Thahaan-a new start (episode-18)

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Hello everyone hope all r fine n doing well.n got few less comments in the last part.plzz dearies try to comment ur views as it encourages me to write the next part.plzz silent viewers give ur well wishes n blessing to me so I can entertain u all..

Jigyasa wakes up n sees manish his hands were still on her belly not gripped tightly.she smiles seeing him

Jigyasa:how cute u look while sleeping.she slowly turns herself to him to see him more closely n carefully.she touches his cheeks.(ranjha naa plays)..she smiles..he was deep in sleep.she felt disturbing him won’t be right so she took off his hand from her n kept it safe on him.she goes to the bathroom n gets freshed..she stands near the mirror drying her wet hairs with a towel..she was busy drying her hairs n totally forgot that his handsome prince is still in his dreams..she moved her hair from one side to another n again started with her drying.drops from her hairs were falling constantly on Manish as she was near to the bed.he gets irritated.he opened his eyes n looked at her while yawning..

n as he saw her he was mesmerized by her beauty.his yawning mouth was not wide open for a minute n he slowly closed it ..looking at her constantly admiring her.she was busy getting ready.she again moved her hairs with a jerk n the droplets fell on his face,he smiles this time.he touched a drop lying on his cheek n kissed it.she took all her hair front n moved her hands to tie her Dori..he saw her for a great time trying to put the knot but not happening by her..she was getting irritated n he was enjoying it.he stood up from the bed n saw her lovingly,he moved towards her stepping ahead slowly.she was busy with her knot n did not notice him.he was now a step away from her.he saw the space between them

Manish(in mind):I don’t want to keep this distance between us.he step close to her.he slowly moved his hands n touched her hands.she felt it n looked at the mirror.she sees him.he sees her n slowly removes her hands away.his hands touched her neck which gave a shiver down her spine..he sees her Dori n slowly tied them (jeena jeena Kaise jeena song plays)he touches her bare back.n she closed her eyes feeling his hands.he moved his hands all through from her shoulder to her knuckles slowly.she was nervous.he intervenes his fingers in her n she tightens then unknowingly..which gave manish clues that even she loves him n wants him this close to her..she was nervous she wanted to think about her feeling for him but his closeness was effecting her she was not able to answer herself,her heart.

all she was doing was getting lost in his love,in his love making,..he was enjoying the smell of her hairs moving her nose in her hairs n she feeling it with her closed eyes..manish loosens his hands n moves it to her belly.he holds her belly in a posture of hugging.he sees her in mirror her eyes were closed n he closes his eyes tooo.(the song was playing all through the scene)..he slowly moves back n takes the jhumka’s from the dressing table n touches her ears..she moves her face slightly as he touched her he smiles n makes her wear both the earrings one by one..she sees him.he takes the sindoor box n fills her mang.he makes her wear the mangalsutra n she smiles at him.her smiles made him more uncontrollable n he held her from shoulder he slowly fills the gap between them coming close to her,she closed her eyes tightly n breathes.he was coming closer both could feel each other’s warm breathings..he was close to capture her lips when he gets a call n gets seperated fastly hearing it..jigyasa sees here n there.manish goes to pick the call.he sees it was inspectors.he sees her.she sees him n runs out of the room.manish makes a sad face n attends the call..

Jigyasa was walking through the stairs n remembers the moments with manish she gets an unknown smiles.misha sees her coming down n lost in her thoughts.she was about to slip n misha holds her.jogyasa comes in reality.
Misha:ohh Bhabi watch ur step.jigyasa composes herself..
Misha:what happen Bhabi ur lost n smiling.what did my bhai told haan?.jigyasa smiles
Jigyasa:nothing I jus…just..she had nothing to say.dadi calls her
Jigyasa:dadi is calling might be she needs anything I will go.haan she runs n misha smiles wider..

Misha:such a cute couple God bless u both..she smiles.
At the police station
Manish meets inspector n after seeing viren is safe.they both leave from there

At a printing centre
Manish n the inspector reaches there.
Inspector:did u finished my work
A man:yes sir plzz proceed to the waiting room I will bring ur things there.they nods n goes to the waiting room..the man brings a bundle of posters.manish n inspector sees them.they had a long discussing over it.

