You and me : thahaan part 22

Bihaan : not again!! Plz….
Bihaan was horrified , a white pallor dispersing on his already fair visage , he cud sense his body going numb.
Bihaan somehow gathered courage to speak smthng ,
Bihaan : m….ma !!!
Maria : sir , idk what happened to her she suddenly started doing all this ,sir m….m feeling spooky i cnt handle this anymore……m sry !! Pardon me , m forced to take ur leave….u may deal with ur mother….m leaving….
Maria hastened out of caliginous and cluttured room….
Bihaan (howling) : marz!! Wait……u cnt go like that i mean…..come on man atleast be professional marz…..!!
Damn it…..
Bihaan composed himself and straightened his clothes a bit and proceeded towards terror arousing vasu….
Bihaan swallowed down his saliva to moisten his dry throat.
Bihaan : ma……..
Vasu : are bihaan mere bache tu aa gya…..subah se tere baug tera intzar kr rhe the…..aja hm milkr khana khaege….chal bihaan….
( oh ! Bihaan u came ur father was wtng for u since mrng come lets have dinner together )
Bihaan placed his hands on vasu’s forearms burrying his trimmed nails in her loosened flesh signifying her aging….. he sighed before begining,
Bihaan : maaaaa…. listen to me…
He was stopped in btwn as vasu started ,
Vasu : hey bihaan , whats wrong with u y r u addressing me as ur ma m ur baug !! Not vasundhra g….
Bihaan : ma go and get into ur outfit y the hell r u wearing baug’s clothes….
And this room its so grotty u again disarranged it…..not fair ma !!
Vasu : Bihaan  what happened to u did u forget me m ur father cnt u see diff in ur mother & father

Bihaan (screaming harshly ): maaa !! Stop this….just stop this shit rt now….
Vasu was now provoked , bihaan ‘s screeching raised anger in her and she started inhaling deeply and rapidly….
First she gave a death glare to him and the next moment she throwed her entire weight on bihaan ‘s muscular stature grabbing his starched collars , bihaan struggled to free himself without hurting her delicate mother ,
Vasu roared at him , making her grip more tight on his neck digging her long nails in his milky flesh and blood began its journey under the skin and appeared on his neck near his adam’s apple ,
Vasu : m urrrrr baugggggg y  dnt u understand that u airheaded man!!….m not ur fu*king mother m ur baug ur ….ur damned father……

She slapped bihaan and pushed him strongly resulting bihaan’s landing on hard wooden floor , she vent out her frustation on all orher breathless things in room throwing her clothes , aacessories , frames etc here and there and bihaan adhered to his spot analysing her actions like he always did….
Vasu ‘s whole fragile fig was covered with sweat and she started panting alarmingly , she held her hard skull  enclosing her brain ,squeezing it in her tender palms as a shooting pain arised and she started caterwauling, threatning bihaan tremendously…..
Vasu : m bauggggg !! M bauggggg !! M baugggggg !!! U r….out of ur mind….
She staggered with each word escaping her lips…
Bihaan rushed towards her mother to prevent her from falling , slowly darkness started embracing her and she lost her vision and fainted….while a droplet trickled down bihaan’s bearded cheeks.
Bihaan lifted his mother and placed her on soft bed , she went in a deep slmbr leaving a devastated bihaan craving for his mother’s love.

Bihaan  held her wrinkled hand gently and pecked it softly shedding his tears, this was when he saw a shadow emerging from the darkness standing before him and soon that shadow was followed by another fig , bihaan with his tiny eyes first observed them carefuly and after recognising them he sighed ,
Bihaan : ahh !! Doc. Uncle good u came…. mom experienced…ahhh, an..another attack…
Doc. : yeah , ik sahir briefed me on the way u may both leave us , i ‘ll examine…her..
Bihaan detached vasu’s lifeless palm from his and left the room slamming the door behind.
Bihaan : tysm , for showing benevolence towards my mother ‘s health but how u came to knw ?
Sahir : i followed u….i just wanted to assure myself that u come here bcz of ur ego i was unsure nd when i came i saw everything so just called him
Bihaan : oh, tysm u called doc here and followed me but plz dnt have any misconception that i will forgive u if u’ll do all these things coz uk how much i hate u….

