Thapki Pyaar Ki 26th January 2017 Written Episode Update

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Thapki Pyaar Ki 26th January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kabir telling Bihaan that he has won 2nd round also, and is 2 rounds away from the Prize away. He asks are you happy? Bihaan says yes, I am happy but few people are upset. Kabir says lets play. Machine starts beeping. Kabir says time is up for today and we will resume the game tomorrow. Vasu tells Bihaan that he is her Shravan Kumar, and he will win as Thapki will be with him. Bihaan asks Thapki to take care. They see Dil Se Dil Tak Promo….and tells that even their relation is without name now. Once they were in a relationship, but now. Bihaan says atleast we can see this unique show together. Kabir is angry and takes out his anger. Bihaan comes and says ghajab…and says he is seeing his anger…He says you couldn’t digest my victory. Kabir asks him to see what he does tomorrow, he says I will change your victory to your defeat. Bihaan says Arjun’s focus was on the fish, and I am focused on my victory. Kabir says lets see who will win.

Bihaan says I will answer you. They have a cold war. Vasu asks Kabir to hold on his anger and says if you have challenged him, then get ready to accept defeat also. She asks Bihaan not to get happy about victory before he actually wins, and says it will divert your mind. She asks him to go. Kabir says my motive is also big. Thapki says I will make you win…Bihaan. Sankara scolds Preeti for giving credit to Thapki for saving Bihaan’s life and for getting him victory in 2nd round. Sankara says Bihaan have done everything and risked his life, and asks her not to give credit to Thapki. Bihaan and Vasu comes there. Bihaan says he has managed to reached here because of Thapki else wouldn’t have succeeded. Vasu asks Sankara not to tell anything against Thapki and says you are in this house because of her only. Sankara gets irked.

Neha tells Sankara that she wanted to kill Thapki as she has become trouble for her. Neha says she will kill her tomorrow after game ends, and calls someone, smiles. Next day, Kabir and Bihaan start playing the game. Sankara tells that she will support Bihaan in the next round. Vasu asks her to hear the game rules first. Kabir says what you said yesterday about Arjun focused on the fish eye. He tells you have to play similar game and needs a partner. Bihaan says he will play the game and is totally focused. Kabir explains the game and tells that he have to target the apple with knife while his partner would be standing far, and the apples would be coming and going. Vasu asks Sankara to go. Sankara says I don’t want to go, I want to live with him and support him and don’t want to die.

Vasu says yesterday you said that you are his wife and you will only support him. She scolds her and says we were supporting him since years. Dhruv says I will go. Shraddha stops him and says you have made us pregnant and taking this risk. She says I won’t let you go. Balwinder says I will go. Vasu says I will go. Thapki says no, and says I will go. Sankara says okay, die with Bihaan’s hand. Thapki says if I die from his hand then it will be my new life. Aditi stops Thapki and says I won’t let you go. Shraddha imagines throwing knife on Aditi and hopes her dream would come true. Kabir asks who is coming to play with Bihaan, else he will lose. Thapki says I will play and says she has promised to support him for life.

Kabir tries to stop Thapki from participating, but Thapki asks him not to interfere as she is not interfering. She goes and stand far where the arrangements is made. Kabir asks Bihaan to decide if he wants to risk Thapki’s life who has made him win yesterday, and asks him to back out if he wants and says you will get the money which you have won till now. Thapki is standing. Bihaan says no, and says he will play the game, trusting on the trust which Thapki showed on him. Kabir is upset and says as you wish. He asks him to lift knife and target apple, and says your time starts now. Sankara smiles, while everyone is tensed.

Bihaan to about to throw the knife. Thapki in her heart asks Bihaan to look in her eyes. She signs that right side apple is coming first. Bihaan throws the knife. Everyone is shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Another interesting episode…I just really like the scene between kabir and Bihaan…I can see that cool Bihaan.he has to take the challenge in a smiley way…keep that smile always Bihaan.
    Shankar,neha,kabir I don’t want to say anything more about them because they were usual damnful characters…

    Completely fascinating to see how much Thahaans give trust each other. Trust makes every relation poweful…so much of expectations and excitement for seeing tomorrows episode…
    Hello guys…

  2. Please untie thahaan.

  3. Hello
    reshal,anu,ritu(rink ritz),sandy,vinni,vino,mala,navmi,garima,sulbi,juveria,nany( NaiTan) & all thahaan fans
    How r u all ?

