Teri fariyaad (episode 21)

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Next day
Laksh is sleeping peacefully having a broad smile plastered on his lips

Ragini came forward to wake him but stops listening him muttering something in sleep she went a little close to hear what he is saying
But her ears caught on four words ‘ I love u darling’ she looked at him shock but then soon it was replaced by smirk

She hide herself behind door and calls laksh trough her phone
But he was not picking but ragini was ragini how can she leave him she called him several times finally laksh beaing irritated picked up the phone still closing his eyes

Laksh sleepy tone – yaar kyu subh subh pareshan kar raha hai

Ragini spoke changing her voice – ary you so soon forgot your darling

Laksh sat on bad with a jerk fully shocked – d..aa…rrrrr….li…ng

Ragini innocently – yes what happened sweetheart

Laksh with wife eyes – you were in my dream but how come true? Am I still dreaming?

Ragini controlled her laughing out loud and replied back – you wait I am coming to you then you will get to know I am real

Laksh immediately – no no no you can’t come

Ragini – why??

Laksh – ary yaar abhi meri apni gf se shaadi bhi nahi hui aur tum abhi se mera rishta tudvao gi kya aur tumhe pata nahi hai uske vo do bodyguard (dev + ansh ) mera ghar me rehna mushkil kardege

That is it she burst out laughing laksh first got confuse but later understood that it was her yes it was definitely her…..ragini

He quickly got up from bed and start to search her here ragini was laughing uncontrollably she saw him searching for her so she herself came out from behind the door and whistles to gain his attention

Laksh looked back and saw her standing crossing her hands with a smirk on her face

Ragini – so how was your darling

Laksh pouts – yaar aise bhi koi nazak karta hai Kya ( dramatically ) don’t know what my darling will think of me

Ragini made faces and said – then go to your darling I will go with my Prince you know I was planing to go for shopping with him

Laksh expression immediately changed to horror
Before he could say anything ragini ran from there giving him a teasing smile while laksh stood there shock
Swara was preparing breakfast and also talking on phone instructing her junior doc something when ragini came and back hugged her

She took the phone from swara hand and said – dii is busy with her family she will talk later

Swara looked at her with open mouth

Swara – ragini what was that

Ragini – dii I want to tell you something mazedar (interesting )

Swara again get engrossed in her cooking and asked her to continue

Ragini happily started telling about morning incident how she wakes up laksh swara who was chopping vegetable immediately stops her hand listening her and went in deep thinking

Ragini when saw her but replying shook her by shoulders

Ragini – dii what happened

Swara smiled and noises in no

Ragini – you know his face was worth watching

Swara smiled and hit ragini head slightly – pagal now go and wake up kids or ha don’t play any prank on them

Ragini pouts – I never play any prank on them it’s me who become there target every time

She fake sadly smiled and went from there when swara shook her head sideways mumbling dramebazz

She again got into thinking how once she teased sanskar

Swara was angry on sanskar because he came late from office but she asked him to come soon as she wants to go out and it’s been two days swara was angry sorry pretended to be angry she like the way he is convincing her roaming behind her like a lost puppy
And here sanskar was trying to convince her fully without being notice that she is just pretending

He came early from office today and as always trying to convince her

Sanskar extra sweetly – jaan come we will go out and I will not stop you from having your favourite ice cream

Swara looked at him with blood shot eyes sanskar gulped looking at her anger

She started walking towards there room by sanskar still following her seeking for her forgiveness

He came inside room and saw her combing her long silky hairs

He thought something and smirked looking at her

He moved towards her with slow steps and stood at a comfortable distance

Sanskar – jaan I am asking you last time are you coming

Swara did not replied anything and was busy in combing her hairs as if she did not heard anything

Sanskar – so you will not come ok then I will go with my pa janvi you know today only she asked me for dinner but I said no but it’s ok

Swara hands stoped for a sec but then she again resumed her work

Sanskar seeing no reaction from her side pretended to go from there

Sanskar (shouts) – swara I am going

Still no movement in swara

He was about to step out from room when swara retorted back – sanskar go but before that drop me to near by park I asked one of my closest friend to meet there

Sanskar stood there smiling that finally she talked to him but soon it was replaced by frown but she asked me to go she does not care I go with anyone but one sec who is that friend of her

A pang of possessiveness rose outside him and he quickly matched towards her

Sanskar – which friend ? And is it a boy or girl? Why at this time it is almost 8
He fired her with question swara smirked and then to him

Swara shrugging her shoulders – Samarth

Sanskar confused – huh?????

Swara – art his name is Samarth you know he is my bestest friend he understand me so better by the way why you wanted to know you are going with your pa for dinner na
She asked raising her eyebrows

Sanskar gritting his teeth – you are not going anywhere understood

Swara came close to him a bit and started smelling him

Swara – don’t you feel something burning

Sanskar understood what she wanted to say he grabbed her by her waist and pulled her towards him

Sanskar – what were you saying ?

Swara stammering – vo …. vo … I ….

Sanskar huskily – speak up swara

Swara looked at him tensed- sanskar I was saying that ….

Sanskar kissed her cheek – that

Swara – you look ….. Cute when you are jealous
While saying this she freed herself from his grip quickly and ran from there

Sanskar – swara stop ……. I am not cute get that

She ran in while room teasing him while he chased her

Finally he caught her and started tickling her

Sanskar smiling ear to ear – am I cute

Swara laughing – sanskar leave me

Flashback ends
Swara smiled sadly with tears brimming her vision and only one question in her heart ‘was it so difficult for him to believe her’
Sanskar was passing in his room to and fro seeing his mobile every sec as if waiting for someone call

Finally his wait came to an end when his cell rang he immediately picked it in first ring

Sanskar – say aman (manager) any information

Aman – sir man is in Bangalore

Sanskar confused – Bangalore ?

Aman – yes sir I have mailed you all info about her

Sanskar cut his call in next sec and checked his mail
His happiness has no bound he was felling like dancing
Without wasting any time he called someone

Sanskar – dude we found them I am going there you also reach as soon as possible

Os – ok budy message me the address

Sanskar happily – sure

He disconnects the call and smiled brightly – jaan wait for few hours I am coming
Precap : raglak devansh (dev + ansh ) day out …….. Swasan meet
Guys avi is busy in her 12th board exam preparation so I am going to post from her side …… Ops you don’t know me I am her friend so hope you support me the way you did to her

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