And yes mr sahir kapoor as far as i m concerned u srsly dnt need to do anything for me u may leave now….
Sahir : bu..
Bihaan cuts him in btwn…
Bihaan : oh yes u want money right wait….
Bihaan gives him a blank cheque,
Bihaan : take as much money as u wish but rt now leave…nthr i care nor i give a damn to u just go…….
Sahir tightened his eyelids , prohibiting tears to run down…
Sahir : fine……
Bihaan and sahir turned their backs to each other……
Sahir paced quickly out of bunglow and before stepping out he stole a glance at a weeping bihaan but he dint turned around…
Sahir closed his eyes permitting his tears to flow and then rushed out….
Sahir muttered to himself….before getting into car…
Sahir : ik u do care….
Bihaan ‘s eyes too poured out their hrt and he whispered to himself…
Bihaan : i wish u knew that i care….
Bihaan was dragged out from his thoughts as he hrd door opening….
Bihaan : doc how ‘s she ?
Doc : after around 2 months the attack trigrd right ?
Bihaan : umm yes….is there anything to solicitude about ?
Doc : see mr bihaan pandey there ‘s alot to care about , i guess from last 2 weeks she hadnt eaten properly nd she is not following her medicines chart too…..if this continues then m sry….i cnt hlp
Bihaan : vo doc i wasnt staying here with her…so that ‘s y may b marz dint look after her…
Doc : marz…?

Bihaan : umm maria…she ‘s our biddy…but actually she ‘s not at fault she ‘s new here so is not aware regarding my mother ‘s attacks thing…so witnessing her  all of a sudden in this avatar she was caught up in hysteria….and she ran away….
Doc. : see mr bihaan u need to nurture her like an infant i hope m clear…uk prty well that she ‘s suffering from antisocial
personality disorder and u shud always b by her side coz whenever she expiriences attacks ur presence only brings solace to her soul…btw she needs someone who can look after her entire day like considering her as his / her own mother and obviously a srvnt wont do this for u…..
Bihaan : she abhors me like hell…uk that doc i cnt stay with her….
Doc : ik ik…hey btw u r a bachelor right ?
Bihaan nodded .
Doc . : y dnt u get married ? I mean a daughter in law wud definitely take care of her in a way  daughter does for her mother….
Bihaan widened his eyes gawking at doc awkwardly as if he ‘s a strange creature….
Bihaan : ahh !! I guess u…u shud leave doc its getting late….tysm for ur advice…..

After 5 mins ,
Bihaan entered vasu ‘s room , he simply stared vasu ‘s sleeping serene fig , then he sat beside her stroking her temple…..
Bihaan : i love u ma….
He kissed her forehead and was abt to leave when she woke up…
Vasu : bihaan….
Bihaan quickly faced her with his lips lifted up….
Bihaan : maaaa…..
Vasu struggled to get up and bihaan neared her trying to help her to get up but he was taken aback when vasu jerked away his touch……..
Vasu : dare u touch me…..? what brings u here ? In my room ? Nd where ‘s maria dnt tell me u murdered her too ?…..
She taunted bihaan earning his painfull gaze…
Bihaan : y u think so evil of me ?
Vasu : coz u r a sin…dnt u understnd that u r a slaughterar of ur father of ur br……brother……u killed ur brother my son m…my son my….kabir…
Bihaan : ma pl…
Vasu : zip up ur mouth !! j..just shut up dnt dare to say a word…
Bihaan : ohk i will i…i will first take ur medicines….u arnt well….plz….
Vasu : oh plz dnt pretend as if u love me alot or care….ik u dnt…..
Bihaan : ma then who will look after u marz also left….i  need to stay….
Vasu : i can tollerate everything anyone but not u….j..just leave…
Bihaan : even my wife if i get married….?
Vasu : yes i can…but n…not u
Vasu shrilled with outrage ,
Vasu : gooooooooo…….gooooooo awayyyyyyyyy goooooo….
Bihaan ran out of room without glancing back once…
Vasu ‘s wussy body landed on hard floor beneath her….she placed her head against floor as she cried out her hrt…… she recounted her and doc ‘s convo….