    Wish u all happy thahaan momemts..
    Ritu di today republic day
    That’s why u change ur wallpaper na
    But request try to continue with ff wallpaper ..
    I like ur paper
    Its very beautiful
    Di itna to haq benta h aage aapki merji

    Thanku sady di
    Comeback with new ff
    V or
    Me miss u to much
    Sorry di 4 not cmt..g ur past few episodes…

    Nany darling
    How was ur pre-board ?
    maths k sare th..rom yaad ker lena
    Chapter 10th k
    Science m chemical equation
    Soap wala chapter ache s ker lena
    Or ha!
    Hame tumahare short-3 ka intzaar rhega..

    Love u so much
    Anu & reshal di..
    di suhana di peka wapes aae gi na..
    Anu di
    I left massage 4 u 23rd tellyupdate pge
    Plz read it..
    Or ha!
    Don’t misunderstand me..

    Love u so much to all

    Thahaan forever
    manyasa too

    1. Happy Republic Day to you also kudrat…I changed my wallpaper not because of the day, I am actually a huge fan of Data Sir more than Manish and overall actually I am Thahaan fan… Daya Sir is my first crush in life..and I am crazy over him…My phone wallpaper has daya, my WhatsApp dp sometimes etc..I fascinate more of him….and my ff wallpaper I also like it so much

      1. *daya sir

    2. Hello sweetheart I missed u thousands time???
      Am find and u ?
      I hope you will like the new ff I will upload it soon as I got free time ?
      Love u sooo much❤️️❤️️Take care ???

  4. hi pooja thahaAn rocks guys ab aao thabiR pan masale ko PROMote krne wale ChIpku bkhto thahaan only couple we love u thahaAn happy republic day to all my Indian frnds jai hind guys shadz part was too hilarious my god can’t control laughing love u MK jigs is in indoNesia guys and mani in jaipur gajab love u guys

  5. Hello pooja today episode is awessome and bihaan please allways keep smile on your face you are brilliant.

  6. Hy anu reshal vino sri lee na die for manishaya rink kudrat how are you.

    1. I’m fine Garima, thank you

  7. Its fascinating to see how BIhaan has forgiven Thapki over everything all she had to do was go mad and lose it LOL

    Forget the fact she exposed his mum Kosi who wanted to kill him.

    Now he trusts her with his life give it a few weeks and they be fighting again because thats all they do. Thapkis dialogues about being by his side make me laugh where were you when you thought Bihaan (apparently the guy she knows better than herself) made her lose the baby and she vanished for 3 years 😀 was she by his side then? Stupid woman.

    Im sure in competitions if you have used a family member for a round you cant use them again for the next round what type of competition is this, oh its just to appease Thahaan fans because they being crying an moaning alot recently 😀

    1. Hi
      Guess what
      Bla bla bla bla
      Keep on blabbing don’t care.

      1. Love ur words shuva ???

      2. But clearly you care or you wouldn’t reply on the post ??

      3. Kids say bla bla bla when they have nothing constructive to say, judging by you and how others act this site has alot fo them 😀

    2. The only person who crying now is you ?

    3. Guess what bla bla bla bla and bla

  8. This challenge is bringing out the best in Bihaan and he’s got that glint back in his eye, so cool watching him however the normally cool, calm collected Kabir is unraveling. I love how the more conspiracies there are against Thahaan is actually bringing them more closer. Shankar and Neha trying to make Thapki look crazy has actually softened Bihaan so that backfired and Kabir had succeeded in throwing the pandeys out but his need for revenge and humiliation is making Thapki help Bihaan so again that has backfired. Kabir should know Thapki by now that she would support Bihaan regardless of the danger

    1. Its Kabirs fault he threw out Bihaan and his family why did he want to do a cricket match? He had won thats it he beat Bihaan but no the writers made him want a cricket match

      Which he also won even tho Sankar cheated on the last hit but that aint the point he had owonand he could have chucked them out but noooooo he wanted to make Bihaan earn 5 Crores.

      For a character wanting revenge all they made Kabir do is contradict himself. He wins and instead of getting rid of them he gives another chance LOL

      His character got ruined when Thapki and Bihaan re-unite it will be because of Kabir 😀

  9. Trust is one of the essential things in relationship.. Bihan ?Thapki..

    Kabir showed himself in his true colours..
    just pretended to be generous..

  10. Thahaan ❤
    Thahaan ❤
    Thahaan ❤

  11. Navami

    Some sort of happynes…agree with u pooja…hello all thahanians….

