Saath Nibhana Saathiya 26th January 2017 Written Episode Update

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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 26th January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Kokila continues taunting Kokila and tells her tears are showing that she will not confront. Many prisoners suicide due to fear of defamation, if she is thinking same, all the best. She walks away.

Trespasser girl cleans Jai and Veeru’s bed room and prepares their bed. They both enter and she hides behind cutains. They discuss who must have done this, whoever it is, they did good. Sona enters their room and are surprised to see room clean and tidy. Sahir also enters and praises that only his children can be so efficient, he will get them ice cream. Sona asks where are Seeta and Geeta. He says downstairs and runs towards them. Sona goes out to bring snacks for Jai and Veeru. Jai sees curtain shaking and checks, but finds no one.

Vidya takes care of Meera’s babies. Dharam gets emotional that they got a bad fate, their mother has gone missing. Vidya consoles not to worry, didi will return soon. Dharam hopes so and says it is difficult to stay without Meera.

Sona brings milk and fruits for Jai and Veeru and asks them to finish it. They say they just finished food. She says they had food 1 hour ago and asks t get their homework books. Girl silently comes out of cupboard, picks apple and gets back into cupboard. Sona sees apple missing and ask Jai and Veeru if they ate it. They say no. Sona sees Mona passing by munching apple and yells that chudail ate her children’s apple. Girl hears from cupboard.

Gopi takes food for Jaggi. Jaggi says he is not hungry. Gopi insists to eat and says Urvashi has lost the sense to live, but they should encourage her to get ready. Once he finishes food, they will go to hospital and bring Urvashi home. Jaggi asks is it. She says patients get well soon with their dear ones’s help. They will get all the facilities available in hospital for Urvashi and get her ready soon. She feeds him food and he does same. She hears payal sound and asks who is it. She goes out to check. Girl hides behind wall. Jaggi says there is no one here, already she is tensed, why she wants to gget more tensed, let us go and finish food.

Girl thinks she cannot stay here and tries to walk out, but sees goons in front of main gate and walks back in and hides in kitchen.

While having food, Jaggi coughs. Gopi walks towards kitchen to bring water and jaggery for him. Girl peeps from window, gets afraid seeing goons outside, backs off and hits her hand on flour box by mistake. Flour falls down. Gopi hears sound and asks Urvashi if someone is in kitchen. Girl hides again. Gopi sees flour all over and thinks who has done it. Jaggi comes and asks why she is taking so much time. Gopi shows flour all around and says she does not know who done all this. Jaggi says it must be cat or Mona and takes her back. Girl gets back in and adds flour back in box, hears cow outside, fills food in plate and gets out via window to feed cow.

Mona walks in and thinks badi momji told flour fell in kitchen, but everything is clean here. Badi momji has become old womaniya. She walks back yelling.

Gaura reminisces Chanda’s confrontion and challenging that she will be queen of this house an Gaura will serve her. She thinks Chanda did a big mistake.

Girl walks out silently and hides behind pillar seeing Mona and Pari. Mona tears flower bouquet and says Samar sends him bouquet everyday, it is not done. Pari says women get happy seeing flowers, she had told Samar to send flowers. Mona says she prepared new face pack and gets her in to show. Girl comes out and picks wrappers from floor and then keeps bouquet in vase. Mona and Pari returns. Pari sits on sofa and Mona gets green tea for her. Girl thinks how will she go out now.

Precap: Gopi opens door hearing door bell. Goon enters as courier boy, asks for water, and searches for girl. Girl notices him and gets tensed.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. i love this serial like crazy when i first start looking at it but as the months went by it start to loose its charm the directors needs to do something about it get to the story line and stop the dragging let this serial gets back its brightness as before sorry guys i am new here and sorry for butting in but i find this forum have the most wonderful people you do not quarrel among yourselves keep it up

    1. Boss(Siddarth)

      Thanks for the compliments Sia . U can join our Sunshine group if u wish?.

  2. Boss(Siddarth)

    Hi Sunshine friends
    Guru hw was episode.
    I think there wl be no leap it has cancelled as Gopi’s son and daughter in law track might go long . Its better if makers cancel leap wt say friends

    1. The episode was great!

    2. hi sid from this list 11 person r absent infact i haven’t seen comment from them

    3. Boss u forgot my name. I happy to see akshay back and wat happen to sunshine family? I want see 100 comments OK?love u all.

      1. Chithu

        U must also help us reach 100 comments Saba. Pl try to comment regularly. I know we are always engaged but I try daily to give some comments. Only through our combined effort we can make our group lively

      2. Boss(Siddarth)

        Hi Saba in entered ur name but yours and Raina’s name is not visible i dnt knw why .