Vasu : doc. M alright completely i dint got any attack i followed my med schedule strictly nd today all i did was acting…..
Doc : what ? But y….ur son he’s so worrried …
Vasu : i need ur help plz take as much money u wnt just help me out dnt refuse plz….plz do me this favour…
Doc : fine, say what u want ?
Vasu : just go out and keelhaul him for being heedless regarding my helath and ik him he will give lame excuses first and then tell u that i execrate him etc etc…. all u need to do is suggest him to get married……..
Doc : y the hell u want him to get married and if u want u can strt away tell him to do so….
Vasu : i dnt want to talk to him regarding anything….i want him to get married and go away from here…
Doc : so he will go out like this too as a bachelor what’s the need to get married….?
Vasu : m a mother and i want him to b safe always ik him prty well that how much mindless he can b so i wnt a girl to b with him all the time and to look after him…so atleast i ‘ll b soothed…

Present time ,
Vasu : although, i hate u nd wud never  b able to forgive u……but m ur mother by god ‘s disgrace so its my responsibilty to think for ur wellbeing…..

Pn ,
Doctor’s words were echoing in bihaan’s ears….
Bihaan : i guess he ‘s right……i shud get married but to whom ?
Hrt : oh bhai , ye b koi sochne ki bat h thapki or kon….
(Oh bro , Is there nything to think about obvio thapki who else )
Brain : bu…
He was cut short this time by bihaan,
Bihaan : yes u r right i shud marry her…..but wait a min i cnt use her…but ma hates me….nd she needs love & care that thapki only can give…umm sry thapki m helpless….
Thapki : raman ? R u there ?
Bihaan panicked upon hearing her dovish voice as he wasnt in raman’s getup… evil smirk appeared on bihaan ‘s face as his brain produced a vile idea…
Thapki was abt to open the ajar door completely when bihaan stepped back and as she entered in he pulled her and pinned her to wall masking her mouth with his right hand and he placed his index finger on her lips gesturing her to stay quiet…..thapki lifted her right palm and unleashed her lips…she cud feel bihaan’s entire body pressing against hers….
Thapki (muttering) : what r u doing hhere ?
Bihaan shushed her and leaned forward bowing his head down closer to hers….while his index finger of left hand began  trailing upstream  on her right naked arm as she was carrying on an offshldr blouse…
Thapki’s breath hitched as bihaan moved his finger in a seducing way….
Bihaan : u r so btfl…
Thapki started inhaling heavily and bihaan simpered at her increased respiration and her audible hrtbeats…
Thapki closing her eyes tightly muttered ,
Thapki : w..what r u ddoing ? Stay aaway……
Bihaan made small curves on her nude shldr and thapki who was turned on moaned……
Thapki : ahhhhhhh!!!
Bihaan smirked.
Bihaan bited her earlobe , and then murmured ,
Bihaan : u srsly want me to go away ?
Thapki : ye….
B4 she cud complete her moans interupted as bihaan pecked her shldr….
Thapki cupped his face and gazed strt into his eyes….
Thapki : m ggetting married bbihaan….this iis wrong…
Bihaan : shhhh!! Ik u r….
Thapki : then….y…y r u doing this…?
Bihaan : shhhh!! Dnt spoil my mood thapki……
They were derailed from the present moment as piu showed up…
Piu : thapki bhabhi…. thapki bhabhi….

