My Obsessed Husband #Riansh (Chapter-17)


Riddhima’s POV starts:-

As I went down with Vansh, I saw whole city was in front of me, media was clicking our pics. I looked at Vansh but he was smiling. Is he drunk or what? Why is he smiling like an idiot? Angre stopped them to come to us and told Vansh will answer everything after 9 pm, what’s going to happen after that.

As we came there Vansh moved to his business associates, business and business. Am I invisible? Idiot. If he don’t care why should I? I moved towards Aryan and saw him talking to Chachi, Bappa from where I got this friend. Ok Riddhima, don’t laugh…. But his talks.

He saw me and came there and started questioning me about their presence. How will I come to know? I wasn’t even aware of this party. When I told him the same he smirking moved to them.

No Aryan please…. What’s wrong with him? By the way he is right. I’m proud of myself that I got him as my friend. Vansh came to me and asked me why I was laughing, if I got Aryan as my friend then there shouldn’t be any reason to laugh. But who will tell this to him.

He was looking somewhere else I guess to some corner. I turned to look but he pulled me… He forwarded his hand and asked me for a dance. I looked at him and as I kept my hands lights went off as if he was prepare.

After our dance, I went with Aryan to a corner. Here he is the only with whom I’m comfortable to talk. Then my eyes went on Vansh who was looking at someone as if he will kill him. He then moved and pulled one of the boy in the center and started beating him. What the… he was staring at me. Uncle stopped him and after glaring me he left to our room.

I went after him and as he saw me coming he closed the door and in that rush my hands got stuck in between the door. He left when I didn’t moved. I got in and saw the messed room with him standing in the middle. I moved to him and as I said he punched the door, oh god all are downstairs and he is here angry. Somehow I calmed him down and pinning him to the wall he asked me to kiss.

Now I’m 100% sure, I need to appoint a psychiatrist for him. How many mood swings he have in a day? Just now he was angry and now he is in romantic mood. Ok fine Riddhima, he is your husband and you can do this. But I don’t know how to kiss.

Riddhima’s POV ends:-

Vansh’s POV starts:-

As we went down I parted away from her as I know I will again do something as she is looking too beautiful right now. I was talking when Angre came to me and told me something. Ok then that person needs to be punished right. I then saw my wife’s so called Chachi, so Aryan is already there. After all he is my brother he knows how to handle everyone. Proud of you bro.

I saw Riddhima laughing and went to her. I looked at the corner, I will kill them I swear if anything happened. Riddhima was about to see when I pulled her. Naah not so soon, I forwarded my hands for dance and as she accepted it was my turn to tell her she is mine. Already she had done havoc in me in bedroom.

After our dance, I moved to Angre to tell him what he needs to do. Then I saw a guy was staring at my Riddhima. Now that’s called good job, he himself wants to enter in lion’s den. But I can’t beat him in front of my sweetheart. Angre will help in it. I went to him and warned him, well last warning. But he is he only how will he understand so easily, until and unless I need to become VR. But he crossed the limits when he looked at her in lust.

I need to punish him, I went to him and gave him some tight punches. He need a proper lesson before I could do anything else, Dad stopped me. I looked at Angre and he understood. I went to my room, before I could kill him he needs to be punished fully.

I entered and saw Riddhima coming, I don’t want to hurt her something stuck in the middle. God she is such a stubborn, who the hell kept her name as Riddhima she is Ziddhima.

She entered and was explaining me now that wasn’t her fault. Why is she explaining me? And I hit my hand on the bed post. She calmed me, now that’s wrong sweetheart you are mine then need to prove.

Vansh’s POV ends:-

Author’s POV:-

Riddhima looked at him then other side and closed her eyes. She moved a bit forward and Vansh smiling closed his eyes moved forward just then Aryan entered into the room shouting.

Aryan: Vansh Bhai….

As he shouted both turned their head in the direction, they saw him standing. He looked at them.

Aryan: Oh no, I thought bhai you must be angry man right now. How would I come to know that you must be romancing here?

He said and Riddhima and Vansh looked at each other. Taking a deep breath both moved away.

Aryan: Oh shit, I guess I entered at the wrong time.

As they parted saying so he turned around.

Vansh: Happy Realization bro.

Vansh mumbled to himself and sat on the bed. Aryan turned and looked at Riddhima and Vansh.

Aryan: Ok so bhai, as you both must have forgot Party is still going on and you even didn’t made the announcement.

Aryan said and looked at Vansh who was looking at Riddhima.

Vansh: Cancel the party, Aryan.

Vansh said and got up taking out his phone.

Aryan: But announcement bhai.

Aryan said trying to convince him.

Vansh: Do as I said Aryan.

Vansh shouted and Riddhima flinched back at his dangerous tone. Aryan looked at Riddhima and moved a bit close to her.

