Million Dollar Girl 27th May 2015 Written Episode Update

Million Dollar Girl 27th May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Virat takes Avanti into hospital..Virat gets worried..Police officer Comes and asks about Virat thakur..Officer tells Virat have to come to Police station..Yamini tells its not Virat’s fault…Police officer takes Virat.. Kavya sits and cries….Vicky and DJ comes….Vicky holds Virat shirt and tells that he known he wantedly did that..DJ tells Vicky stop it..Zubair calls and tells Virat to come office..Virat tells that Avanti’s accident have happened from his car..ZUbair soo what??Virat can come office…Virat tells that Avanti’s life is more important then work..Yamini tells Virat that it was not his fault as Avanti was walking on road..Virat tells YAmini also know that he ws seeing pitures on Yamini’s phone…Yamini tells Virat he need rest..Virat tells Yamini to leave him alone..Yamini goes…Virat sees Avanti in ICU and cries..With oxygen mask and unconsious,,.Virat thinks all the moment spent with Avanti Song goes on background “JUDAI”…Virat cries..Avanti is still in observation..Mother and Tayaaji comes hospital…Kavya hugs Mother…Mother sees Avanti in ICU…Tayaaji tells Kavya not to take tension as avanti will be alright..Mother tells it was her mistake she didnt pooja…MOther and Kavya cries…Vicky cries and tells Avanti is too fast She will be alright…Today he fought with Avanti and is feeling to tells sorry..Vicky tells mother not to be worried Avanti will be consious..DJ fills the form..Bhuwan comes and asks how is Avanti,,,DJ cries and tells that Avanti is underobservation..DJ tells that everything was alright till yestarday but now nothing is okay..Bhuwan hugs DJ and tells Avanti will be good…Vicky comes and thanks Bhuwan for coming…Bhuwan tells If Vicky wants any help??Vicky tells he is going to bring medicines..Bhuwan tells he will bring..Bhuwan goes..Vicky tells Virat that he is still here??Vicky tells that Virat not to show his fake concern..Virat tells he will not go till Avanti is alright..Vicky hold’s Virat’s shirt..VIrat tells he will not go..Vicky says okay and goes..
DOctor tells that Avanti’s pulse rate is dropping…And Avanti is in coma..Everyone is shocked..Vicky cries..Virat eyes are red crying..Virat hold’s Doctor shirt and tells that accident was not big..Virat tells Avanti’s mother..MOther sits and cries….Virat goes in ICU and sees Avanti inconsious..Virat tells that Zubair is calling to his office…Virat tells they have to make presentation..Virat touches Avanti’s forhead and says sorry..Virat calls City hospital and tells Doctor Sharma that he have to airlift one patient..Dr says no and cuts the phone..Virat goes in washroom and punches the mirror..Virat’s hand is bleeding..Vicky tells Virat drama didnt ended..Vicky holds Virat and pushes out of office…DJ and Kavya tells Vicky to stop it..Bhuwan holds Vicky..Bhuwan sleeps..Vicky tells Kavya to eat…Kavya tells Vicky that she is not hungry,,Vicky tells that it’s Avanti’s favourite dish..Kavya eats..DJ goes and sits near Bhuwan..Virat walks thinks about Avanti and cries…

Precap::Zubair tells Avanti is gone from office what Workload increased..No one is coming Office All are sitting in Hospital..

Update Credit to: Ansari

  1. Wow soo emotional epsiode..Avanti :-((( feeling sad

  2. Finally Virat will realize

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