Teri meri kahani -Shivika part 3

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Part 3

Anika : gyez i want sometime for myself thats it nothing more but i know one thing you gyez miss me so much i miss you all so much and one more thing Now i change my name My name is Anika Not Ahana

Reporter : Thanks mam your fans are very happy to see ur interview

Anika : Thanks

Anika turn to oberoi faimly

Dadi : Putter you are Ahana malhotra where your parents

Anika : They live in Melbourne

Dadi ; But why are you here i mean you bear so much pain amd you struggle you have your identity you have your name but why you bear so much pain

Anika hesitate to say

Dadi ; If you donot want to say then donot tell but if you want to talk then come to me Anytime

Anika : Thanks dadi

Pinky : O my mata Anika you are also rich and live like poor why

Anika : Aunty i hate rich pepole

Pinky : But why

Anika : Because they live a Imaginery life they think that noone bigger than them they hurt other feelings and they always behind money they forget tgey have a faimly but when i meet your faimly i come to know every rich faimly is not too bad like mine

Pinky : Leave it

Tia : Anika you always catch the attention

Anika( in tia ears) : yes Tia i think you can have your Answer that i am not behind anyone money so first see and then talk

Pinky : o my mata tum dono kya khusar phusar kar rahe ho

Anika leaves from there shivaay looks on

Next day

Anika : Today is marrige of billuji and tia how can i stop this marrige billuji never trust me but i cant see billuji in some problem

Shivaay come and stand behind confuse Anika
Anika turn and scare and fall but shivaay held her waist and they have a eyelock song play
Nazdeek hai dil ke phir kyu lage mil ke jaise ho

They come to sense
Anika : billuji you want to kill me
shivaay : what
Anika : if you stand behind me like this then one day i die due to heartattack

Shivaay keep his finger on her lips and they are so close to each other shivaay come more close to her and rub his cheek on her right cheek and say

Shivaay : Donot say like that if Anything happen to you then what i do

Anika part away from shivaay and goes away

Shivaay : What the hell why are you doing this shivaay you are going to marry in sometime with tia jus remember tia not Anika

Shivaay chant tia not Anika tia not Anika tia not anika

Rudra come
Rudra : Ahh bhayia you become joru ka gulam before marrige WoW

Shivaay : Shut up rudra

Anika make a plan

Anika goes to tia and initially fell some mehndi on her cloths
Tia : What the hell Anika you do thins initially

Anika : No tia i donot do this initially its just accidently happen

Shivaay : Let it be Tia she didnot do initially accidently fall on Anika

Tia goes to her room

Tia : I have to do something to this Anika she is become so much dangerous to me now i donot leave you Anika

Then someone enter on tia room

Its Daksh

Tia : What are you doing if someone see you it might cause problem go from here Now our plan is fail and i give you a small work stalk Anika but you cant do this properly

Daksh : I properly do this but donot know how strong she is she never break

Tia : I donot know we want shivaay money baby and then i give divorce to him then me and you happily everafter patidev

Daksh : true my beautifull Wife

They leave room

Anika come to behind curtain

Anika : Now who save you Tia from me

Shivaay going to take vows with tia but Anika come and say stop
Shivaay : Please anika stop it now
Anika : No i show you your tia baby reality

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