Thapki opened her eyes expeditiously
Bihaan (mind) : piu, y u always butt in  in my romance….i will beat u for this…stupid girl….
Thapki pushed bihaan freeing herself…
Bihaan gave her a ‘what the hell ‘ look…
Thapki held his forearm ,
Thapki : u…ggo if she’ll see u i…i will ddie……ddhruv will kill me…
Bihaan : he cnt coz i will do the same if he does….
Bihaan stated gazing in her deep eyes which were gazing back at him brimmed with emotions…..
Thapki smiled hearing his soothing words and then again switched to reality when piu called for her breaking their eyelock….
Thapki : bihaan u go…pplz for me….i..i cnt see u in ppain…u ggo….
Bihaan was startld at her words…
Bihaan : y ?
Thapki : i…idk….j..just go…
Piu was passing by sahaan’s and raj’s room when she was threw off  bcz of a sudden sobbing voice, she peeped in and present loacale floored her, she involuntarily walked towards sahir ‘s crying fig she placed herself beside him and kept her palm on his muscular shldrs….
Piu : sahir…..
She uttered his name pouring all her emotions in that one word…and sahir cudnt cntrl and encircled her….
Piu was taken aback by his move but a slight smile escaped her rosy lips and she dint acknowledged it , she reciprocated the hug as a new feeling sprouted in her….while sahir shedded his tears and piu caressed his back in order to console him….
Piu : m with u sahir…dnt wry…
Sahir on hearing her comfrting words tightened his grip and piu yelped which wasnt within earshot of sahir,
Sahir : y bhai hates me piu ?
Piu : who ?
Sahir : bih….
B4 he cud complete raj barged in….

Balcony ,
Bihaan again pulled thapki in his arms and thapki placed her small fists on his chest…..
He pinned her to wall again…
Thapki pouted arousing desires in bihaan…to kiss that pout
Bihaan : stop doing that thapki…..
Thapki obidiently followed his instructions…
Thapki : u sshud leave….
Bihaan : u srsly want me to leave u ?
Thapki blankly looked at him and then thinking deeply replied,
Thapki : yyes….iits for ur betterment…u shud go….

Sahaan’s room,
Raj turned around seeing them like that ,
Raj : oh m sry…..m…m sry i dint knew u both were….i shud leave….
Piu disentangled herself from sahir , and stood up….while sahir muttered to himself ,
Sahir : u shud leave….
Sahir too stood up and cud easily see piu ‘s face heating up with embarrasement and how hard she was flushing…..he dint knew the reason but he felt an unknown contentment seeing her blushing for him…..and he smiled….while raj fumed…
Piu excused herself & left as raj’s presence  flustered her…..
Raj : u reach downstairs i will bring thapki along with me…..
Thapki was drowned utterly in bihaan ‘s touch and his bottomless tiny eyes and they both were drawn out bcz of raj….
Raj : thaps….thaps…where r u ? Thaps..
Thapki gaped at bihaan panickingly hearing raj searching her….
Thapki : ppplz bihaan for my sake leave……pplz for me bihaan go….
She was abt to break out and finally bihaan arrested his case…
Bihaan : alright….m going….see u soon
He turned to leave and thapki turned towards door her whole attention was captivated by door when bihaan came back and pecked her left cheek thapki widened her eyes placing her palm on her white cheek looking at bihaan ‘s retreating fig.
Raj saw her and shaked her lighlty bringing her back to reality….
Raj : what ? R u deaf or hard of hearing m srchng u from past half an hour what r u doing in here ?
Thapki flashed her teeths….
Thapki : came to meet mmoon noth…nothing much…..
Raj : crazy u r come down we need to rehrs steps….
Thapki : yeah…
They reached downstairs where everyone already started their practice when something dawned on her that everyone started practicing everyone except raman & dhruv dhruv was out but where ‘s raman,
Thapki : where’s he ? Bihaan was with me uupstairs and raman isnt hhere downstairs…..that ‘s strange or m i thinking too much….
Her train of thoughts was brought to stop as raman ‘s voice magnetized her attention….
Raman : sry m late ik ,caught up with some work…..
Shradha : that’s fine…u may join us….
Raj snapped his fingers in front of thapki who was goggeling bihaan and bihaan was sensing her doubtfull gaze so tried to act accordingly.
Thapki : yep u were saying something ?
Raj : no i dint where r u lost man ?
Thapki : nothing just sstressed out..
Raj : we shud begin….
Thapki : yeah !!
Raj claimed her waist and made thapki place her hands on his shldrs
Thapki was swaying with beats but her hrt was recalling moments spent with bihaan….and same case was with bihaan….
Bihaan was burning in fury seeing thapki and raj together….
Bihaan (mind) : raj y u wanna steal my girl….stop touching her with ur shitty hands man..she’s my going to b wife now….do something bihaan