    4. Riana

      Absolutely…the Entire episode was so funny…i love it…

    5. Chithu

      It will b good if they cancel the leap and continue the new plot as its a continuation of current one

  3. Boss(Siddarth)

    Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai: Kartik and Naira secretly meet. Kartik’s mood was upset. Naira cheers him up and makes him smile. They lie under the open sky and see the stars. Flowers fall over them. The setting gets romantic. Kartik finds the moments precious. They steal some moments away from the families. Kartik and Naira go for a walk. She tries to convince him for staying with Goenkas after marriage, but does not want to annoy him. Kartik hugs Naira and realizes they will be together forever soon.

    Chandra Nandni:

    Chandra announces Nandini as Magadh’s Maharani, while Helena was expecting herself to become the Mukhya Maharani. Helena gets angry seeing Nandini’s crowning ceremony. Nandini wears the queen’s crown. Chandra has made Nandini the queen, after the competition between Helena and Nandini. Nandini has won the competition, and Chandra has taken this decision based on it.

    Saath Nibhana Saathiya:

    The kids tell Jaggi the truth of the girl Sita hiding. Jaggi and everyone find Sita in the water tanker. They all ask Sita who is she, and why is she hiding here. Gopi asks Sita how did she come here. Paridhi and Mona are against keeping Sita at home. Gopi takes Sita’s side and wants to help her for humanity sake

    1. modi bhavan waise bhi dharamshala h

    2. Riana

      Sbs was going Modi Mansion is a Mandir…Lol

  4. Boss(Siddarth)

    Most popular show Saath Nibhana Saathiya on Star Plus will witness alot of twist and turns.

    The main leads of the show Gopi is played by Devoleena Bhattacharjee and Jaggi is played by Mohammad Nazim.

    Chanda try to expose Gaura before all the members of the family.

    Gaura somehow manages to handle the situation and she does not get exposed.

    Vidya unaware of Gaura’s evil intentions against her

    Gaura gets furious over Chanda’s attempt to expose her, she thinks that she will have to do something before Chanda again attempts to expose her.

    So then she made plans to kill Chanda so that she is not able to expose her.

    Chanda is unaware of Gaura’s killer plan against her.

    Stay tuned for the upcoming twist.

    1. then when will chanda push dharam from stairs??

    2. Chithu

      Gaura will kill Chanda soon. Where is Meera hope she is locked up somewhere by Gaura’s men

  5. Boss(Siddarth)

    The upcoming episode of Star Plus popular show Saath Nibhana Saathiya will show high voltage drama in Modi house.

    A new entry will come in Modi house named Sita, Sita is a runaway bride escaping from her marriage.

    Sita hides in Modi house trying to escape from goons, Gopi’s life also gets endangered as some goons attacks Gopi.

    Jaggi although manages to save Gopi but is worried as why goons attacked in Modi house, later finds real truth.

    Gopi and Jaggi helps runaway bride Sita

    Children had hidden Sita in water tank to save her, Jaggi thus rescues Sita from water tank while Gopi and all are shocked seeing Sita.

    Sita comes out and requests Gopi to save her and let her stay in Modi house, Gopi and Jaggi agrees to give shelter to Sita.

    Stay tuned for more exciting updates of the upcoming episodes.

  6. Isaaq

    I think with the new girls entry, SNS has gone good now. I haven’t watched SNS yet but I’m reading the updates. I wonder what happens when this girl is caught

    1. i also watch sns after 2 month. found change in chanda’s n urmila’s look. urmila’s grey hair is turn in black. she looks good now.

      1. Chithu

        Urmila’s hair was caught in wardrobe. Jaggi had to cut her hair since the door was jammed. Sona and Gopi have styled Urmila’s hair.
        Chanda is droning this new look since Meera’s children namkaran

  7. Isaaq

    The company that Adam works for is coming into university tomorrow!! I need to make a good impression to those business men

    1. Boss(Siddarth)

      Best of luck Issaq?.

    2. All d BST isaaq?

    3. do ur best Isaaq

    4. Chithu

      All the best Issaq. U will definitely be able to impress them.

    5. All d best buddy

  8. Issaq di I knew a girl from my primary and she goes to my high school she liked this boy and she made it obvious that she liked him when she screamed his name once we were all of the yr grouop were playing a game.he never loved her since we were all in yr6.

    1. Isaaq

      Yh love doesn’t happen at that age. I’ve liked him since I was 14. During my mid teens, it was only infatuation. When I was 16/17, that’s when I fell in love. Now I’m 19 and im still in love with him. He has always loved me but I always used to hate him. Maybe today he still thinks I hate him

      That girl you spoke of was also infatuated.