Manish:so it is decided that we will go with my plan I know it’s risky but at the same time I have a 100% guarantee..
Inspector:but it’s risky for ur life n as well as ur family too..who knows instead of coming to the police station they go to ur house n threaten ur family.
Manish:my family will not be in risk until I’m alive don’t worry about there security..I just want u to hire some officers around my house n with my family members for the security..
Inspector:sure sir it will happen..manish smiles.
Manish:ok so let’s get started our first step..he takes a paper and writes a big article on it.headlines–“Great business man “mr manish goplani’s” wife jigyasa goplani was kidnapped”.he wrote the matter n gives it to the man

Manish:it should be published in all the news papers tomorrow.
Man:sir it will be done..he nods n goes with the inspector he gives the work of pasting the posters all over to the constables n they did it.he goes to viren.
Manish:hi viren.viren shows a thumps up.
Manish:beta I’m sorry but I had no other way they r very clever they would definitely get a way out if we directly go to arrest them so we made this plan.he says his plan to him n he smiles wider.he gestures perfect.

Manish:but don’t tell it to any one promise .he promises him
Manish:viren ur not safe here I want u to come along me to my house ok.
He gestures yes
Manish takes him along.

At goplani’s mension.
Vasu n family comes their n jigyasa sees them she gets happy
Jigyasa:Dima,dadu,chachu..she shouts..
Dadi neha misha n abhi sees them.she runs to them n hugs them..
Jigyasa:Dima how r u,dadu are u taking ur medicines on time na.they smile
Dadi:arre beta first let them sit n take a breath then u start with ur interview..jigyasa smiles n offers them to sit.

Dadi:so tell Vasu ji what made u come here are u missing ur granddaughter.she smiles
Vasu:yes I’m missing her a lot but today I’m here for some other purpose.
Jigyasa:what Dima.
Vasu:ahh Annapurna ji actually.she hesitated to speak
Dadi:plzz consider me as ur sister n don’t hesitate ur my younger sister
Vasu:yes actually many of our relatives close friends were in shock hearing the news of jigyasa’s we did it secretly with only some close friends n also the world still recognizes her as jigyasa pandey..jigyasa sees them.
Dadi:say it clearly Vasu ji I’m not understanding it
Jigyasa:Dima is there any problem

Vasu:no but I want her to be noticed as jigyasa goplani now so..
Some one enters..
Manish:so u want us to marry again..everyone sees him..he takes their blessing n hugs them..viren was with him.jigyasa looked at him n wondered who he is.he stood near a sofa back of everyone hearing their conversation
Manish:no no Dima it’s not possible.i m regretting marrying her first time n second time no no.jigyasa gets angry..everyone smiles neha gets irked.
Jigyasa:acha Maine Kya regretting marrying u idiot.she closes her eyes in shock of what she have uttered.manish smiles..
Manish:acha how r u regretting.they see eachother..he secretly winks n she gets shy.she remembers all his regretful kisses which he gave her every time she called her idiot..she sees everyone staring at her.she acts normal
Jigyasa:u used to.she stops.

Manisn:I used to what haan
Jigyasa:nothing..she holds her hands across her chest n turns her face
Jigyasa:Dima I’m not going to marry him again..
Manish:haan haan Mai konsa karna chahta Hun.he turns his face too.everyone laughs..manish wanted her to say yes for the marriage first but at last ended up making her angry..he feared if she takes this joke seriously.
Vasu:arre shadi nahi karni hai..they see her
Vasu:only reception party..
Dadi:hmm good idea but marriage was better

Vasu:yes I thought of it too but then I wanted it to happen sooner so..if u all agree.
Dadi:arre we agree Vasu ji but..jigyasa n manish both wanted it to happen they both wanted their reception to be held but manish was acting to be angry n jigyasa was really angry.they had no choice..they hoped that the family would convince them but..
Dadi:but as they r fed up of eachother they regret marrying eachother n why should we force them.she winks at Vasu n she smiles