Aryan: Bhabhi, you are the only one who can convince him.

Aryan whispered and winks at her, she looked at him through puppy eyes and he gave her a wide smile in response.

Vansh: What’s going on there?

Vansh shouted and both were shocked by his sudden voice.

Aryan: Nothing I was just leaving.

Aryan said and made his way to the door and looked at Riddhima, who looked at him again.

Vansh: Riddhima listen…..

He said and looked up and saw her moving out.

Vansh: Now where are you going?

Vansh shouted at her back as he saw her leaving.


Riddhima came out and saw Aryan in the corridor, moving down.

Riddhima: Aryan…

Riddhima shouted his name and he turned back.

Riddhima: Aryan what’s the announcement about?

Riddhima asked raising his eyebrows.

Aryan: Nothing it’s just about business. Don’t worry, just convince bhai please

Aryan said and moved down taking a deep breath. Riddhima looked at him and moved back.

Aryan was moving when Angre came in his way.

Aryan: Where is he now?

Aryan asked slowly and looked at him.

Angre: They took him but they are still down. I don’t think bhai will let bhabhi come down until they are there.

He said and looked down where all guests were standing.

Aryan: He isn’t I asked Bhabhi to convince him and I know but even announcement is important, bhai is going to start another business soon. Ok do one thing, go and take them out till then Bhabhi will bring him.

Aryan said and looked at Angre’s confused face.

Angre: If they anyhow got successful in kidnapping bhabhi.

Angre said and looked at Anupriya and Saanvi who were looking tensed.

Aryan: That’s why Aryan take them out, after announcement bhai will definitely cancel the party. Why would he risk her life?

Angre nodded and a messaged arrived in his phone. He looked and showed to Aryan, both smiled and went down.


Riddhima came back in the room and saw Vansh coming out of the washroom.

Riddhima: Vansh party is going on, all are there.

Riddhima said and Vansh looked at her.

Vansh: Party is cancelled Riddhima, all must have left by now.

Vansh said and sat on the couch.

Riddhima: And announcement?

Riddhima asked raising her eyebrows.

Vansh: It’s 2021 Riddhima, everything can be online even.

Vansh said while scrolling through his phone.

Riddhima: Ok…..

She said and was again about to leave when his voice stopped her.

Vansh: Where are you going now?

Vansh said and looked at her.

Riddhima: Woah actually I’m hungry.

She said and he nodded and she was about to leave when he pulled her back and due to which she fell on the couch.

Vansh: Are you mad or what?

Vansh got up and shouted at her, his voice was too dangerous that her whole body trembled at its intensity.

Riddhima: Wh…What I di…did?

Riddhima asked while her lips were trembling. Whereas he ignored her question and moved to the washroom.

She thought he is angry from her so she again moved to leave the room but stopped when she heard his voice.

Vansh: Did I asked you to leave?

She turned back and saw him standing there with a something in his hand.

Riddhima: Woah I thought you are angry.

She told taking a deep breath but he again ignored her and keeping the thing on the side table of bed moved to the door and closed it.

He came back to her and stood in front of her, she was so scared that she was mumbling something while looking on the floor with closed eyes, which was clearly audible to him. He went close to her.

Riddhima: I di…..didn’t do any…..thing please leave me….ple…….please…

She was continuously mumbling whereas Vansh didn’t understood anything.

He kept his hands on her arms and getting scared she moved back and started shouting.

Riddhima: I didn’t do anything…….leave me…..please…please…..

Vansh was shocked and he held her arms and pulled her into a hug. He was caressing her back to calm her down, she was still mumbling. But as she felt calm in his arms she hugged him tightly.

Vansh: Riddhima, I’m there nothing will happen to you.

He said and hugged her more tightly.

Riddhima: Don’t leave me please…. He will …. No please don’t leave me….

Vansh didn’t understood anything but kept on caressing her back when he wasn’t able to hear her sobbing. He took her into his arms.

As she felt herself in air, she didn’t looked at him and clutched close to his chest. He made her sit on the bed and took her hand while she caught his other hand tightly.

Vansh: I was shouting on you because of this. I’m sorry.

He said and pointed at her wound, she looked at him while tears were flowing from her eyes.

Vansh: How you got this wound?

Vansh asked while cleaning the dried over blood from her hand as soon as she left his other one. Riddhima took a deep breath.

Riddhima: I didn’t remember.

Vansh was cleaning it raised his eyebrows but as she was lost didn’t noticed. He ignored the question not willing to trouble her more. He carefully bandaged her hand and was moving to throw the used cottons but she caught his hands. He pointed at it and she loosens the grip and after throwing used cottons sat beside her.

Vansh: You can rest, dinner will come her.

Vansh said and but she didn’t looked at him which was piercing through his heart. A knock came on the door and he was about to move when he saw her holding her hand.