      1. Isaaq my daughter also 19she complet 19 23 of January. I wish u be always happy. With your love.

  9. thanks for inviting me to join your group i will see i mean it is an honor but i hardly gets the time never the less thank you Siddarth nice name

    1. Hi sia welcome to sunshines family ho I love I lot.long time I didn’t comment but still I member them because they are all live in my heart and u are part of sns family now.

    2. Chithu

      Hi Sia welcome. Do try to comment regularly even it is one or two a day.

    3. Boss(Siddarth)

      Thanks sia

  10. Hi all Sunshine friends.Episode is good with some scenes.Gopi slowly accepts Jaggi.

    1. I agree with you rose I think gopi start love jaggi slowly. Then ahem died, I want jaggi be Ahem but is impossible now. I hope gopi and jaggi start love.

  11. Mahi from which place you are belongs to?I am living in Kakinada.

    1. Hey Rose I am from Guntur maa

  12. Akshay are you from Andhra Pradesh?From which state you are belongs to?

    1. hi rose i m from jaipur (rajasthan). it is beautiful, colorfull city. many historical places r here. u must visit rang rangelo jaipur

      1. Chithu

        Hey Akshay
        I had been to Jaipur once its a beautiful city. My family Stayed at Rawatbhata for 2 years. I also visited Kota, Udaipur and mount abu

  13. With the new girls entry, the directors will drag the story line and eventually it will become boring.

    1. if it will boring then will u leave to watch john uncle??

      1. Chithu

        Uncle John will never leave the show n forum. Though he speaks ill of show he is a fan of sns

  14. Shakaib

    Hi sunshine friends, how are you all..?? Episode was very fantastic. I think Sits(New Girl or new bahu) is mannered or just like her Maa Ji aka Gopi vahu. What say..?? Or maybe its go like kyun ka saas bhi kabhi bahu thi, where Gopi will be saas and and then her bahu sita will become saas and it will be perfect kyunka saas(sita) bhi kabhi bahu thi. Lol.

    1. hi shakaib Sita is copy of gopi.

      1. Hi sunshines,boss Shakaib, nandhini, sowmya, akshay, sp, vp,rani,rose,chithu, chinu,aisha, sia, raven,gettu, ramona, pratiyusha,isaaq,average girl, arvind, ragini, priyanka, rani,fiz,ashu, pratik and all sunshines.i miss all of u and I think u all forget me but I love u episode is OK. I’m very happy to see u again akshay and all my love sns family.

    2. Shakaib I think same,because this new girl look like gopi,nice and clean.

    3. Chithu

      Yes Shakaib from the moment I saw the girl’s face and her dedication towards God I thought is a replica of Gopi in terms of manners. I too think gopi n sita will be great combination as saas bahu. Will Gopi become like kokila? What do u think guys

  15. Shakaib

    John’s family has come. Welcome Dadu and Dadi Ji. Lol.

    1. yes shakaib infact john family is more interesting than serial.

  16. Hello frnds..i didn’t watchd today episode..tomorrow vl c repeat telecast..
    Welcm sia..
    Am fne chithu tke cre of ur daughter also..
    Sunshiner grp is extending day by day n also johns family? lol

  17. Who is seeta

    1. it is suspense nw, will disclose in upcoming episode.

    2. for more information keep reading spoiler update from Siddharth.

    3. the runway bride

  18. gaura will kill chanda

  19. Isaaq i thought he is filmmakr. sorry i misunderstant it. gorgeous building!!!!!!!!!!!!! do u listen this song from movie boss ” har kisi ko nahi milta yaha pyar zindagi me, khushnaseeb h wo jinko mili ye bahar zindagi me” if not then i insist plz listen it. it should be picturize on ur soulmate n u.


    1. Isaaq

      Ok I will do.

  20. One of my freind annoys me saying when will you have a ‘crush’ and keeps asking me that and she doesn’t follow my relgion.The other freind does and she knows about the show i watch and she has heard about so she says i have a crush on a tv character.The truth is I don’t like telling anyone who I have ‘crush’ in fear they spread it.I used to have crushes in primary.The others guys in my years most of the act like idiots.

    1. Isaaq

      lol your friend needs to understand that you can’t have a crush instantly when you want to.
      Yh don’t tell anyone about your crush. I’ve only told close friends of mine about Adam.
      It’s true at your age guys in your year are idiots. Adam used be an idiot. He made a lot of mistakes in his early teens but he’s grown up now.
      I would say,. Forget about crushes and focus on your education. Love comes naturally. Stop focusing a lot on what your friends say about crushes and love and give more attention to your education. If you really like a guy, then you can focus on love.