After 4 hrs,
Bihaan : hey ppl !! Dekho g 4:00 ( am)  vj gae na te mai soch re aa si hun bhot ho gai practice pructice kyu na asi kuch khelie….kyu g…
( see , its 4 : 00 am so i was wondering now we all have practiced alot lets play a game )
Piu : quite right….m….mai khelugi ( i’ll play)
Shradha : me too…
Sheena : i agree….
Kosi : m to going to sleep m drained out….
Thapki : me too m fed up of these rhrsls….
Bihaan : nag na tusi te dulhan ho g tvada rhna te bnda h ( no no u cnt go u r bride u need to stay )
Thapki : but….
Sahir : stay na thapki….plz
Thapki : fine….
Raj : but we nee….
Bihaan : need to play…..
He gave a shut up look to raj.
Raj : fine i will too play….
Piu : what ‘s the game about ?
Bihaan : oh yes, ohk we r gonna play antakshri & boys will b teamed up together and vice versa….ohk , now first of all u all get seated…..
They sit opp to eachother on matted marbel floor girls one side and boys opp to them….

Girls team :   Thapki , Shradha & piu.

Boys team :   Bihaan ,sahir & raj.

Judge & helper :   sheena

Bihaan : ohk , now let me explain the game sheena will assign letters to each team respectively , the letter from which song will begin and each team will have 60 secs to think the song otherwise the alphabet will b passed on to other team and only one member from each team will vocalise the song and if there will b any male lyrics then one of us will pair with xyz girl of ur team…also u need to dance on the song u r chanting nd if any team is loosing in that case they can take help from sheena but each team will b having 2 chances only for each song we will get 2 marks nd for not singing 1 mark will b deducted & each performance will b for 1 min and sheena will select the bst cpl out of us all….

Thapki : can i switch mine place with sheena i cnt ssing….
Raman : nope miss chaturvedi….

The game begins ,
Sheena chooses boys team for singing first song and the alphabet she gave them was ‘ J ‘

30 secs passed nd boys dint came up with any song but at the last moment when they were left with 15 secs sahir started singing , he stood up as he sang….and danced simultaneously, he kneeled down beside thapki as he sang the very first line of his song questioning her by raising his eyebrows,

Sahir : jaane kyu log pyaar krte h ,
Jaane kyu vo kisi pe mrte hai ,
Jane kyu log pyar krte h ,
Jane kyu vo kisi pr mrte h ,

He moved towards shradha grabbing her hand pulling her on him and dancing with lyrics ,

Sahir : jaane kyun jaane kyun ×2

He swiveled shradha around the room and then gripped her waist and placed her hand on his shldr and
Then swayed towards left then back and finally to the right,
He turned her around placing his chin in thr crook of her neck and cupping her stomach and enacted as if he ‘s whispering in her ears ,

Pyaar me sochie to bas gam h ,
Pyaar mein jo sitam ho vo km h ,
Pyaar me sr jhukana pdta h ,
Drd me b muskurana pdta h

He spinned shradha and then freed her index finger and she kept twirling finally coming to rest and looked on ,
Sahir then went towards his team and knealt down beside bihaan & sung further gazing at him ,

