live to love – part 4

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Hey guys thanks for the love
But actually I cannot post long episodes because of personal issues
Please do understand

So Sona runs from there and goes directly in her room where she finds Elena sitting on the bed

Elena:Sona..kya hua

But Sona doesn’t replies only blushes
Elena understands the meaning of her blushing

To yeh baat hai
Kaash Bhagwan mere saath bhi dev ne jaise tere saath kiya na vaise mere saath bhi karvaaye

Sona angrily looks at her

Elena:I mean dev jaise aadmi ke saath
I mean he is so romantic

Sona smiles and nodes her head

Next they all meet in lawn
From all I mean only friends

Arjun:so guys fanda bahut simple hai
Is bowl Mein se sab log ek ek chit nakalenge aur jinke numbers match karenge Vo will be the partners for the sangeet

Everybody says ok

Jai:(in dev’s ear)yaar yeh chit Ki badi problem hai

Jai had suddenly got a big crush in Elena
And dev nods(for Sona)

Naina:ladies first

And gives a chit to every girl like Sona,Shraddha and Elena

Then turns comes for the boys
Dev,jai and their another friend Nikhil (Nikhil’s not special in this ff)

Shradhha says the number 2
She matches with Nikhil
Now Elena says the number 3
Both hai and dev looks at their chits
Dev has the number 3
But jai interrupts

Jai:3….3…i have 3
What a coincidence

Elena looks at Sona
Both smirk

Dev:iska matlab ms.bose aap 4 hai

Sona nods
Both smile seeing in each others eyes

Arjun:so guys kal se practices shuru hoengi
So aaj aap log test kar lijiye
Then from tomorrow we will start

Everybody say ok

And then everyone disperse except dev and Sona
Dev holds sona’s hand and pulls her to the swimming pool area

The both reach there and resume what they had left
Dev again started giving love bites and kisses to Sona on the neck
Sona again moans his name
But this time dev was too strong
So it was much more painful for Sona as if he was angry that they had to leave that time

Dev then turns to the front of the neck of Sona and started biting there
Dev’s hands were at Sona’s stomach
He then once again pulled Sona’s Chunni and threw it in the ground
Unzipped sona’s anarkali
And started biting there
Sona couldn’t take it and pushed dev
Dev got angry and kissed Sona hard on her lips
Sona gave up and reciprocated
They were glued to each other
Dev’s one hand on on sona’s unzipped bare back
And other hand on sona’s face
Suddenly he moved back
And started wiggling sona’s br*ast with his nose
And bit there,Sona was enjoying it
Dev was very strong
She couldn’t help it
Suddenly they heard someone coming and they moved back
Once again dev unzipped sona’s anarkali with one last strong bite there
Put back her Chunni
And moved back
They saw Arjun and jai coming
They both also saw them

Arjun :tum donon yahan pe kya kar rahe ho?

Dev lied

Dev:kuch nahi

But Arjun was suspicious

Arjun:sach sach bol

They tried alot but Arjun was stubborn he wa sure they there was something fishy
Sona suddenly signalled dev to tell the truth
Dev agreed
And told everything to them


Then looking at Sona

Arjun:Namaste bhabhiji

Sona blushed

Arjun:aur yeh baat chupane Ki kya zaroorat thi
Bata hi deta
Ab dost par bhi yakeen nahi raha
Tujh jaise log Ki vajah se hamara dekh aage nahi badh paa raha hai

Dev gave a what expression

They all laugh

And then after sometime go back to rooms

But dev once again holds Sona and gives Sona a very very strong kiss ?

Sona blushes and leaves

That’s all for today
Hope you all enjoyed it

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  1. Lovely…..???????…. Amazing as well

  2. Awesome

  3. Priya12

    Di, so romantic…..N hot

  4. Shruti710

    Thank you so much guys
    Your comments boost up my self

  5. Wowwwww❤❤❤❤❤ this much is ok?? it’s too god yr…waiting eagerly for next episode

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