      May I ask you what’s your religion?

      1. My religion is Islam and my atcual name begins with a H.It is the cave where the last prophet prayed.I am in yr 8.

  21. i am keeping on commenting since long bt its not posted yet…may b due to my few words….sorry all sunshiners i couldnot comment due to my bg schedule…episode was good….gopi is now accepting jaggi slowly….what will be the next after the entry the entry of sita??

    1. Chithu

      Welcome back. Keep on commenting daily. We need to make our group much more happening

  22. Isaaq

    Adam is very childish though? He always takes his time to accept me on social media. I remember I sent him a follow request 2 years ago and it took him 2 weeks to decide to accept me. This time, he still hasn’t decided yet! I sent him another one and it’s been a few days.

    I tweet to him secretly using my friends account??? my friend scolded me???

    This boy needs to stop getting so shy around me. I remember once our hands were about to touch and we both flinched at the same time. It was so romantic. He always gets shy around me. I remember when he was so shy and all he wanted to know what I was wearing to prom night.

    Me and him love fashion. That’s our biggest similarity. He loves style and fashion and so do I. We both always buy designer stuff. Me and him are exactly the same seriously.

    I just want to be the perfect wife. I’m properly trained. I helped my sister raise her 2 children and i have experience. I’ve watched my mother and older sister cook and clean. My dream is that every morning I wake up early and make him breakfast. I want to see him smile every morning.

    You know everyone, I have a feeling I’ll win this battle. I have faith in my love and God.

    When me and Adam have united, I hope it’s happily ever after for me because I’ve been struggling for 10 years to get this love. I just want to get married to him, become a lawyer and have children.

    I have big dreams for my children. When I meet Adam after 3 years, I won’t able to control my emotions

    I remember when I saw him after so long and I couldn’t believe my eyes. I accepted defeat and I prayed to God to return my Adam back to my life. And that day my Adam came back. His ex girlfriend separated us but we united again that day. When I saw him that day I was crying because I prayed for him to come back and he was back into my life.

    It was like he died and then God brought him back. I spent so long learning to live without him and he finally returned. I was in shock state.

    This time when we unite again, I will feel the same thing. I can imagine me touching Adam face and asking him if he’s real? Like when Gopi and Ahem got remarried after the first leap.

    Our relationship only formed in the matter of a few years but it feels like he’s been my life for hundreds of years.

    I’m telling my story because I want to inspire people on here about love. It changed me. Sometimes I cry of how painful my life is to be so far from my lover but I’m lucky that God has given me such a life where I’m not alone on this world. There’s Adam with me as well that will always be part of me for the rest of my life.

    When I was suffering when I was younger due to evil villains, Adam came as Gods gift and saved me. That’s when I told myself that Adam is very dear to me and he is sent by God to support me for the rest of my life?

    1. Riana

      (LOL) Isaaq…????

    2. Chithu

      Ur life is sure inspiring do talk with each other frequently. U can wipe out all misunderstandings by proper communication. My wishes and prayers for success of ur love story

      1. Isaaq

        I need to meet him face to face. I don’t want to text him all the time. A year ago he used to call me all the time but I was too shy to hear his voice. I start getting nervous when I hear his voice.

        I like his smile and the way he is always happy when he speaks. He cheers me up all the time when I’m stressed. Talking face to face is much better than texting. The problem is I get so nervous when he’s near me???

  23. Sowmya,nandhini, aisha weres 3of u?I miss you all I hop my beautiful sunshines didn’t forgot me

  24. Isaaq di wen ever I read ur love stry I don’t know y but I feel very very happy it looks like a movie. Actually I don’t believe in love and all but I really admire and love ur love stry… aftr knowing ur stry every single thinks y shouldn’t I love..?

    All d best di..

    1. Isaaq

      Love does exist. I’ve realised that. But it only exist for a few people. When I was suffering, I became bitter and insecure. I wanted power over everyone. Then I saw Adam as the most popular boy in school and I started to get jealous of how perfect is life is. This jealousy made me further negative and I regret the fact that I used to plot evil schemes against him. But all my schemes failed against him. I was so bitter and upset by the fact that nobody liked me and everyone liked him.

      Slowly, my grades were getting better and my looks were improving. He tried his best to turn me positive and he succeeded. The love he has given me changed who I was. I fell in love with him. The boy who I hated the most is now the boy who I love the most. The sanskaar he has given me is brilliant. He taught me how to fight my enemies and defeat them. For me love isn’t about compassion and sensations, it gives me hope and strength. It unites me with him. The way how he came into my life and changed everything showed that this love was gift from God and I will do everything to protect Adam the way he has always protected me.