Zeher kyu zindgi me bhrte h ,
Jaane kyun log pyar krte h ,
Jaane kyun jaane kyun
jaane kyun jaane kyun jaane kyun,

Piu stood up and beguiled sahir into looking at her as she started reciting female lyrics in a placid voice , she neared sahir and grappled his shldrs as she sung first line of her part ,
Piu   :  pyaar bin jeene me rkha kya h ,
Pyar jisko nhi vo tanha h ,
Pyar bin jeene me rkha kya h ,
Pyar jisko nhi vo tanha h ,
Pyar sau rang leke ata h ,
Pyar hi zindgi sajata h ,

She pushed sahir slightly and placed her hands on either side of her waist and then she held his collars pulling him and continuing the lyrics ,

Piu : Log chup chup k pyar krte h
Jane kyu saf khte dhrte h
Jane kyu jane kyu jane kyu
Jane kyu jane kyu jane kyu….

Suddenly piu lost her balance and sahir held her firmly in his grip to prevent her from meeting the hard ground beneath her she opened her eyes to meet his deep ones and they stood their like this lost in each other after what seemed as an eternity to them raj poked his nose in b/w , nettling them. realising everyone ‘s presence in there saiu composed theire posture while everyone gave them a round of applaud.
The game continued shradha and piu were falling weak in front of boys and thapki only told them songs but her participation was nil and this somewhat narked them but they knew vry well that y is she behaving like that coz she was afraid , afraid that she will b mocked bcz of her stuttering…..
Bihaan knew that too that y is she isnt singing but he needed to do something bcz thapki needs to be stout he cnt see her crying always getting easily conquered after all now she’s his resp. His going to b wife mrs thapki bihaan pandey….

Sheena : ohk , girls pull up ur socks now its the last letter and current score is 16 (b) and 14(g)  and if u manage 2 marks then it wud b a draw otherwise u will loose…..

Bihaan : areee they will definitely loose bcz they r 2 in no. nd we r 3. Ek to hoke b ni h na g.
Thapki throws daggers at him through her glare…
Bihaan : areee she cnt sing at all , she ‘s useless without stammering she cnt even speak her name then how will she sing ???
Raj , sheena & piu broke into laughter while tears began to flow blurring her vision.
Sahir was irked with piu ‘s behaviour and glared her furously.
Bihaan witnessing her tears felt as if someone just jabbed him strt into home of thapki , his hrt but this was very much needed to build her strong.

Bihaan was determined to make her sing .

Sheena : ohk so the last letter is ‘ h ‘ur time starts now….
3o secs faded and shradha and piu were clueless….
Thapki knew a punjabi song and told them but they both dint knew lyrics and asked her to sing but  her shyness and  inferiority complex she was feeling overshadowed her confidence…..

Bihaan : aree piu y r u wasting ur time on her she cnt sing….miss chuk chuk gadi she is, lol ???? we will win nd u will loose……chi chi chi…(he made a sarcastic sound to tease thapki)
Uk she ‘s such a slack , useless she is she can only put shame to her family , u all , herself and….bihaan…( nobody hrd bihaan except thapki bcz bihaan spoke in an unaudible manner but thapki can hear bihaan’s name at lowest pitch of sound to )
This was bihaan’s last move bcz he very well knew his thapki wont let him fail…
Thapki ‘s eyes now blazed with anger and she glared him….
Thapki (mind) : noway thapki this cnt hhappen u cnt let bihaan fffail u nneed to sing girl u need to…..what this man ttthinks that i will let my bihaan loose never never even in mmy nightmare……i wont put his rrespect at stake….i will sing…
Bihaan (mind) : ik u wont let me down….
Sheena commenced with countdown while thapki shut her eyes and bihaan started loosing hope…..and so did piu and shradha….

