swaragini-swasan/ raglak- love will find a way – intro

Hi guys, I’ve been reading fanfictions on telly update for a while now but haven’t had the courage to write something myself until now. I really hope you like it so here I go.
Swara Bose- (Shona)
21 years old. Daughter of Janki Harshad Bose and Harshad Bose. Harshad died when Swara was 3 years old. Janki is Shekar Gadodia’s sister (children of dadi and dada) and Harshad is Sharmishta’s brother (children is dida). Ragini and Swara are cousins but close to each other like sisters. Janki and Swara live in London whereas Shekar, Sharmishta, dida, dada, dadi and Ragini live in India. Swara doesn’t visit India that much as Ragini goes to England instead. Swara is studying medicine and wants to be a doctor but she also has a childish side. She hasn’t thought of marriage and isn’t in a relationship either.
Ragini Gadodia- (laddo)

22 year old. Daughter of Shekar Gododia and Sharmishta Shekar Gadodia (mishti). Ragini lives with her parents and grandparents. Sanskar Maheshwari is her childhood friend. She is a young successful actress and is currently working on a show named ‘tere ishq mein’ with Laksh Maheshwari. Her show name is Meera.
Laksh Maheshwari- (lucky)
23 years old. Ragini’s co-star, his show name is Veer. Maheshwari family is the same. Lucky is a flirt but only with Ragini and was in a relationship with Ragini but it has ended.
Sanskar Maheshwari- (Sanky)

23 years old. Laksh’s cousin- Sanskar is older than Laksh by a month. Ragini’s childhood friend. He is a business man (he has his own company called karma but helps with the family business- Maheshwari and Sons). He is strict when it comes to work but really sweet and funny. Girls fall for him.
An idea of what will happen-
Ragini and Laksh were in a relationship but she broke up with him because of a misunderstanding and doesn’t like him but has to bear him as they work together. However, Laksh wants to make up with her. He teases, annoys and flirts with her. Although Laksh and Sanskar are cousins more like brothers, she still talks to Sanskar as they are childhood friends and Laksh came afterwards. Swara has a month holiday and goes to India. Swara meets Sanskar and he starts to like her. Ragini gets jealous seeing Laksh and Swara together (but they are just friends). When Sanskar realises his love he proposes Swara but she doesn’t know what to say as she wants to keep studying and hasn’t thought of being in a relationship. Laksh and Sanskar try to convince the girls before it gets late. (Don’t forget Swara has to go back). Will they agree?

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