Swasan- His Love Her Strength (chapter 23)

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Hey guys!!!
DMG (Dil mil gaye) lovers read the note at end..

Chapter 23

(Contains Mature Content.. you can read after ♡♡♡♡ if someone is having problem).

The scene starts from Sanskar kissing Swara, his one hand behind her head and another holding her waist while Swara was shocked.

Sanskar bit her lower lip lightly making her come back to her senses and she started to reciprocate equally, her hands going in his hairs pulling him closer.

Both kissed each other showing love, passion and desire for each other.. (gssa bhul gaye?? aur khana bhi?).
He pressed his tongue on her entrance sensing which she parted her lips, he immediately pushed his tongue in her mouth devouring every corner of her mouth. He picked her up from her ass and she wrapped her legs around his waist, he started to move towards the bed still kissing each other.

He slowly made her sit on the bed, leaning on her. Finally they broke the kiss and he removed the dupatta from her body and lowered his face on her neck giving wet kisses, while she was playing with his shirt buttons with one hand and other hand was in his hairs pulling him towards herself more.

He then removed her clothes completely and she helped him with his clothes, now the both were naked in front of each other and still was busy in kissing and roaming their hands on each other feeling the skin which ignited fire in the deep pit of their stomaches.

He made her lay on the bed and he came over her and smashed his lips on her once again while his hands were pressing her boss*m and waist simuntaneously, making her moan in his mouth sensously.

He left her mouth when he felt her out of breath and moved down her neck and started to place numerous hickey’s on her neck and shoulder.
He moved further down and captured her boss*m in his mouth started to roll his tongue on her making her moan in pleasure, she held the bedsheets tightly in her fist and with another hand was pushing him more.

He complied and started to suck them and with a fraction of seconds entered her to which she was unaware and she screamed in pain and pleasure and held his hair tighlty pulling them out.. and with another hand dug her nails in his back.

After sometime, they climaxed and he collasped on the top of her, both drenched with the sweat, heavy breathing. After a minute, he calmed down and placed his rough lips on hers again and kissed her gently to which she reciprocated, he pulled back after a minute. He then laid beside her and pulled her in his embrace such that her bare back was touching his chest and his arms around her waist and legs entangled with hers.


She looked at him over her shoulder.

Swara: Sanskar..

Sanskar: hmmm..

Swara turned towards him completely and started to draw circles on his chest slowly, while Sanskar closes his eyes feelings her moments and again desires started to grow up.

Swara: Will you give me something?

Sanskar opened his eyes..

Sanskar: ofcourse jaan, you dont need to ask. (saying this he again started to come close to her to which he received a slap from Swara.)

Sanskar: What?? (Confused).

Swara: Shameless.. cant you think any thing else. (She said with irritation)

Sanskar: And cant you think about this. (He said with same tone).

Swara glared him.

Sanskar: Ok fine. What?
(He asked pulling her in his arms and resting his face on the crook of her neck).

Swara: I want Permission. (She said closing her eyes still making patterns on his chest).

Sanskar parted away from her and looked at her in horror.

Sanskar: Now what is going in your little brain? Which permission?


Ansh was shocked on listening the voice of caller and went into dreamland, he came back to his senses when person from other side shouted on him.

Caller: (irritatedly) Are now will you speak or not? Idiot. Huhh.

Ansh: (come out of his world) Darling. You are calling me idiot. Not fair. (Fakes sadnesss).

Caller: Who the hell are you? And how dare you call me that?

Ansh: You forgot your only love. Your Ansh. I love you darlo…??.. How can you forgot your time with me? That lovely nights and sweet days??.

Caller:(realising): Ansh…. my Ansh.. i missed you so much. I love you too janu??. I remember everything. Please come to me???.

Ansh: Where are you?

Caller: Maheshwari Mansion.

Ansh: What???? (His jaw dropped and he immediately left to Maheshwari Mansion with full speed without thinking anything)..

(Haye what a Love?❤).


Swasan’s Room

Swara: (rolling her finger on his nip*les making it difficult to think straight she continued): woh jaan. I want to go to Mumbai for some office work.

Sanskar:(without realising and caressing her back): hmm then whats the problem… (realisation hit him): Wait what? Why the hell you want to go there and which work. ( he pulled away).

Swara: We have a project, Sanskar and its meeting is in Mumbai.

Sanskar: Fine we will go after a week when I will finish the paper work.

Swara: (panics) No No no.. (he looked at her and she realised and make herself calm): Meeting is in 3 days and I need to go tomorrow and what we will do after a week.

Sanskar: 3 days? And u have to go tomorrowm? Alone? No. You are not going anywhere.

Swara:(extra sweetly tracing her finger on his face): Pleaseeeeeeeeee Babu… (saying this she pecked his lips lightly). This project is really very important.

Sanskar: (removing her finger) this all is not going to work. And nothing is important more than you and leaving you alone. Hell no.

Swara: but Sanskar I will not be alone. Ansh bhai is going with me.

Sanskar: hahaha. What do you think? I will let you go with that joker. No.

Swara: Sanskar. Dont call him a joker.

Sanskar: Swara No. Dont force me I wont allow and Ansh I know I trust him but still he can be very childish at time and letting two kids go togther no.

Swara: Sanskar pleaseee pleaseee pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. (She said pleadingly blinking her eyes making cute faces).

Sanskar: No means No. Mrs Maheshwari (he said getting angry).

Swara:(in mind): Huh.. Angry Bird. Now I have to think something else. Idea.. (to him). Hmm ok. I understand you dont trust me enough that I will handle it. (She said with a fake sadness and shifted to her side of the bed turning his back to him).

Sanskar was shocked and felt bad for her and the way she went away.
He trusts her and he is sure she will do it. But leaving her alone in a city she has never been before, his heart ached. But he thought as Ansh is with her so he can trust him to take her care.

He shifted to her side and cagged her in his arms to which she remained unaffected.

Sanskar:(pressed his lips on the side of her neck): Fine Go. But please take care and call me everytime.

Swara smiled widely listening to it and turned towards him immediately letting the sheets fall off her and hugged him tighlty and then pecked his lips.

Swara: Thank you thank you thank you so much.. I love you????.. and yes I will take care but you also pleasee take care..

Sanskar: If you will promise you will be fine.

Swara: Yes. I will be completely fine. Dont worry. I am very brave?.

Sanskar: Thats why I am worrying of the people around you. (He said and chuckles).

Listening this Swara became angry and pushed him and pointed finger towards him.

Swara: Youuuù..

Sanskar looked at her and became aroused and again rolled over her, making her anger wash away and both became busy?.


Ansh entered the MM and started to shout Darling..

RamTa and Uttara came forward as everyone else was busy??.

His eyes became teary and he hugged the person in front of him.

Ansh: I missed you so much. (Said ansh).

He parted away and looked at the person and become sad.

Ansh: What is this Suju Darling? Dont you eat food or what? See how thin you became..

Precap: Realisation
How was this guys?? Hope was worth reading.

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DMG lovers..
I am planning to write an OS on the series. If anyone is interested to read do tell.

Do tell me whom you want as couple.

1. Armaan- Ridhima
2. Sidhant- Ridhima

Ridhima will be Jennifer in my OS.

Thank you.

Love you all❤

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