Thapki Pyaar Ki 26th May 2015 Written Episode Update

Thapki Pyaar Ki 26th May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Diwakar and Thapki greeting each other. She stammers to say Namaste and Diwakar is shocked. Krishnakant asks him to sit. Diwakar looks at his parents. Poonam asks Krishnakant to come and they all go inside to talk. Diwakar says she stammers. Aditi says Diwakar is very short. Thapki comes to them and Poonam refuses for the proposal. Thapki stops her and says everyone has weakness, I stammer and Diwakar’s nature is imp to me than his height, it will be known when we meet, give me some time. Krishnakant says fine, but we will not decide anything helplessly.

Thapki says Lord makes the pairs, and he does not do anything helplessly. Aditi says she is studying law, but no one can win in talks than Thapki. Diwakar’s mum gives shagun to Thapki. Thapki thanks her. Krishnakant says we will let them talk, its imp for them to know each other. He asks Diwakar to ask anything to Thapki. Diwakar says no. Aditi says that times is gone, now dating fashion is going on. Diwakar’s dad says she is right, and asks Diwakar to go to temple with Thapki. Diwakar agrees. Shubh goes with Thapki and Diwakar. He says temple is close. Diwakar says yes, and talks to Thapki.

Shubh asks his earnings and Thapki asks him to be quiet. Mishra gives the fruits to Krishnakant. His wife says one is bad. Mishra says if one fruits is bad, some people make an issue, but they cover the problems, like Thapki has weakness and they did not make her realize it by their love. Krishnakant says he did not understand. Mishra’s wife says they will keep Thapki with love, but world will say a lot, but baaraatis should be happy to neglect bahu’s weakness.

She asks him to get good gifts for baraatis, and asks them to gift gold items. Krishnakant gets tensed. Diwakar sees Thapki taller. She lifts Shubh and rings the bell. Diwakar’s hand does not touch the bell. She realizes this and pulls the chain down to bring the bell to lower place. Diwakar looks on and rings the bell. She smiles. Shubh says he is my to be brother in law and introduces to pandit ji. The pandit ties the thread and blesses them.

Poonam asks Krishnakant why did he agree to their demands. Krishnakant says they can gift and also support Diwakar’s business, Thapki should not know this. Diwakar has problem with his short height and does not match Thapki. Shubh mistaken calls him useless and Thapki gets stunned. She asks him to see cricket match from the space in walls, if he can’t see above the wall end. Shubh falls down and Diwakar holds him. Shubh thanks him for saving. Diwakar says many times useless people come to use. Thapki smiles.

Shubh signs Thapki and she says we will go by rickshaw. Diwakar says no, we will go by walk, its good for digestion and hair shine. Shubh holds his stomach and says he has to go home fast. Diwakar takes an auto. They come home and Shubh runs to bathroom. Mishra asks Diwakar did he talk to Thapki. Diwakar nods. Mishra says we will talk on phone and leaves. Krishnakant asks Thapki did she like Diwakar. She recalls how he saved Shubh and smiles. She says yes. Poonam says now I m glad. Krishnakant says what else do we want if she is happy, its good she liked him, we will not get much time, they will keep marriage after 3 days. She says why so soon. Poonam says this is called fate. Aditi says it will be best shopping, I will make a list. Shubh asks Thapki to come fast. Diwakar says he will not marry Thapki, she was showing me down, she laughed on me in temple. Mishra says he is short, whom will he marry, he did not get proposals till 4 years and does not earn well. Mishra’s wife says my son is gold. Mishra asks him to marry Thapki to open a new shop. Thapki thanks Shubh that her show will not be missed. The tv does not come and she worries. Poonam asks her not to see shows. Krishnakant asks her to see repeat.

Thapki says she can’t miss the show and asks Aditi to get her laptop and sends Shubh to get projector. She keeps a white sheet and sees Aap ki awaaz Dhruv ke saath tv news show. The red thread falls off her hands. Thapki messages Dhruv on show’s number. Aditi teases her. Dhruv talks about women’s independence and Poonam and Thapki is big fan of Dhruv. Krishnakant laughs. Thapki says lines like Dhruv. Shubh says she talks well. Poonam sees the red thread and asks her how did this break. Thapki says don’t know. Poonam asks her to be careful, its not good shagun. Aditi ties it again and says so what if it fell. Krishnakant jokes on Poonam and they laugh.

Its morning, Thapki reads newspapers. The doctor says her stammering problem will end soon. He asks her to read another problem. Poonam asks her to go and get ready. She thanks doctor and says he can come tomorrow. Krishnakant asks them to get ready to meet Diwakar’s family and bring 5000rs. Shubh shows Dhruv’s news channel ad looking for trainees. Thapki gets glad. Krishnakant and Poonam leave. Thapki asks Aditi to hurry up and sees her sandals. She sees her high heel sandals and Aditi wears flat ones.

Thapki says she loves to buy sandals and asks her suggestion. Aditi says this is your fav. Thapki wears the heel ones and leaves. Diwakar and his family are at café. His mum asks Mishra not to pay, Thapki’s family will come and pay the bill. Thapki comes with her family. Diwakar and his mum see Thapki wearing high heels. Thapki greets her and his mum taunts her. Mishra says they can order sweets here and Krishnakant goes with him. They all taste the sweets. Aditi and Shubh ask Diwakar to have sweets and joke on him. Thapki asks him to have anything when he wants and stammers a lot. Mishra gives the big order of sweets. The bill gets of 30000rs and Krishnakant gets tensed. Poonam and Krishnakant see Thapki smiling and smile.

Thapki says she will not wear high heels and says she is happy with the relation. She gets married with Diwakar.

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  1. Gud serial…….seems to be interesting…..

  2. I think dhruv will be her pair

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