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Hi guys thanks for everyone for ur comments.So, here is next part enjoy

After sharing sisters moments
gu:tell me di y shivaay bhaiya told only u .
an -i don’t like surprises na that’s y he told only me.but he dont know that i like surprises which was given by him.
gu-ok. then when u r going to confess ur feelings about bhaiyaa
an-y should I have to confess first.
bh-haa.. then
an- let him to confess first.
on the boys side

om& rudra getting ready for college shivaay is geting ready for office
suddenly om thought something & ask shivaay
om-shivaay is annika know that u arrived
sh-ya , I already said to her yesterday only.
om-Haa … shivaay u started informing before marriage only.
ru-O bhaiyaa becoming paraya dhan .
sh/om-shut up rudra
sh-guys u know that I can’t even spent a day without talking annika.
ru-u know bhiyaa O also beheving like u only
sh-really om surprise . ok tell me who is that girl.
ru-bhaiyya anika di is calling u in a right way.
sh-what r u saying rudra
om-nothing shivaay leave his talks
ru-no bhiyaa plse listen to me.

sh-leave it rudra.when he wants to share with us .that time he will definetly share
om-not like that shivaay.there nothing to hide we r just friends only.
ok tell me when u r going to confess ur feelings to annika.
sh-I waiting for right time.but I also getting afraid
om-afraid y
sh-if she says no to me then
om-there is no chance to say no shivaay.because I know both of u people definatly she will say yes.
sh-I also hope for the best.
ru-then confess bhaiyaa

sh-definatly I will confess on right time.
ru-here u r waiting for right time. but before u confess if some one come middle & propose di means.
sh-no… it will never happend like that.before that only I will tell her about my feelings.
then u have to confess today only a voice came from room door.
all turned to that side to see. at the entrance a man is shown
sh/om/ru-bade papa/papa(guys in ff tej is very sweet so om call him papa)
tej-yes, shivaay u have to confess annika today only.
sh-but how bade papa
tej-today malhotras is comming for dinner & we call that a small party btw our two families.
and don’t think too much that our family will have any problem.

tej- means our family don’t have any problem.by talking truth our family wants to talk to malhotra family about your alliance with annika.
sh-bade papa it means all are like myjodi with annika .
tej-yes, we will talk with malhotra familly & u have to convince annika.
sh-sure,if i have ur support means definatly i will do it.
tej-and one more thing I don’t have any problem if another one also want alliance from malhotra family.
he said seeing om
om(thinking)-Sure papa,I will for that I have to know about guari feelings.
tej-jahnavi also don’t have any problem.& I don’t about shakthi& pinky.
we also don’t have any problem
all turn to see who are those
sh/om/ru/tej-shakthi/pinky/mom/dad/choti maa /choti papa(here pinky is very soft)
shakthi-s pinky-p
s/p-yes we also don’t have any problem if those three girls will become our bahus
sh-so tonight our beta will going to confess to annika.

precap-same p

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