  12. Garima how are you my dear?really miss you.pls comment yaar.I think your busy in studies…take care dear.concentrate your studies…keep smiling…
    Hi…reshal,vino,anu,sandy,sruti,rinka,navami,santhosh Bhai and all…

  13. Happy Republic Day to all my Indian Friends here

  14. hey u WHOEVER U R mind ur own business ok if u didn’t like our show just get out from here who r mOaning or crying the ppl like u and u are showing it now we thahaAnians hadnt cry or moan in front of any one ok truth is this is TPK thahaAn is the hero today or toMORrow cv will unite them we know and we r not GRAJNE wale bAdal like u now if u will say any word against my thahaAn I will forget that this is public place just leave us peacefully lets us live our own life don’t come in between ok .its our wish our mouth whoM we call ours u just stay away other wise …………………. Hey kudrat didn’t get us msg say here yar . LOVE U

    1. Hi anu idk uh but still i agree with uh dat thahaan fans nevr moand or cried nd nybody can not say nything abt our thahaan nd thnks for defending idk i shud have repleid to uh or not but still i wnted to nd happy republic day dear….♡☆

    2. Lol WTH did I just read and yep you were all crying used to see the messages every day. Lol are you part of the relationship?? A fictinal couple is your Thahaan omg the people here seriosuly… the way you act you 1 step away from becoming Neha 😀 LOL

      1. Oh plz u only strtd nd its r choice whom we say ours who r uh to interfare we will say nybody ours wdr its fictional or real so plz mind ur own bzns wat d hell man…

      2. Yes you are right ,all rabid fans were crying and moaning at instagram for thahaan…now barking at others people choice.No one stoop so low like them.stay away from them because goon mawali ke fans peeche nahi hatenge jhagda Karne ke liye. instagram pe to galigalouch karte hain to fir yahan karna unke liye konsi badi baat hai???

      3. Say what you want and I can say whatever I feel too, saying you a fan of Bihaan is fine but you call Thapki and Bihaan your Thahaan is a joke you act like you part of their relationship.

        Yeah but i didnt threaten no one whereas Anu said if i say anything about Thahaan they will forget its a public place. I voice my opinions but i dont threaten people. And you are pretty much condoning it dont tell me you a fan of Thahaan? No wonder you guys all lose it get angry and threaten people your role model Bihaan has teached you alot LOL

      4. Hey is it guess what still bla bla bla

  15. thank u cvs .thahaan forever

  16. Vinolin.d

    hai pooja,garima,navami,anu,kudrat,reshal,naitan,rinka ritz,jo,sruthi,Leena,sri and all my tpk friends…happy republic day my dear friends…
    hai dear garima… I am fine.I miss you my are you???
    hai pooja darl…
    I am looking for thahaan reunite part.

  17. Hi every one what’s up
    How are you all? I haven’t watched the epi yet but read the update. I’m so happy for thaahan and I hope that every thing goes well for them.

  18. Thnx cvs now nevr seprate thahaan nd plz unite them nd bring true face of kabeer nd hus sister nd yes ofc dat stupid dump fat sankar nd manish u lookd hot today also hlo gyzzzz happy republic day to all of uh ( THAHAAN FANZZZ)

  19. I’m absolutely gutted!!! yesterday episode on Rishtey europe was all censored. They never showed any scene where Bihan is trapped into the glass box with the poison coming out. It was shown as promo in the previous episode but when I watched it it was hard to understand what was going on. Why the version broadcasted in UK had to suffer such a censorship when the one on Colors was shown with no cuts? Uk tv always shows many violent programs and to think that now Thapky Pyaar Ki cannot be seen in its integrity really upset me. Doesn anyone know the reason why the episode was so badly cut?

  20. And now even in today episode in the beginning every scene conected to Bihan trapped in the box were removed. What is going on Rishtey????? This is just ridiculous and its not fair for all the fans who cant watch it in its full version…..

  21. Hey guys, can anyone tell me why the episodes on Rishtey are different from the one on colors? Yesterday all the part where Bihan is in the glass box was never shown making the episode very difficult to understand and today episode have parts missing where the knives are shown and when Shradda dreams to kill Aditi with the dagger.
    I’m confused to see that the version of Thapki in UK is cut compared to the one shown in India

    1. Even here in Indonesia is same, we got censored a lot, even for the romantic scenes. It’s because the show on air at daytime, so even little child could watch. I don’t know about in UK.
      We could still watch in IG or YouTube

    2. Hi Marco I saw it yesterday and the same question come to me why they keep cutting sense I HATE it, I also didn’t understand what happing in the Episode that really not fair to us ☹️☹️☹️☹️

    3. @marco yes rishtey telecasts old episodes of Thapki Pyaar Ki and colors telecast the current ones…so they are in fact different… there isn’t anything as such in the gas chamber scene to be censored.. yes here they do cut some romantic scenes…

      1. @Rinka. Rishtey is actually showing the new epsiodes on the same day that s on Colors with the difference that are just cut. i understand censorship in certain countries but i find it absurd that it happens in uk where most of the programs have violence and nudity all time. I guess that from now on I will have to watch it on you tube or somewhere else to enjoy it even though there wont be any english subtitles…

  22. I just hate the people that give negative comments, if you hate the show so much go and watch another show and important information to all the people who says I watch the show because of Jigyasa the show main lead actors are manish and Jigyasa so both of them how you watch it just for Jigyasa if it all the moment that Jigyasa appear with manish hello are you cover the screen and watch Jigyasa ?banana people appear now ?

