I love my country- episode 4

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Epi 4:

Ragini and Laksh break their hug. She keeps her head down. He raises her head by chin. She holds his hand.

Ragini: come, let’s go.
Laksh: where??
Ragini: talk with my dad about our marriage.
Laksh: what? Just now??
Ragini: haa..then how many years do you want?
Laksh: we just proposed, we didn’t even hug properly..how can we marry that easily, without knowing about each other.

Ragini looks angrily at Laksh and keeps going away.
Laksh: Ragini..Ragini hold on. I mean,
She has tears in eyes.
Ragini: I myself proposed you first. I never thought who are you and what’s your background. Because, I believed you. Just as all people did. But you… you want to understand me still.

Laksh: Ragini…I didn’t mean that…
Ragini: so love means just time pass? I proposed you, that means, I have given my all life to you. That’s the meaning of it. and I want our relation to be complete with marriage.

Laksh silently moves away. Ragini keeps looking. He starts his bike.

Laksh: come on dear, let’s go to your house.

Ragini feels happy and sits behind him.
They are going on bike.

Laksh: ragini, what if your dad doesn’t agree for our marriage?
Ragini: I will convince him, I know about my dad. He never says no to my wish.

They reach their house. It’s a big mansion. Laksh gets bad feeling looking at it.

Laksh: hey, don’t tell me that this house is Prajaa sevak party leader Shekar’s house.

Ragini: yes, this is Shekar’s house…

Laksh: then why did we come here? Let’s go away. If anyone sees me, they will think that I have changed the party.

Ragini: you just come inside…

Ragini takes him inside. She goes and hugs Shekar calling, ‘babaa….’
Laksh shocks.

Shekar looks at Laksh. He understands everything.

They three sit together.

Shekar: Ragini is my daughter. Her mother is dead at childhood. I never married again. But, she was alone every time. I was busy with my politics. I send her to US for studies. She came back to spend time with me. But, I became even busier. She never asked me anything, first time, she asked you. Yesterday, she said about you. And I know you very well. I agreed.

Ragini: and then, I proposed you.

Laksh keeps looking them silently.

Shekar: what happened Laksh?

Laksh: sir, you could have made her to come in politics instead of MS. She would have been a great politician.

Shekar laughs. Ragini looks angrily at them. Laksh smiles looking at her.

Shekar: so, when shall we keep the marriage date??

Laksh: sir, I don’t have anyone. Whatever you decide is ok for me. You are giving me such a great treasure ‘Ragini’. What I need more than that??

Ragini and Shekar smile.
Raglak marriage is done…..

Flash back is over….

Laksh: haa…that’s how our marriage is done and that’s our love story.. ok, media people…!!

Media: thank you for sharing your story sir…
The media starts showing their love story in T.V.

At home,
Ragini is seeing T.V…the news channels are busy in showing MLA’s love story…

Laksh just comes there.

Ragini: see, how we became famous..! is there is any need to tell our story??

Laksh pulls her towards him holding her hand. She keeps looking at him.

Laksh: thanks for coming in my life Ragini…

Ragini: how many times will you say that…

Then Laksh just keeps looking at her.
Ragini shy: laksh…
And she hug him.

Guys, I know this is very short update. But, I’m out of ideas… I have a story line, but not understanding how to take it forward. Same problem with Samragni also.
So, I’m taking rest for two days, and I will come back. Meanwhile, I will write any OS…
Bye friends, take care…keep smiling…

  1. Hemalattha

    fabulous dear.the way raglak love each other amazing.i really love all that scenes.their sweet conversation ans cute romantic scenes superb dear.

    1. Astra

      Thank you dear

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