Kyun Rishton Mein Katti Batti 23rd July 2021 Written Episode Update: Shubhra and Harsh get engagement photoshoot done

Kyun Rishton Mein Katti Batti 23rd July 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Kids prepare for the shoot. Rishi says the client must love all the photos. Harsh gives water to the photographer. He says this ring is beautiful. Roli says hurry up we have to do the shoot. Rishi says the shoot is stopped. Harsh wears it and says I can’t take it off. It’s stuck. They try to take it out. Narain says let me try to take it out. Shubhra says show me. She takes it out from his finger. Everyone claps. A photographer takes the photo. Madhura says I hope it becomes a reality. Shubhra says you have gotten fat. He says this ring is small. You can try it. Shubhra tries it. Harsh says stuck right? She says take it out.. He takes it out and the photographer takes photos. Everyone claps. They take family photos. The kids dance. Shubhra says couldn’t be done better. Harsh says I hope this calms Samaira down.

Shubhra makes the kids sleep. Rishi says aai we are so proud of you. People will see the shoot and get more orders. Shubhra says I can’t make new breakfasts for you. I am sorry. I can’t even play with you. Roli says we are grown up now. Rishi tells me a story and I make him sleep. Shubhra hugs them. They say you are super cool aai.

Everyone sees the photos. Madhura says why can’t it become true? Narain says we have to focus on Samaria. Shubhra says thank God it’s not real. I am done with marriages. Chandrani says forget the past. Narain says it wasn’t your mistake. Shubhra says I know but once a marriage breaks it’s equal. But now so much is at stake I can’t risk it. Harsh has done many favors on me. I am glad I have a friend like him but my life is Rishi and Roli only now. I want to make a good life for my kids. I will think about myself after that. Madhura says but you will think about marrying once in life right? Shubhra says I am still married and Kuldeep’s wife. My divorce isn’t filed.

Scene 2
Kuldeep says Samaira please eat. If you don’t eat I won’t eat either. She says we announced engagement but Shubhra didn’t do anything. She’s fooling. Kuldeep says but why? Samaira says I want to know why. Pack the bags, we are going back. She’s playing games with us. Kuldeep says in his heart I have to stop her. Kuldeep says why should we go? We have invited everyone. They used to call me a loser. I want to show them where I am today. This is our new chapter, I left my middle-class boring wife. I want to show you off. She says we can do that in Mumbai too. We are going back. Let’s go.

Harsh and Shubhra come in. Samaira is shocked to see her. Shubhra says you come to my house without an invitation. So I thought to surprise you as well today. You call my house a box so I came to see your palace. Quite ordinary. Harsh says our house would be bigger than this. Shubhra says I am not uncivilized like you. I didn’t come empty-handed. She gives her the engagement photos. Samaira is shocked. Harsh says to Kuldeep won’t you congratulate? Kuldeep hugs him. Shubhra says we got engaged before you. Harsh says we are ahead of them. Kuldeep says getting engaged doesn’t win you a race. Samaira is ahead of everyone. Shubhra says what a pathetic man, calls life a race. Sometimes I want to thank you Samaira for taking this small mentality man out of my life. Congratulations to you, this race running rabbit. Harsh says I said all the best to you at the resort. Shubhra says all the best Samaira. Shubhra says in heart now you will do mistakes in anger. Game over.

Scene 3
Shubhra tells Chandrani. She says you must have ruined her day. Shubhra says Kuldeep was so much in character. One day I will shout at him. If he jokes, I will be mad. What are you seeing in the photos? She says your talent. My son never made me proud but you did. Shubhra hugs her. She says surprise for you. She made a ring for Chandrani. Shubhra says your daughter made it for you. Chandrani hugs her and says may you succeed in life.

Samaira throws the photos. She says what is Shubhra’s plan. I can’t sleep. Kuldeep says why does it matter? She got engaged. Why does it matter? It was such a middle-class engagement. Our engagement will be grand. I will get you a big ring. She says if Shubhra were in front of me I would.. Samaira burns the photos. She picks it and says, kids.. Kids at the engagement? Since we came here we didn’t meet the kids. Shubhra has kept them away. She doesn’t want us to meet them? Kuldeep says why should we care? Samaira says we have to meet them. If they were at their mom’s engagement, they should be at their dad’s too. The kids are the key to success. Kids won’t lie. They will tell us the truth.

Episode ends.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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