Saath Nibhana Saathiya 26th May 2015 Written Episode Update

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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 26th May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Paridhi informs Hetal about Gopi’s accident and asks her not to let Jigar know about it. Hetal is shocked. She asks Tolu and Molu not to inform Baa. They rush to hospital. Mansi tells Kinjal that the problems have surrounded her once she came here. Kinjal asks her to keep quiet. She says she doesn’t like Gopi to come back home, but didn’t want her to die. She gets emotional and says Gopi is special for everyone. Mansi says she doesn’t have any personal problem with Gopi, but she wants to snatch her Ahem. She says I wants to get her out of Ahem’s life. She says Meera didn’t push her intentionally. She says it is tit for tat. Hetal comes and asks her to stop it. She slaps her hard.

Ahem looks at the holy thread and recalls Gopi praising him to be obedient son, loyal husband and a great father. He recalls his marriage with Gopi and intimacy with her. He recalls their sweet and happy moments. He recalls about her words and gets teary eyed. Hetal warns her not to talk against Gopi or her destiny. She says my Gopi’s destiny is good. She was away with Ahem for so many years, but found her on the same track where she left him last. She says Ahem couldn’t end his relation with Gopi even if he wants to. She says Gopi’s destiny is so good that she kept us united since her marriage. She says we accept that you took care of kids and Ahem, but that doesn’t mean that you have sole right on Ahem.

She says no one can separate Ahem and Gopi. She says Gopi was not with Ahem, so you could win his heart, but not when Gopi is around him. She says Ahem and Gopi are loyal to each other being husband and wife. Mansi says this is your misunderstanding. Kinjal says it is not kaki’s but your misunderstanding. She says I tried to get you and Ahem together, but he still loves Gopi. She says we did so much to bring him closer to you, but you couldn’t get Ahem even then. She says bad luck is yours, so you have lost the game. Hetal says the day you came here, does drama again and again. She says your hands was empty back then and even now. You lost everything. She says my Ahem is Gopi’s kanhaiyya and will be with her only forever.

Hetal scolds Meera for roaming with a stranger woman when her mother is battling with life in the hospital. She says even a enemy doesn’t do this, but you did it to your mum. She asks why you couldn’t see Gopi’s 99 qualities. You have forgotten everything. She says a mother’s relation can’t be broken and ignored. She says people used to do puja of their mums. She says a son is a son until he gets married, but a daughter thinks about her parents all her life…..but you…….She says if all the daughters will be like you, then I will pray God to make all the women infertile. Meera feels disgusted and leaves. Hetal asks Kinjal, are you coming with you to hospital. Kinjal says yes. Hetal asks Mansi, not to think that if anything happens to Gopi then Ahem will be hers. She says nothing will happen to Gopi as everyone’s prayers are with her. She says Gopi will be fine soon and will walk infront of you. She says God will punish you for your sins.

Kokila does the puja and aarti, and asks Jigar, if he talked to Gopi. Jigar says no. He says Gopi is going to talk to Meera. Kokila says my family will be completed now. Rashi says I will stay with them in Modi Mansion. Kokila says Gopi is stubborn too and says she talks about unity. She says whatever happen will be good. This day will change everything for better. She says she will do the aarti and welcome them. Rashi asks do you love Ahem or Gopi more. Kokila says if Ahem is her heart, then Gopi is her heart beat. She says both are essential for her. She says if my Gopi is not there, then I am also not here. Jigar asks her not to talk bad. Kokila says good moment will come today.

Doctor asks Ahem to sign on the papers before the operation. Ahem refuses. Doctor says if you doesn’t sign then we won’t be able to operate. He says if we don’t do surgery then we might lose her or she might end up paralytic. Vidya asks Ahem to sign to save Gopi. Paridhi also asks Ahem. They cry. Ahem gets emotional and signs on the papers. He asks the doctor to save Gopi anyhow.

Electricity goes off during operation. Doctor says we have to shift her to another nearby hospital. Ahem refuses to let Gopi shift to another hospital.

Update Credit to: MA

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