Vasu:ur right Annapurna ji I think we should drop this plan..I already did all the preparations n u know what we selected tomorrow’s date only for the reception every thing was done but now as they r…leave it I will cancel everything.she takes her phone to call some one..
Vasu:hello sevak stop doing the preparations as…jigyasa n manish both turned to her n shouted no..loudly that was enough to make some one deaf..everyone
held their ears
Vasu:arre why r u both shouting now I have cancelled every thing na.they see each other
Manish:Dima it’s ok we will come to the reception for ur happiness..jigyasa nods
Vasu:for my happiness then it’s better u don’t come ok.
Manish:no no no no no..
Dadi:what no no..manish sees jigyasa
Manish:arre tum bhi kuch bolo na Sab Mai hi Kaise..she gulped
Jigyasa:Dima we will come n it’s now our decision..everyone looks at them.they feel embarrassed n bows down.everyone laughs..they get more shy.viren sees all this n smiles..jigyasa sees him.he sees her n gets scared he sees down n holds the sofa tightly
Jigyasa:manish who is he.everyone sees him confused.manish sees him
He tells them everything (but not his plan)

Vasu: beta y did not anyone told us are u alright jigyasa.she holds her face.
Jigyasa:it happened n passed I’m totally fine now..
Neha:arre then y did u bring this boy here.look at his clothes..she made an ugly face.everyone sees her…jigyasa sees how scared he is.she goes to her.he was getting more scared.manish sees her..viren quickly sits down thinking now she will scold him
Jigyasa goes behind the sofa.everyone goes with her.she sees him n he started crying.she sits down n caresses his hairs.manish smiles.viren also gets relieved..
Jigyasa :don’t worry dear we all r with u..n I have only stayed their one day but u stayed in their prison from years.ur so strong.dont worry nothing will happen to u now.he smiles.
Jigyasa:now say what is ur name
Manish:jigyasa he cannot speak..everyone were shocked

Jigyasa:oh sorry.he smiles
Manish:his name is viren ..
Jigyasa:oh hi viren..he smiles.
Jigyasa:now say r u feeling scared .he looks at everyone he sees neha.she was looking angrily at her..he gets up n runs to Manish n hugs him.he smiles n hugs him too.jigyasa smiles n goes to him.he caresses him.
Jigyasa(in mind):mom he is scared of u n he is in this state is also because of u he went their to get the money which u gave to the kidnappers for killing me but not this time..he won’t suffer now.
Jigyasa:viren don’t worry we all r with u she sees neha
Jigyasa:no one can do anything to u.
Jigyasa:dadi can he stay here with he need safety..
Dadi:yes beta he will stay in this house only.everyone smiles.viren sees jigyasa
Jigyasa:happy..she farward her hand.viren was still hugging manish.he see him.he nods yes.he smiles n shakes his hand with hers.
Jigyasa:friends.they smile.
After a chat Vasu along with her family leaves n manish n Jigyasa takes viren to the guest room..
jigyasa:viren come its late so u sleep come.he nods n sits on the floor.Jigyasa gets confused.manish also looks confused.he cleans the floor with his hand n rubs it in his loose pants.jigyasa watches him doing it.he lies on the floor keeping his hand under his head.
Jigyasa:arre viren what r u doing.he gets up thinking he did some mistake.he looks at her innocently..

Jigyasa:y r u sleeping here see the bed is their come get up.he gestures something showing that he will sleep here on the floor.after few attempts Jigyasa n manish understands him.jigyasa smiles n sits down beside her..

