Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 22nd July 2021 Written Episode Update: Bhim Rao talks to the Principal.

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Ramabai was complaining to the books that her husband loves them more than her that they will stay her for life, she considers them her husband’s second wife but she is glad to have them. Anand’s wife asked Ramabai to make Bhim Rao understand that his dreams of being an officer won’t change their caste, he must find work because no one will carry his expense forever. Ramabai replied that these books would make him a bigger person. A women came calling for useless remaining, Anand’s wife asked her an estimate for 30 books, and she told 12 anna. Ramabai refused to sell them. She asked her to understand that Bhim Rao was putting her life at risk for these 12 anna books. Jijabai came and told Ramabai that both of their lives would ruin, and none would save them.

Bhim Rao wen to principal, told him about the Pooja incident.

The principal had called everyone outside, he asked Bhim Rao to explain why he thinks what happened to him was wrong. He answered that it was an education institute, people are here to educate themselves irrespective of caste. People of every religion are educated in an education institute. Religion must be left outside the doors and knowledge must prevail on basis of equality. The professor replied that none can leave his Dharam because of him, he refuse to use the same instruments as Bhim Rao. One of the student agreed with the professor. A Muslim teacher refused to agree. He was silenced for having a different religion. A Hindu teacher agreed with Bhim Rao. The professor refused to believe what Bhim Rao said, but rather stand with his values and for that he would go on strike. Bhim Rao said that he has been through all this, he requested to be educated. He promised to make everyone proud, just like the principal praised him on his admission day for achieving highest marks in matriculation. He was given books and pencil as gift. He said that he won’t be able to use those books and pen if he doesn’t continue his education. Ghoshi and other students made fun of Bhim Rao. One of the teacher got angry and sold them for ridiculing someone’s dreams and aspirations. The principal questioned few students who didn’t opt Science, one replied that studying dead was against his Dharam, one said that they avoid use of garlic, while the other said that dissecting frog was against his norms. The principal asked the professors to convince these students to opt Science. Professors questioned that how he could force someone to study what they didn’t want to. Principal asked than how he forced someone to stop studying. He said that these children were the future, they must be well taught and well guided by every teacher. He wanted Bhim Rao to study Science, he could have told that in his office but he wanted everyone to understand that none can be stopped to study in this institute. Principal asked the teacher to give him a written apology on why they shouldn’t be terminated from this college. He asked Bhim Rao to go back to his classroom.

Talking to Bhim Rao’s picture Ramabai complaint that why he doesn’t understand that his books were reason of a lot of fights and scolding in this house. Books were the root of all the issues. He must find a solution of this problem. She went to wash the quilt.
The professor was teaching him about the some particles who roam in the air and then fall to the ground. Bhim Rao questioned why metal pieces fell quicker? The teacher refused to answer, he ended the class.

Ramji and Sethji went in an argument regarding the ledger. He asked another worker to recheck, in case of any mistake he would fire Ramji. The ledger had no fault. Ramji explained that there were few strikes in this month which effected the total expenditure. Sethji got furious, he insulted Ramji and then left. His colleague advised Ramji to find another job. In twelve to twenty days he will a new job with a better package. Ramji cannot afford twelve to twenty days without money.

A woman was calling Rama, she loves to talk to her. Wondered why Ramabai didn’t come out of the house today. Meera asked Ramabai to go outside and talk to Daliya amma. Rmbai refused to talk to anyone before Bhim Rao. Meera asked why she was angry, inquired if Jijabai said anything. Jijabai asked Ramabai to buy vegetables from her money. Meera said that it wasn’t mandatory to calling the money hers. Meera took her outside to show her something.

Everyone was asking Ramabai to buy them something from the market as well. Meera asked Jijabai not to hat someone everyone loves. He would regret that later. Jijabai said that only those women are given respect who have earning husbands.

Ghoshi and his friends while discussing the earlier incident. They were of the view that Bhim Rao was granted the permission to study because the teachers were segregated, having different beliefs and castes. Bhim Rao’s education won’t change his caste. They saw him, wanted to make fun of him. They called Bhim Rao over asked him to relax a little. They ridiculed him, said that every animal can eat in this canteen other than Bhim Rao. Maybe through science he would be able to formulate a solution to convert lower caste to upper caste. Ghoshi stood up and threw the bowl of food on Bhim Rao.

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