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Hi friend, story time,
In my last episode I asked a permission from you guys that can I include my own experience in this ff part many of u said to go head so here it is and a small request from my side while reading this flask back part please follow the notes given in the brackets please.

Vinai it is nice can you go further please. There came some voice from behind them can we also join you all. All tuned to see it is none other than pragya, bulbul, Aliya, mitali and rachana. Abhi bunny you here when did you have up and where is he. Pragya I got up when you left the room without disturbing us and don’t worry he is sleeping ma and dadi is with him. So all gather in that room and sit forming a circle and a pillow in their lap as for their support (remember as we used to sit in a circle format with our friends or our family member and support each other by leaning on them or keeping pillow in our lap and lean on it.). Abhi starts to narrate it,


A high ways is shown it is focusing a small tempo lorry (used to carry loads) and in front of it two cars are going it seems that the tempo is following the cars and when the tempo is shown closer it has many stuffs and it is clearly visible that someone is shifting their house. (Please imagine any humming …) then suddenly the car turns to a road, this road is different from highway road. Both sides of the road is covered by trees that to dense in their growth only the shadow of the tree is seen in the road. In between in the gaps the sunlight is seen (playing hide and seek) so that area will be bright and rest will be dull. In middle the gaps between the tree trunks cultivated lands is seen some of them are cultivated by crops, some will be grown the flowering plants like jasmine, mullai etc., (mullai- a flower similar to jasmine but it is thin), some left as free land and in that land to unwanted weeds are grown as bush and looks like the brown mud floor is covered with green dense mat.

Then it takes another turning here at left side there is a small temple of a goddess and at right side there is a trunk shop (small shop which as only the needs for the people). In between these two the road goes both sides are full of fields with crops and plants and it is border by tall trees with a short distance there is another temple of goddess and behind it there is a huge banyan tree with its prop roots hanging down and besides it there is a school (this school can be consider as an elementary school up to 8th std).
Now entering into the village it is small village which has hardly two streets (it is U-shaped and in middle one line which can compared with ψ this ) few people are work in field seeing the cars and gossiping among themselves and somewhere in road and talking.

From that one person noted the person sitting in the car and shouted that teacher family arrived and the really masti of the festival also came. And at few distance the car stopped and meanwhile the villagers gather there and one by one get out of the car and ask the man in tempo to open the door of it to take the stuffs. Suddenly mohan mama came from somewhere and start to take all the stuffs from the tempo and with him nithya pa and one more person joins them within few minutes everything was cleared from the tempo. Now they start to move towards the house as it is a village there is specific system in building the house there is a common pathway to go it will be narrow but two or three person enter a time and after few steps the was a big pathway at both sides there is a house to the left side there is a small house with one room and right side there is a big house( imagine the house is an old one and it is built in that way of one hall, 3 rooms and a big veranda inside the house and there no separate room for each person as if in cities they to sleep together in nights and sit in floor for eating but that is very big one which can accommodate upto 50 persons).

They opened the door as it was closed for long period they need to clean the whole thing first. So our boys change their avatar by wearing a shorts and a sleeveless shirt and a towel in their shoulder and the others get ready to clean the enter house first there is a small room they cleaned it and kept all the bags there and shifted to hall then to other room like this the work is going on the full wing in between its time for lunch all our youngster gang needs moon rice (we used to have it and our grandma will put the food in one bowl and take the side dish in another plate and we used to sit in front of her she will make balls of food and place the side dish over it and place in our palm we eat it a same time and while eating this some stories of her young age she used to narrate.). After finishing lunch the work continued and at last they went to clean kitchen and that time water is needed to wash all the utensils so the boys take the buckets and come out the road in opposite house there will be well from well they draw water and filled almost everything and by evening they had their tea and now it is time to set all the things in its place (like arranging the thinks in a new house). Then moved to kitchen and arranged the groceries and vegetables everything. Like this the whole day went and now night dinner and finished it off soon and in tired they all slept peacefully without any disturbance and feeling the night breeze of the nature.
Screen ends here…..

So guys tell me how is it and thanks for all who are supporting me and this is my 10th episode without our support this is not possible to reach here and there is lot to say but not now it will be in upcoming episodes and this how our first day will be we itself clean the entire house after entering into the all including me, my sister and brothers will change our avatar by wearing mask covering full face living the eyes alone to see because there will be lot of dust as it is locked for a year till now this is routine in my life and taking water from well, washing, sweeping etc., all are same but our age will only grows as the years and in my next updates I will tell how we will spend the one week there what is our daily works and for me it is fun as I am experiencing it but for u people I don’t know how it will be as u r reading it. Please drop your comments it is accepted with smile either tomato or eggs or bundle of rose until that

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  2. Sira

    Super yaar. ..loved to core.’s your own story…then I am eager to read…

  3. Saranya24

    Tat was too nice dear lije experiencing real village feel loved it superb darlu????

  4. Vaishali

    awesome sry fr not commenting in ur previous episodes i used to read urs without fail todays episode was semma enakku enga paati ooru niyabagam vanthuduchu supera irunthuthu same like this only i was fully enjoying semaya irukku pa pls update regularly by the was i am frm pondicherry studying12th grade thank u so much fr reviving my memories will u accept me as ur sis ???

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  6. CuteVanshu

    Awesome epi

  7. SavitaVidya

    Congs on 10th epi. awesome epi dear…i think nooo i believe and know its awesome epi…keep writing waitng for next

  8. Congrats for your 10th episode di loved it awesome narration

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