Sheena :

Bihaan was feeling shattered that thapki accepted her defeat so easily but this wasnt hers or his defeat it was their defeat….he sighed as  tears rolled down his bearded cheek….
Bihaan stood up to leave the arena…
Hrt : hey bihaan , she will sing ik….dnt go…


Thapki : hawa vich udd di firan main haaniyan
Mainu pyaar udounda tera (×2)

Bihaan was stopped abruptly by her soothing voice and he whirled to face thapki with his gleeming eyes and his lips curved up flaunting his dimples….
Thapki stood and went near . him eyeing him…..
she twirled around as she sang without stammering….

Bihaan : Ho saddeya paraan te uddi fir balliye
Ho saddeya paraan te uddi fir balliye,
Chhadi hath na hathan de vichon mera….

Thapki flashed her teeths as a wide smile appeared on her face reaching her eyes…..
Bihaan held her waist and lifted her up and spinned , while she chuckled….

Thapki : hawa vich udd di firan main haaniyan ,
Mainu pyar udounda tera (×2)

Bihaan kept her down and she ran away from him while he followed her she hid behind piu digging her nails into her shldr while bihaan chased her and she moved right left so did bihaan and piu to moved with them as thapki was using her as a sheild. She then again ran away but this time bihaan caught her hugging her from back , he lifted her from back placing his forearms on her stomach….

Bihaan : milne layi akhan tenu paundian sifarishan ,
Arziyan dil paunda rhnda ae
Lagdi ni akh tethon reh ke hun vakh ,
Dil uth uth babb ju vi kehnda ae ,
Aunde jaande ni khyal tere
Thand paunde ne (×2)

Thapki swirled around him and then hugged him from back and tickled him on his armpits and again ran giggeling while bihaan was drugged with this smile of hers…..
He held her hand and pecked it gently and then seductively trailed his index finger on her face and stopped at her lips and then massaged them using his thumb while thapki felt weak in her knees but still managed herself.

Bihaan : enna feeling’an vich lange din mera….
Hawa vich udd di , haaye….
Hawa vich udd di ho…
Hawa vich udd di firen tu sonhiye
Ni tenu pyar udounda mera (×2)

Bihaan sat on his knees spreading his arms while thapki romantically stared him….

Bihaan : ho apan cheti cheti ho judiye
Ni aapan cheti cheti ho judiye
Ho jatt ne viyon tenu ni (×2) Chocolate ji sweet kudiye,

Thapki too knealt down and hugged him and bihaan inhaled in her aroma caressing her hair….

Thapki : puri razamandi meri aa
Puri razamandi meri aaa
Tu dnt wry kar sohneya
Ve miss thapki teri aa
Ve miss thapki teri aa….
Waiting ‘an ch kat dite
Kinne din ranjha ve
Khole bhag ajj taqdeer ne
Goli aala batta tere naal beth peena chah saare hi pugone teri heer ne…

Thahaan stood up holding each other ‘s hand and bihaan gripped her waist while thapki placed her both hands on his shldrs gently and they swayed covering whole length of hall….

Thapki : jaande kam utte
sajna nu ta – ta kehen lai (×2)
Ve main bhaj bhaj fadna banera…
Hwaa vich udd di , udd di
Hawa vich udd di , haye…
Hawa vich udd di firan mai haaniyan mainu pyar udounda tera…..

Bihaan lifted thapki in his arms and swirled and kept her down and they both were lost in each other ‘s eyes unconscious of their surroundings finding oneself in other’s eyes….
Thapki (mind) : y do i feel uuu r bbihaan ?

Sahir was delighted to see thapki sing without stammering and dancing with her better half while raj and sheena were least intrstd and piu and shradha were astounded like hell…..

Dhruv (howling ) : thapkiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii………

Saiu ‘s song….☝

Thahaan’s song ☝ ( one of my all times fav whenever i listen this song i imagine my thahaan in this song also i replaced twinkle’s name with thapki )

Ik m quite late but what to do half term exams r around the corner so not getting time…..
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