swasan ff: i got you by fate Part 7

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Part 6

In car,
Both are silent sit in car, nobody dare to talk ….
After 5-10 min, Sanskar “swara , we reach home”
Sanskar helps her to shifting her luggage.
Swara- Sanskar , I want ask one thing.
Sanskar- hmm
Swara- where is my room, vo I feel very tired
Sanskar- oh sorry,I forgot to tell you…. Then he call Shyam
Shyam- haa Bhaiya, kya hua kuch kam hai kya(what happen,do you want something)
Sanskar- swara, shyam will show you your room
Sanskar- shyam, you show her guest room and let me introduce you
“shyam ,she is Laksh friends swara and swara he is shyam”

“shyam, chlo mai aapko dikha deta hu aapka room ( let me show you your room)
Swara- hmm,
Then shyam show her room , and say “ AGR aapko kuch bhi chaiye hoga toh bta dena mjhe” (if you want anything then call me)
Swara- okay shyam,can I say you something

Shyam- aap bolna chathi ho (hmm you can tell me)
Swara- v….vo you can call me swara ya shona or sis
Shyam- okay, but then you call me bhai ( with emotional tone)
Swara wipe shyam tears and says “hmm”, “if you cry then I also cry , can you see me crying” (in dramatic tone she say)
Shyam- no…no , you r sis, then how can I see tears in ur eyes

Sanskar- shyam…shyam
Shyam – shona, Bhaiya then Swara interrupt and say “ you go ,bhai….may be he have some important work”
Shyam- hmm and he went near Sanskar
Shyam-ji Bhaiya, what happens
Sanskar-go and bring one cup tea in study room (in angry tone)
Shyam- hmm,then he went

In other side

One man – I don’t knw , I want her… In any cost …go and find her ,you have only 1 week … If you not find her then you know na what happens I do with you and if you not find her then says me , I have more mans to do this work (in angry tone)
Other man – I will find her boss
Then he left to find her
First man- swara…Swara…….swaraaaa , you will pay for ur deed, I can’t wait for it …..I will find you

Scene change (Laksh and kavya)

Laksh- baby, what happens you….
kavya- nthng baby..
Laksh- hmm , but you look in tensed…means something happened to you surely, say na
Kavya- I think about your bro, means you both are soo opposite to each other ….one side you cool and he angry man
I think something surely happened with him and what about you Laksh
Laksh- hmm ,you are right but no body knows his past because when we meet he was almost 19 yrs ,and you known after then what happens with him
Kavya – hmm, u r right …we will sure find it
Laksh- okay , let’s topic change we are here for date and you (in dramatic tone)
Kavya-ohhh my baby is angry with me to spoil his mood
Laksh- hmm
Kavya- okay, then can you dance with me then surely your mood is good…so what you think
Laksh- okay
Then both go in dance floor

Scene change (swasan)

“Shyam ….shyam….where r u ????” sanskar shouted
Just then shyam bring his tea and medicines and say “bhaiya, your tea and medicine”
Sanskar- hmm
Shyam- Bhaiya, aaj khane mai kya bnao (today what I prepare for lunch)
Sanskar- anything
Shyam- okay

In kitchen
Swara is prepare lunch just then shyam enter and he see swara is preparing lunch for herself and Sanskar…
Shyam – swara, what are you doing in kitchen???
Swara- make lunch,
Shyam- I see , but why ???
You go and take rest , I make it
Swara- why , I go …. You go and take rest…

Shyam- okay, you want to prepare lunch na then I also help you …..okay
Swara- nice idea
Just then Laksh enter and say “omg!!!!! Swara you known how to make food”
Swara- yaaaa and why you ask???(in angry tone)
Laksh- I think you don’t know na
Swara- and why you think ???
When Laksh about too say ,then shyam stared laughing then Laksh also ….
First Swara confuse why they are laughing then see understand Laksh tease her and then laksh run from kitchen and Swara also run behind him….
Laksh- Swara, why are you running behind mee, if you run like this I sure ,you surely go in Olympics

swara- acha and what about you
Just then Sanskar came down from stair and he see swa-lak run from here to there and he smile to see them
“Bhai what you think, I say true na” Laksh shouted
Swara see Sanskar, and stop running
Laksh- what happened, Crying baby
Swara- what you says ….
Laksh- crying baby
“You, crying baby” swara shouted
Sanskar silently see them and control his smile

Precap- swa-lak mastii

1-Who r they , and why he wants swara….
2-What is Sanskar past????
Byeee friends and Just think about these question and comments it…..

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