Raglak ff : Tere liye (Part 1) by Aahana


Hi everyone. Thanks for the response. I am very happy. I got more than 50 comments for intro and promo crossed that too. I got more than 60 comments. Thankyou everyone for loving it and encouraging me by giving such wonderful suggestions and comments. Today i am giving the first update and hope u all respond to it same like before. Hope everyone likes this new ff on raglak and i am always ready to take suggestions. Now i will stop my talks and give you the part.

Laksh’s House

AP, DP and Janvi are in Mumbai along with Laksh as Janvi has holidays. The four are in the puja mandir and AP is singing bhajan. After the puja all 4 are in the dining hall. Malati arranges everything and goes back to kitchen.
AP : Laksh i want to speak to u and our Laksh understands that she wants to speak about his marriage and now she will start her speech
Laksh : no maa not again please
AP : Laksh, i will not listen to u. How many days u don’t want to marry say me. You are 25 now. Sujatha called me and told that two good matches had come to u. So u see them both

Laksh : maa please. It is not same game. By seeing them once how can i decide if she is my soulmate or not. Maa i want the girl who will respect my job like me. She should support me. She should be as my strength but not my weakness. The girls you and chachi will select will surely be cowards who will fear for everything.
DP and Janvi are enjoying this fight as it is common to them. It is happening regularly from past one month (since their stay in Mumbai)

Janvi : ha ma what bhai said is right.
AP : u shut up and have your breakfast. Supporting your bhai. I want my DIL. And we are selecting the girls after finding out if she is correct to our family.
Janvi : ha ma the last match u got she was scared of police and want to marry bhai
AP is toung tied now. As Laksh too got a chance he says ma last week u got a match right. I met her for your sake and she told that she loves privacy and will never stay with family. She hates joint family
DP : see AP u people are not finding perfect girl for my son and u are blaming him. This is too bad. First u people search a good girl, test her and then ask Laksh. AP just nods.
Laksh and Janvi are controlling their laugh seeing her face which has totally confused expressions.

DP ; AP go and get green tea na. She agrees and goes. The trio burst out laughing
Laksh : thanks papa and janu. You saved me today
DP : laksh but our wish is to get u married. We want u to be settled.
Janvi :ha bhai i too want bhabhi. But don’t marry those girls who our mothers select
Laksh : papa and janu I promise u that if i find a girl, i will say to family only first and papa now i am busy with my job. I want to concentrate on my career.
AP comes at that time only and says we agree beta but think about also and she was about to start her speech again but stops listening few voices.
Laksh’s whole gang has come there. They all takes blessings from AP and DP. AP is about to start and Laksh says not now maa. We need to leave and goes to get ready.
Santosh : what happened ma. He is in hurry. (he calls AP ma and DP papa)
AP : what to say beta. He again said no to marriage.
Santosh : ma we will try to convince him. U don’t take tension
DP : u speak with him later but now sat when u will get married
Santosh ; papa once Laksh gets married then i will too
Malati comes and gives coffee to everyone. All had their coffee and Laksh too comes. They all wishes AP and DP and goes to their office. It doesn’t look like Police Station. It is an apartment flat and no one can doubt about them.
The chief handles them a new case related to the terrorists and it is very important and risky too. They all starts discussing and prepares the plan and distributes works.
Aadarsh : Laksh i think its better to send ma, papa and janvi to pune ( family stays in pune)

Laksh : ha aadarsh i am also thinking about it. It is risky. I will send them tomorrow only.
They discusses for some more time and all disperses. Laksh is driving his car and he stops the car as it is red signal. He then sees a girl who is running on the main road. She is wearing a white colour anarkali suit and her hair is left open. He doesn’t understands why she is running and then sees her sitting down and taking something into her hands. Its a puppy which is injured. She takes the puppy with her and talks with it as if consoling it. He smiles seeing her innocent and childish face. Her face reflecting her pure heart.

He gets mesmerised seeing her and thinks to meet her. He was about to get down but just then the signal turns green and he needs to start his car as there were few vehicles back of his car. He parks the car at the parking area nearby and gets down, but doesn’t see her. He sees here and there but doesn’t find her. He thinks he missed her and becomes sad.

He decides to go home and starts his car. While driving he remembers her cute face, her expressions, her nose, her childish behaviour while speaking to puppy. He is lost in her and about to do an accident but stops on the time. He comes to reality and scolds himself thinking about his strange behaviour. He reaches home and goes inside. No one are at home. (DP, AP and Janvi went for sight seeing and malati went to her house after completing her work). He is alone at home. he sees lunch on the dining table but don’t want to have it. He goes to his room and changes into casuals
He sits on sofa and starts reading the file. But he got distracted as he remembers that girls face. He thinks can anyone be that much beautiful. Then again he hits himself on head (just a little. I guess u all understood what i mean) and says yar whats happening to me. I should concentrate. God help me and again starts reading file. For the time being he forgets about the girl

Its around evening 5 and he goes dowm. He saw AP and DP having tea.
Laksh : when did u come back papa
DP : laksh u were at home. we thought u didn’t come and having or tea. And we came at around 4
AP : laksh did u had your lunch. Laksh nods no and he knows that she will again starts her speech
Laksh ; maa woh i was busy and i forgot. Sorry mama. I will never repeat.
AP : laksh u say that everytime when u skip lunch and will repeat it again. If you get married then your will see about your health and everything. We will not stay here but she will be and she goes on

Here by listening to marriage talks laksh again remembers the girl he saw on the road. He gets a call and comes out of his thoughts. He attends it and it was travel agent whom he asked to book tickets. He cuts the call and comes near the two, at that time janvi also comes
Laksh : papa u 3 are going to pune tmr. I arranged the tickets. U all are going for mrng flight. By seeing his face DP understands that something is serious
DP : laksh is everything ok beta
Laksh : haa papa, actually we are handling a new case and it is highly confidential and bit risky. So i want u all to go.

DP agrees. They goes to their rooms to pack their bags
Laksh doesn’t get sleep and thinks to go to terrace. He goes. He sees the moon and again remembers the girl and the only word he whispers is angel. She is truly an angel in that white address. He understands that he is attracted to her. He thinks to findout about her after the case. He fixes her name as angel and smiles
He goes and sleeps dreaming about his angel

Next day morning
All 4 had their breakfast and left to airport. He hugs them and bids them bye. He is about to turn but stops seeing something.
The episode ends on Laksh’s face

Precap : why he is surprised and Aadarsh-swetha wedding anniversary

Hope everyone liked the part. You all no need to think more as the girl is ragini only. How is my first part. Hope it is upto your expectations. Please suggest me if i need to do some changes. Hope everyone are ok with the storyline and i will give u the next part on Saturday. Please comment and raglak meeting will be after two more parts i guess.
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