Vansh: Come-in.

Vansh ordered and a servant came there with a tray in his hand. He moved to them and gave the tray to Vansh who carefully held it from one hand bowing his hand he left.

Vansh: Have it, Riddhima.

Vansh said and Riddhima looked at the different varieties of dishes in front of her, but the flashbacks of her past was enough to kill her hunger, she shook her head in no. Vansh kissed his teeth and taking the first morsel he kept it in front of her.

She looked at him and took it not willing to stretch the matter. Vansh slowly fed her and when she was about to take her another morsel held his hands and pointed at him. Vansh took it smiling and both shared their first meal.

After having their dinner he kept the tray on the table, he made her lay down on the bed. He closed the lights and was about to lay by cuddling her but got scared that if she again got scared he decided to move to other side.

While in the middle she caught his hand

Riddhima: Won’t you sleep here.

She asked and gave him the space beside her. He smiled at her and laying down beside her got in the duvet. Vansh pulled Riddhima slowly towards him and took her into his arms and kept his hands on her waist and head on hers whereas she held kept her hand on his which was on her waist.

Vansh: Good Night.

Vansh mumbled only audible to her, she smiled and snuggled close to him.

Riddhima: Good Night.

Vansh smiled and both slept in each other embrace.

Why not these smiles were really precious as for the first time he touched her with her permission, for the first time he held her close to him, for the first time he danced with her so closely, for the first time she hugged him, for the first time they shared their meal and for the first time she cuddled with him with her own will. It was indeed a memorable day for them.


As soon as Angre and Aryan announced the cancellation of party, all guest left mumbling few words. But what harm will it cause to Raisinghania’s.

Chachi and Saanvi was about to leave in their car when Aryan stopped them, they gulped down on seeing Aryan and Angre there.

Aryan: Oh Hi Chachi are you going? Where is your kidnapper who was about to kidnap bhabhi?

He asked looking around and then back to them.

Anupriya: Haww…. My daughter was about to be kidnapped. Where is she? And how is she?

She said acting as if panicking, looking at her mother Saanvi rolled her eyes.

Saanvi: How the hell we would know where is the kidnap? I don’t care even if that b*t*h die………

Before she could a tight slap laid on her face, imprinting all his five fingers on her cheeks. Both were shocked to see the person.

Saanvi: Dad…. You slapped me…..

She stood there shocked holding her slapped cheeks.

Anupriya: Amar, How dare you to slap my daughter?

Anupriya asked shocked as he never touched any of his daughter.

Aryan: Wow Uncle, for first time you did something right?

Aryan said smiling and saw Angre glaring at him.

Amar: How dare you to badmouth my daughter? Until now I was silent because your mom was having the property papers and if I would have reacted she would have thrown me and Riddhima in jail. But now Vansh is there with Riddhima and he assured me that he won’t let anything happen to her. How much you all did to her was enough till now.

He shouted at them and then took a deep breath.

Amar: You know what Anupriya, just pray your stars that he shouldn’t know what you did to her?

Amar said in a warning tone.

Angre: Or I swear aunty you won’t be able to breathe after that. Btw what you actually did?

Angre asked and looked at them. All looked at each other.

Aryan: Chachi ji, now you got to know na. So I guess I should tell you, actually the day bhai saw Bhabhi from the day he had kept tabs on every one of you, your phones, and your location on my saying as I know you would definitely harm her. And you actually did you ordered those goons from your own phone to kidnap Riddhima Bhabhi and we traced it and now your goons are under our control.

Aryan said and took a deep breath and saw Chachi and Saanvi’s shocked faces.

Aryan: Hey don’t worry you guys are going on a break. Exactly see tomorrow bhai is going on his honeymoon so he won’t destroy his mood by seeing your blo*dy faces. So you both are actually free and going on a break for at least ten episodes. After that I don’t think I need to tell you what he will do. Ok…

He said with a wide grin on his face and saw Anupriya and Saanvi scared while Angre was laughing. They eyed them and left from there.

Amar: Anupriya, I swear after what you did to my happy family, from now Vansh won’t let you live happily.

He eyed them and left from there repenting for his mistake.

Saanvi looked at Anupriya and taking a small pebble threw towards VR Mansion.

Saanvi: Just because of that b*t*h my dad slapped me today, I swear Riddhima Vansh Raisinghania I won’t let you live happily, you and Vansh I won’t let you both come close.

Saanvi shouted at the empty parking lot, a hand came on her shoulder.

Anupriya: What are you going to do now?

Anupriya asked confused and saw a smirk on Saanvi’s face.

Saanvi: If not Vansh Raisinghania then Aryan Raisinghania is there na. Then too I’ll be the only queen of Raisinghania Empire.

Anupriya was shocked by her confession and turning her gave her a tight slap.


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