Jigyasa:u have a habit of sleeping down or should I say they never treated u well.he gets sad.she notices his wounds on his hands n legs.she slowly touches them n he moans in pain.
Jigyasa:sorry sorry..they r fresh r they r hurting.he nods she gets up n takes the first aid box n sits beside him she treats his wound.n she gets gets tears seeing his thin,weak hands with countless wounds n marks of the older once blemishing his body.he was looking pale a lifeless boy.. he must be given a lot care n his age was of playing n studying…suddenly she felt few shivering hands in her cheeks n it were viren’s wiping her tears away.she smiled.she completed aiding him
Jigyasa:done..n now no need of sleeping here come n sleep on the bed..she pulls him n he lies on the bed..jigyasa makes him feel comfortable she switches on the ac she wraps him in the blanket as he was not used to ac n he soon falls asleep.she smiles n gets up.she turned n bumped into manish who was standing just behind her..she looks at him

Jigyasa:what happen..he smiles n puts his hands around her neck.she holds them
Manish :I’m seeing that how nicely ur taking care of this boy.she gets confused
Manish:u will definitely become a great mother.she widens her eyes n sees him.he smiles.he moves his hands to her waist n holds her.she sees his hands n he pulls her close.she falls on him n holds him.he smiles.they have an eyelock(ranjha naa plays)
He tucks her hairs behind her ears n holds her face he comes close.she gets nervous
Jigyasa:manish what r u doing.viren is here.

Manish:he is sleeping..manish again comes close.
Jigyasa:manish plzz he will get up.she pushes him n runs out.he smiles n follows her.they reach to the room.jigyasa remembers how he said he is regretting marrying her.she gets angry.manish was In a romantic mood.he hugs her from back.she gets angry n turns
Jigyasa:don’t u dare touch me.manish gets confused
Jigyasa:ur regretting marrying me na then go n touch ur girl friend.she turns her face in anger.he realizes his mistake n hugs her from back again.she tries to free herself but his hold was tight around her.
Manish:hey listen to me na..she makes faces
Manish:sorry..he whispers in her ears.she looks at him
Manish: I said it to tease u but then u took it seriously then I also though to act.
Jigyasa:but I was not acting.
Manish:it means u really regret marrying me

Jigyasa:hmm may be..manish smiles.he turns her.
Manish:then u have to regret ur whole life mrs jigyasa goplani..she smiles.
Manish:now regret for calling me idiot that too infront of every one..jigyasa makes an innocent face
Jigyasa:but it came out because u were teasing me.
Manish:well that’s not an explanation but still if u want to get an answer..he comes close..jigyasa smiles.she closes her eyes n holds him.he was coming closer when they notice the door opening n they move apart..jigyasa was tensed.manish looks at the door to see who it is.
Manish:viren u.jigyasa sees him..he comes to them
He gestures like he is scared,fearing of something,

Jigyasa:what r u scared.he nods yes.he points the lamp

Jigyasa:ohh ur scared of dark.he nods..manish thinks how could she understand him so easily..
Jigyasa:it’s ok u sleep with us.come..manish makes faces
Manish(in mind):arre yaar she could have send her to Dadi or misha anyone what was the need to…ohh Sara mood hi kharab kardiya..he gets angry..jigyasa makes viren lie on the bed n he sleeps..
Manish:how did u understand him.i mean while he he was gesturing u guessed it correctly like u know how to speak his language
Jigyasa:yes as I know the language of heart I spoke to him..
Manish:hmm ok.they see him.he was sleeping peacefully.
Manish:come lets they were going to lie at their places viren moves over the bed n covers all the bed spreading his hands n legs on it..they see his position of sleeping n smiles..

Jigyasa:let his sleep he has slept peacefully after ages.they smile n take a bedsheet n puts it on the floor n sleep on it.they were not comfortable..they come close while adjusting them selves n their backs touched each other,they turn n sees eachother n smiles.manish turns n hugs her .she sleeps on his hand n they embraced eachother while sleeping.
Next morning they got up gets ready.viren also gets up n gets freshed..they come down for breakfast.jigyasa holds viren hand n comes down.everyone were dining.neha was not present.
Dadi:arre beta come come did u had a nice sleep.viren sees jigyasa.she smiles n gestures to say..he sees Dadi n nods.he notices that everyone is being nice to him n he gets free..
Abhi:come beta have dinner with us..manish sits on his chair Jigyasa sits beside him n makes viren sit beside her.she smiles at him.she serves him food..
Jigyasa:come on eat.he nods.he was about to take bite.neha holds his hand he sees her.everyone sees her.he gets scared.