  23. Hea…
    navmi di,
    how r u ?
    I… Really miss u,
    aap kab tak gher p ho…
    I mean 2 say
    holiday h na
    to aap hostel se gher aae ho gi..
    love u so much…
    plz take care
    di v r waiting 4 ur ff..

    1. Navami

      Hai kudrat darl..i came today..missed you too..dr…i have given a reply to you on my last few ff pages.. pls do read that dr…tc…

  24. Ritu di
    aap k precap n to raato ki nind ura reki h…
    aaj 7:00pm tak post ker dogi….
    v r eagrly waiting 4 ur ff….

    1. I know my ff precap has kept everyone in a suspense..don’t worry it will come in the late evening even on IF because I will be much busy today ..

  25. Thanku
    thanku so much..
    amir n anu
    humare thahaan ko itna special bnane k lea…
    apne valuable time or cmt se….
    love u
    I hope ki aap isi terh cmt kar k apna kimti time humare thahaan ko special bnane m lepa e gi..
    u r real & true thahaan lover..
    once again
    thank you so much…

  26. Hea..
    Thanku so much 4 today short-3
    good short
    sorry nani
    due 2 some reason I’m not cmt..
    on ur ff pge…
    I hope u understand
    plz take care
    love u..
    or ha!

  27. Congts 4 50th episode..
    finally u reach.. it
    thanku di
    thanku so much 4 all 50th episodes
    eagrly waiting 4 51th..
    I think sankar up{fell} in love KABIR
    sorry 4 not cmt.. On ur ff page…
    take care
    love u

    or ha!
    di aaj ka episode behut comic tha…

  28. Vajra-SG29

    Karodpati to kathron ke khiladi…??
    Unbelievable CVS…??
    jo bhi ho lekin game mein THAHAAN ek saath hai na iss se badiya kushi aur kya ho saktha hai…. THAHAAN rocks✌✌✌…. MANYASA forever…. ???

  29. Hello santhosh bhai,
    how r u ?
    why u change ur name..

  30. Hi,I am new on here.
    Do normal people watch a game show where the shows host is like Kabir ?
    Oh I wont mention attempted manslaughter on tv ?
    And the ease at which everyone on the soaps I have watched on Rishtey can be bribed ?
    Last question,Dont people on these soaps keep any important documents with a solicitor or in a in a bank ?

    The number of shows I have seen on Rishty where a stranger steals someone elses house ?Because they always have the deeds of the house lying around. lol
    And I forgot to mention Kabirs sister,From mentally ill to the worlds greatest Magician?

    1. Hey Sultan thats what makes this show great. The unbeliveable always happens. it seems there are no laws as everybody can get access to weapons and poisons in such an easy way. Im not sure how it works in India but in europe if you want to divorce someone is quite a long process and not just a stolen signature obtained by trick. Also maybe people forgot that Thapki’s name is actually Vaani and i dont mean Vaani Oberoi as that was just a fake identity, so how legal can be a document signed using a nickname rather than the real one. And the same goes with the marriage certificate with Kabir and Thapki where once again is not signed with a real name (that actually happened also in the past between Bihan and Thapki). But i guess that all these elements make this show good and fun to be followed and I just hope it will carry on like this cos in the moment that it gets too close to reality is when it may starts to be boring.

      1. Yes you are right about the story lines Marco,But like you said she was was married as Vaani,Not Thapki ?
        Illegal ?
        And yes they seem to have access to every drug under the sun,Since watching this show I have stopped drinking Orange juice .lol
        Maybe you are right,If it was boring life,I would probably have stopped watching it ?
        But even you have to admit,A tv show with a death threat ?
        We have,Who wants to be a millionaire
        India has,
        Who wants to be a corpse ? lol

    2. I think we all have agree that this show is full of nonsense, don’t have to argue about that. I myself couldn’t understand, but somehow I’m really attracted to the show as long as there are thahaan, no matter how bad the show is. But still hoping for better storyline like in its early episodes.

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