Swim Team 27th May 2015 Written Episode Update

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Swim Team 27th May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Kanika comes and sits near JAi..deepum tells that Kanika Always comes at wrong time..JAi tells what KAnika is doing here..Jai sits in car..Kanika puts her hand on Jai and tells that she is not other type of girls she can keep secret..Kanika gets close to Jai..Jai to tries to kiss Kanika…Suddenly Jai tells Kanika’s home came..Kanika tells she was dreaming..Rewa comes out of house and sees a envelope..Rewa tells Mother that they buyed a A/C six months ago and didnt payed the EMI..Jugnu tells Umang that Rewa is his rival team and her brother also..Jugnu tells is anyone there join there team??Bhagat comes nad tells yes he is there…Jugnu asks what he thought about offer???Umang asks what offer??Bhagat tells will do jogging and talk..
BHagat tells that TK was offering him scholarship..Jugnu tells he will give more than TK..Jugnu tells he will give scholarship..BHagat tells what about staying and eating??Jugnu tells he will arrange all that… Jugnu tells he wanted to ask one question..Jugnu tells why swimming…BHagat tells that his record 8.32 second in 1000 meters..Jugnu tells that its very good..Bhagat tells to be more good as record is 7.32 seconds..Jugnu forwards his hand and tells “WELCOME TO TEAM”..Bhagat smiles and sees Umang..Jungu shakes hand with Bhagat..Rewa stands..Jai comes and holds her from backside..Rewa tells Jai to stop as if TK seen it would be a problem,,Jai tells that he have checked the parking no one is there,,Suddenly TK comes and shouts “JAI”..Rewa turns and tells nothing..TK tells that staff member cannot involve with swimmer’s..TK tells Rewa to go inside as he wanted to talk to Jai,,,TK tells if Swimmer dont know the rules then staff should known…TK tells Jai to do the job or maintain the relationship with Rewa..Bhagat throws rose flower from terrace on Rewa..Rewa is shocked…Bhagat tells Rewa “MY MUCHKIN MY PUMPKIN”…Bhagat tells Rewa he known he was very late but he will make up…Bhagat tells he was missing Rewa soo much..TK and Jai sees angrily…Bhagat tells Rewa to read the note..Jai sees angrily..Rewa tells “FAKE IT IF YOU WANT TO SAVE JAI”..Rewa tells she have to act…TK tells Jai to say something..Rewa tells how to tell JAi…Bhagatt comes and tells he missed her alot…Bhagat tells they have to act like a couple If wanted to save Jai..Bhagat hugs Rewa..Bhagat turns and tells TK that he thought Rewa was alone here..Kanika tells she is not late to see Coach insulting Rewa…Kanika tells what is going on here…Rewa and Bhagat goes near corridor..Bhagat sees Rewa..Rewa too sees Bhagat…Bhagat tells that Jai and TK is staring here..And TK should think that they are really couple…Rewa tells PUCHKIN????Kanika tells she will not leave Rewa..Rewa tells to BHagat that he is mad..Bhagat and Rewa laughs..Jai sees angrily…Rewa tells enough..Rewa goes Bhagat pulls Rewa..Bhagat tells Rewa to stay here…TK tells Rewa boyfriends are not allowed as this is academey not Public garden..Jai asks what was this..TK calls Rewa..

Precap::Rewa bumps into Bhagat…

Update Credit to: Ansari

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