Neha:how dare u sit on my chair.she holds his hands tightly.he gets tears..
Neha:move away u garbage..he gets up n stand a step back.neha sits on her chair n pushes the plate which he was eating angrily..manish gets angry.he was about to get up.jigyasa holds his hand..everyone sees it.she gets up n sees viren..she wipes his tears..
Jigyasa:come u sit here.she makes her sit on her chair. .he sits there n jigyasa feed her.neha sees everyone they were giving her angry expressions n she quietly looks down n ate her food..everyone smiles at jigyasa.manish was proud of her.he was again getting up jigyasa sees him n stops him
Jigyasa:manish it’s ok I will eat later u have ur food..

Jigyasa:plzz he sits n eats his food.everyone smiles at them..after everyone finishes
Dadi:ok now get ready we have to reach to pandey nivas by evening..every one nods
Servent bring the paper to Dadi.n she starts reading it while sitting on the dining table only.she sees the main head line.” Great business man manish goplani’s wife jigyasa goplani was kidnapped”..she reads it n gets confused..she reads it infront of all n every one were shocked.neha was super shocked…jigyasa sees manish..he was very stif n confident of his plan..
Matter-most popular face all over the world,business tycoon,leading business man mr manish goplani’s wife was kidnapped by six kidnappers…

she was tortured overnight n some how got a chance to escape.she ran on her feets from a jungle to her house which was miles away..this proves her courage n as a supportive n concerned husband manish goplani wants those kidnappers arrested..while an investigation with the police manish met a boy viren incidently n soon got to know that the boy cannot speak by birth.but by his luck he got a constable who could speak n understand his gesturing language..he got to know that the boys parents were killed by the kidnappers n then he was used as a slave..his work was to bring money from the kidnapped victims parents who would keep the money at a given location..all they did was not to get caught but their bad luck..he helped us making their sketches..(n most awful n dishearten revelation for him was it was a planned kidnapping..yes the kidnappers were given a huge amount to kidnap jigyasa goplani..manish found a bag which had a lot of money in it in the house where his wife was the news got in the ears of the kidnappers they ran away n send viren to get the bag but their bad luck n our good luck we found him n viren says he knows everything who told them to kidnap his wife n all but he is in a shock he wants some time to handle himself.soon we will get to know about the mystery behind it….

he added these lines as he wanted to scare the kidnappers more)n now the kidnappers will be easily arrested.posters are pasted all over the city n the one who bring or gives any kind of useful information to us will given a reward of 25 lakhs…if anyone has any information plzz call us on the number given below..n to a general note viren will be coming on the news channel for the interview day after tomorrow to disclose the truth infront of the do wel come him there…(the article had the kidnappers pictures below n a phone number to call upon n give the information..)the kidnappers read the same news n gets tensed..they were in their secret room..they feared going out..
Goon:how do that boy know everything about us.i mean about neha maam too.they gets confused.

At goplani’s mension
Neha was scared now.she wonder if viren knew that she is the one who made jigyasa kidnap.viren looks at her. n she gets scared,.
Manish new that he is going to be jigyasa’s prey for today
Jigyasa:Manish what is this
Manish:an news paper article..he said confidently.
Jigyasa:I can see it but what was the need of it.u must ask it to me once after all it’s my matter..manish gets angry..he gets up

Manish:n ur my wife all ur matters are mine all ur problems r mine all ur pains,happiness,everything is mine too.on that day itself I took an oath that I will find out the kidnappers n punish them.n no one..he point everyone present in the hall
Manish:no one is going to stop me.he goes from their angrily.jigyasa realizes his care his concern for her..she feels guilty of her word.everyone were sad seeing them fight.jigyasa sees them n assures them by her eyes that she will make everything fine.she runs upstairs.everyone smiles
Manish was in the room holding his head like a way it’s paining..jigyasa reaches there.she sees him n comes to him.she sees him holding his head n she takes a balm from the cupboard n comes to her.
Jigyasa:manish ur head is paining come I will apply this balm u will feel good
Manish:no need

