A beautiful tale of love – EPI 15

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hi guys thnk u for cmnt
happy 70th Anivesary PAKISTAN
many more to come thank u QAUID and IQBAL for giving us this beautiful homeland and happy independence day all indains in advance
guys its a treat for independence day

next morning
twi woke up nd get shocked whole room is decorated with ballons and flowers at the side table of bed a boquet of her fav flowers ofcrs red roses is present she pick it and smell it has a card also she read the card

Good norning jaan from now mission twi manao start or plz don’t smile and blush that much hard i can’t control myself now u are thinking how i know sacha piyaar krta hon sb pata ha ok now get up and get ready in cupboard there is dress for u LOVE U SOOOOO MUCH jaan

twi smiling endlessly she get up and open her cupboard she pick the dress and goes to washroom after some time she come out wearing a floor length floral maxi sleevless only have thin strips she tie her hairs in a braid and left some strands playing with air apply lipgloss and white color stripped sandal she come down kunj get memrized after seeing her twi come to kunj and whisperd

t: mr.sarna don’t adore that much ur wife will feel bad us ko laga ga ka ap na us ko dhoka dia
k: it’s ok u are more beautiful then my wife
t: btw u are not less mr.sarna nd kiss his cheek
k: now come ur break fast is ready
t: ok

both goes to dining table twi see the dishes all her fav twi smile and say

t: mr.sarna did u cook all this??
k: yes i am a good chef
t: 1st i will taste and than tell u

she eat and make a weird face kunj do his killer eyebrow look tw say

t: how can u do that?
k: wht happened is bf is not good and got scared
t: when i say that food is not good its bestest
k: means u are pulling my legs
t: ofcrs btw did u eat ur bf
k: ummm… yes
t: lair don’t lie just sit and eat
k: yar i am not a lair
t: u are now sit and eat its my order
k: ok your order my command

they both eat silently admiring each other silently they finish their bf

t: twi stood and say btw where is everyone
k: they all went to mandir
t: ok bye she start to leave

kunj pull er by helding her hand that she land on kunj lap both share an eyelock kunj put her hair which coming on her face behinde the ear and come closer twi close her eyes kunj come closer and his lips touch twi ear she shiver

k: u dirty minded
twi come to sense and make ”O” face and hit his chest
k: wanted to kill me??? ???
t: one day i will kill u for sure
k: no need i die everyday bcuz my life my love is not with me ??
tears rolled down from his eyes twi wipe his tears and say
t: soon your love with u but u have to do hard work and tickle him
k: twii..?? plz…hahaha….?? don’t do….. this hahahaha…. plzz ??
t: ok but now u will not cry u cry baby
k: i am not cry baby
t: u are and run

kunj run behinde him both are running in whole house soon kunj caught twi but both have an eyelock but broken by a voice hey wait its a cry both twinj get up and say

twinj: salena is crying
and look at eachother
t: i am going

twi goes to salena room kunj come behind her he saw twi playing with salena he get lost in beauty of her wife and daughter twi saw him and smile she gesture kunj to come inside he goes to inside both twinj start playing with salena

screen freeze on beautiful family

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    Happy independence day to u & thanks dear wishing us in advance ????

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    Amazing one

  10. Baby

    loved it alott nisa ♥
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    too cute ♥
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