Teri Meri Ikk Jindri 23rd July 2021 Written Episode Update: Arjun insults Jogi

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Scene 1
Mahi says to Priya what should I do? Online videos can’t make him a superstar. Arjun funds the entire story. Arjun will come to the jagrata. I don’t know how will I stop them from fighting. Rupa calls. Mahi says I have to go now.

Pappu gets preparations done for the jagrata. Someone throws a flower at him. It’s Shalu. Pappu says if it were something else I could go to the hospital. He calls people and invites them. Seema says can I invite my kitty group women too? They are Jogi’s fans. Pappu says he’s getting more fans day by day. Seema says they are fans of your wealth and popularity first. He says okay call them. Chanda says Arjun is coming. He wants to hear Jogi’s song. But he will enter at the end.

Rupa calls her client and says Mahi’s car broke. Sorry I will deliver double tomorrow. Mahi comes in. Rupa says how many people should I lie? Mahi says I was going there. Rupa says you will ruin my clients. You tried doing it but not with your heart. Mahi says no. Rupa says you want to be a wife more than a DIL right? I free you from responsibility as a DIL. Give me the keys. Mahi gives her the keys. Rupa says I will handle the tabela. You can keep running after your dream. Go get ready for the jagrata.

Scene 2
Jogi and Mahi come to the jagrata. Seema does their arti. Biji says we will have this big of a house too. Rupa says be scared of Pappu not happy. Arjun watches from the room. Chanda says you got what you wanted. He says Mahi went to meet a producer and he told her Jogi can only become a star if I want. Mahi says to Jogi thank you for coming here. He says I can do anything for you. They both do pooja together.

Jogi starts singing. Mahi prays they get the help. Chanda says Mahi all good? Mahi says yes. Arjun watches on his laptop. Renu says mummy why didn’t you stop me from marrying Deepak? Seema says you didn’t listen. Renu says I would have been there at Jogi’s place. I wish I was like Mahi. Deepak ruined my talent and I shot Jogi in the same depression. She was imagining Seema. Everyone enjoys the bhajan. Everyone claps for Jogi. Akash says one more hit performance. 10k views are crossed. Pappu says well done. Arjun says 10k views. It will be more fun. Chanda says let’s start.

Scene 3
Mahi looks around. Jogi is sitting with Renu. Akash says autograph, please. He says this is my first one. Mahi says let’s go. Jogi says don’t we have to more people to meet. Mahi says we will meet them later. Let’s go. Arjun comes there clapping. Mahi and Jogi stop. Mahi is scared. Arjun says hello Mahi ji. He says you sing so well. I didn’t know there was a hidden star in this house. I never heard a voice like this. You can break all records and charts in one day. Shall we become partners? Jogi is shocked. Arjun extends his hand. He says you singer, I producer. You sing, I will make them a hit. Family helps the family. Chanda told me both families have patched up, so should we. Dada ji used to say we should dig older grudges before starting new chapters. but our grudges can’t be buried. Kidnapping someone and then marrying his to-be wife. You did all that right? If dada ji were here, he would remind you of your worth. Then get you kicked out and send you to a hospital. But I forgot everything. Just not dada ji’s rules. His rules say you should rub your nose in my feet and apologize and say that you’re my dog. Jogi grasps his collar. He says mind your language. Arjun says relax bro. Take it easy. Dada ji used to say it. We are modern people so let’s patch up the modern way. Just hold hands and say sorry. Accept it was your mistake and I will forgive you. Mahi is shocked.

Episode ends.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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