Jigyasa:manish let me do it
Manish:I said na no need just go away from here I’m very angry now..just leave me alone..
Jigyasa:shout how much u want to shout na u can shout on me but at last ur head will burn in anger n blast..he sees her n listens her silly explanation.
Jigyasa:then when I will call u idiot how will u punish me..after all I m totally regretting marrying u..she finds his lips curving..she smiles.he sees that n quickly acts being angry n gets up n stands at some distance..she gets up n runs to him n hugs him from back.he gets shocked at her act.she places her soft hands around his belly n puts her head in his shoulder.
Jigyasa:hey manish plzz never get angry like this.u really don’t look good.u look good when u pass jokes n make everyone laugh,playing with misha taking selfies with her.chatting dramatically with Dadi but today I saw ur different face.”anger”.manish me is ok but today u showed ur anger to the family too.he realizes it.

Jigyasa:I said it because it happened all of a sudden I didnot even knew how to react n I reacted the way.plzz forgive me “sorry”…he smiles
Jigyasa:n I trust u I believe u that what ever the plan u made u will get success in it…he smiles n turns to her
Manish:it’s ok..he holds her n hugs her..she hugs her too.they separates n manish kisses her on forehead..she smiles

Manish:I have some work I need to go..jigyasa holds his hand.he sees her
Manish:hahah don’t worry I am going for an hour only I will come for the reception party..they smile ncomes down together
Manish says sorry to everyone for behaving like that n goes out after hugging viren.jigyasa smiles n bids a bye to him.she was looking at the door till he disappeared misha notices it n goes to her,.he pushes her which made her come out of her world.she gestures what.she gets shy n runs from their n everyone laughs
After some time
Jigyasa remember about the diary n goes to the library..she was going to the locker when Dadi calls her..

Jigyasa:I must go before she comes here.she runs out n comes to her.neha also comes their
Dadi:jigyasa what happen beta ur getting sweat.jigyasa notices it
Jigyasa:nothing Dadi I was feeling very hot so sweat…
Dadi:hot but see all the ac’s are open..neha also doubts..jigyasa sees her.
Jigyasa:dadi actually I’m not fine so I came out to get fresh air
Dadi:ohh then go beta have some rest u will feel better.go.she nods n goes up.she sits for a while n thinks

Jigyasa:today I have to read that diary compulsory if manish find out about mom then noo..I must do something.she quickly gets up but neha comes to her room she panics seeing her
Neha:y r u getting scared this is me neha
Jigyasa:no mom nothing say did u need anything
Neha:no maa ji have send juice for u.she keeps it on the table n goes out..jigyasa gets relieved n she drinks the juice..she keeps the pillows on the bed n puts the blanket on it properly.she goes out n sees neha again coming she hides behind a pillar
Neha:she was very scared when I went to her room.this girl is planning against me I must go n check .she opens the door n thinks the pillows as jigyasa.

Neha:she is sleeping.maybe I’m thinking too I should think how I could save myself.i wonder what plan did manish made..she goes from their..jigyasa signs in relieve n geos down.she goes in the library n mistakenly keeps the door open.she presses the button n takes out the diary.she presses it again to close it.she opens the diary..
Neha was passing through the library n find the door open
Neha:who is in the library.she goes on to find out.jigyasa hears some foot steps n she sees here n their..she wanted to hide but it was not possible.anyone could search in the library n find her.she see the Romeo Juliet boom on the table n she opens it she keeps the books in it n holds it

Neha comes in n sees her.
Neha:u what r u doing here.u were sleeping right.
Jigyasa:ahh yes mom but I was not feeling sleepy then I thought to read a book so came here to take one,p..neha sees her holding the book.
Jigyasa comes out of the library n neha also comes out along with her she closes the door of the library n goes.jigyasa signs in relieve..she goes in the room to read the diary..

Precap-jigyasa gets to know the truth,manish also tries his best to find out the kidnappers..

Sorry I’m late but I was really very busy n again I’m going to be busy for next few months so u guys will not get a quick updates sorry for that dears.plzz understand n help me support me.thank u for ur appreciations love..thank u plzz silent viewers comment n share ur love thank u love u all n next update date I don’t know plzz don’t be angry as I said I’m busy.plzz I need time to write sorry.

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