. They agree. After they leave. Yaldos looks on.

Shazia is taking bath in swimming pool. Altunia comes there and sees her bathing. Shazia opens her mouth in shock. Altunia jumps in pool and keeps hand on her mouth, asking her not to shout. He says his eyes are closed and he is saying truth. He asks her to look in his eyes, if he is lying. She looks at his eyes and gets flowed in. Razia looks for Altunia and thinks it is a limit. He should go. Fatima asks her to go and take bath. Razia says she have many more things to do, just like love. She says she will take bath with love. She goes to bath. Shazia stares Althunia. He asks will you shout? She says no. He moves his hand from her mouth. They hear Razia’s voice. Shazia asks him to hide in the pool. Razia comes. Shazia asks her not to take bath now and leaves. Razia gets in the pool and sees Altunia coming out of water. She eyes him surprisingly. Razia asks Altunia, if he had seen Shazia taking bath. Altunia says he had seen only her. Razia says she won’t spare him and calls everyone. Althunia says I will be caged and hang. Razia says let it be. Althunia says he accepts for her. They have an eye lock.

Rukn uddin tells that he has the responsibility to check everything before it goes inside the palace. He checks the things and allows. Altamash looks at Rukn uddin and says he is working really good. Nasir says he has a doubt on Rukn uddin’s move. Altamash says it will be your decision to trust whom, once you becomes the king. He says loyalty have to be earned. The one who is already sold, can sell his loyalty many times. Rukn uddin sees them gone and smirks. He nods someone and smirks again. He lets the sword enter the palace.

Razia shouts. Althunia closes his eyes. Razia asks Rukn uddin to open the box as she wants to see the thing.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. No matter what razia do… Rukuddin will be the king… Naseer will die due to some reason and so ruku wil be the king…and turkan will use and control Delhi and Razia to escape prison will marry the governor of bhatinda I.e. Altunia… And then razia and altunia will together overthrow rukuddin and her mother turkan…..

    1. U r slightly wrong. See the wikipedia. Razia won’t get married so soon. She’ll get married at the end of her reign to escape death after being defeated and imprisoned by altunia.

  2. If that’s true then it’s very bad

  3. Bt as per history! Razia, after becomin sultan! Will hav a love affair with her adviser Yakut!
    Governor of Bhatinda, i.e., Altunia will attack them and kill Yaqut n take Razia under captive! And to escape death, Razia will marry Altunia! Abd here the story is very much diffrent! :-\
    Yet Am lovin it! :-* 🙂

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