      My life is a movie? 10 years ago, all of these vamps and villains entered my life to make me suffer and ruin my life. I did suffer for 6 years but I always had a feeling that there was someone that was supporting me. Adam used to come into my dreams when I was 12 before I met him. I predicted that I would meet him at 14 and I was right. I waited patiently for him to enter my life for 2 years and then my love story began from there. The Big 4 villains in my life are defeated by me and me and Adam are finally happy in our lives. I just wish me and him unite.

      I hope my own daughter never faces such horrors in her life. I want to protect her so that evil never hurts her. I hope a man like Adam enters her life and supports her like this.

  25. Riana

    But how many sita will appear in Saathiya…first Baby sita n then this sita…i think the director n writers are not able to find any new name…

  26. Episode was good and Saba ji we didn’t forget u we remember u very well shaikab I agree with u isaaq ur story is just simply awesome stay happy may God fulfill ur dreams Akshay and Sid Bhai thanks for d updates

    1. Isaaq

      Thank you! My story is good definitely. My life is really active I admit? I’ve never rested because there would always be a challenge in my life. Yes I’ve settled down and I enjoy my life right now. But Adam is the only thing missing from my life now. And so I’m still fighting a battle to win this love.

      When we are together, my only worry will be my children. I’ve lived my youth so far and now my story is almost over now. Now my children’s story will start once me and Adam are united.

      I wonder what problems and trials my children face and what kind of love story they have, that’ll be my worry after my story and battle is over. My story will continue through my children hopefully and life will be active throughout my whole life?

    2. Hi mahi,how are u?I’m happy to see u again after long time.were are u this time?how is your family and every think? I miss some sunshines I think every one is busy this days.

  27. Boss(Siddarth)

    Akshay we r going to get double entertainment one from SNS and other from John’s family . Btw wer is Motilal dadaji and Mohini dadi ??.

  28. Debasmita Sinha

    Last year this time I remember there was duplicate kokila track. Friends do you remember!

  29. Isaaq

    Guys one thing that has bothered me about SNS. Gopi hasn’t spent much time at the Modi mansion. She’s only been there for 9 years. She didn’t even raise Meera because she was absent most of her life. Gopi has never experienced a normal life. She never got to live her life with her husband and children. Imagine how beautiful SNS would of been if Gopi never separated from her family so many times? That’s the only sad thing about Gopi that she has never had a normal life. Gopi is unique in that way. There is no drama heroine that I’ve seen that has suffered so much like Gopi has.

    Gopi reminds me of myself. I too never had a proper childhood because of evil in my life. The way I want to have a normal life with my husband, I just want Gopi to at least live her life properly. The way she hasn’t even been with her daughter hardly, shows that her life is already ruined

  30. Motilal Johns Dad

    Bacho kal maine comment kiya tha lekin post nahi hua . Aaj mein tum sabko mere beta Premlal aka John ke baare me kehna chahata ho Reality is john is not uneducated or servant actually i am the owner of Motilal and Sons Co we are affulent and wealthy family john is graduated frm top college but he was a spoiled brat frm college days he is knpwn for teasing girls and for his rowdism in college and whole city still we never scolded him for this things . he married a girl and after having children he ws trying to give divorce this time me and johns mom mohini ws very angry and we put him out of our house and i made him as a servant in one house 15 years ago to correct him but still he is the same going behind girls and threatning others . So i cme again to correct him wl u all help me in that

  31. hey fool john wr r u grand father yes i am also middle aged 43 years old but i wl never love you or marry u i am still single but i wl never consider you as my husband got it budda.

  32. Mohini Johns Mom

    beta Premlal aka john kaha ho tum chalo hum ghar chalte tum apne buri adat chodke apne biwi bacho ke saath raho beta.

  33. Chithu how are u? Sorry also in here this days is very cold like -4,-3 and I long time didn’t comment and I promess I help to 100 comments OK? In ester holidays I want go to Brazil because there is hot now. Have I nice day and I love u all.

    1. Chithu

      Oh take care Saba di. We all love u too.

  34. Isaaq

    Omg my friends going London and she teased me that she was going to meet Adam. I told her to stay away from Adam. She keeps teasing me that I’m getting jealous?

    1. Chithu

      U join them and see ur Adam.

      1. Isaaq

        I wish I could but I’m at university every single day. I study every day as Law is really hard.

      2. Chithu

        Take a day off and go. In that way u can surprise him and confess ur love to him. Seriously I think u should go

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