Swim Team 26th May 2015 Written Episode Update

Swim Team 26th May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Bhagat asks Rewa what she is doing in night…Rewa tells she is eating choclate..Bhagat tells to enjoy the choclate…Bhagat smiles…Rewa gets Jai messege to open the door…Rewa opens the door..Jai tells he wanted to talk to Rewa…Rewa tells no..Jai tells he wil call her mother…Jai tells sorry to Rewa..Jai tells atleast Rewa must have think his situation…Jai tells he is trapped Umang is not talking to him neither his mother…Jai tells sorry..Rewa smiles..Jai tells he will super-fit Rewa And she will win the international grant…Jai tells that Rewa looks cute..Jai tells may be Rewa was hungry gone kitchen and ate apple..Rewa hides the chocolates..Jai tells Rewa to come fast morning..Rewa asks why??They will do Private workout..Rewa beats Jai…
Pixy wear’s a hat and glasses and comes and sit…Deepsi and Pixy sit..Pixy tells the waiter that they will take order from girl..The waitress comes..Deepsi tells that Waitress is too hot..Deepsi tells that it is Dolly??Deepsi tells they should make a list of Young,,hot boys So that dolly can leave Pixy’s father and flirt with the boy So that they can expose Dolly..Jai calls Pixy..PIxy tells Jai is the rich and handsome guy,,Deepum tells yes..Rewa do pushup’s..Jai trains Rewa..TK comes and tells that Jai concentrating Rewa more..TK tells that he known Jai is helping Rewa…TK tells to call the team and train..TK goes..Jai asks what is the problem of Coach TK..Rewa tells lets forget…Rewa comes and sit..Pixy and Deepsi asks what happened??Rewa tells that TK seen Jai and Rewa and then scolded..Deepsi tells that is good that Rewa is dedicated..Pixy tells Rewa that she wanted to borrow Jai,,,Pixy and Deepsi takes Jai..Pixy tells Jai just to act…Deepsi tells that Dolly love is real then she will not impressed by Jai..And if she back of Money then she will be impressed by Jai…Pixy tells Plan On…Coach TK thinks about Sana Song goes on background “SAIYAAN”…TK tells “I MISS U SANA”…Kanika comes and tells she wanted to tell something..TK says to tell….Jai comes and sits in hotel..Jai calls waitress..Jai tells he want some interesting..Dolly suggests wine..Pixy calls Jai,,Jai tells he will do that only what he had done in london..Dolly listens and smiles..Jai tells Dolly to comes and sit and drink with him..Dolly tells no..Pixy and Deepum seeand tells why Dolly is acting..Jai tells Dolly that he own restaurant..Dolly asks really??Dolly tells that she can drink..Deepum tells Pixy to take out camera and capture..Suddenly Kanika comes..Kanika gets happy seeing Jai…Jai gets shocked..

Precap::Jai and TK talk…Bhagat hugs Rewa…

Update Credit to: Ansari

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