Tere pyar mein… Raglak (Part 5)


The rest of the day went peacefully; trio roamed around the city and came home by evening.

Few more days passed likewise, and the trio’s feeling too increased. Even though Raglak have made friendship, they still had awkwardness among them, their broken engagement was still affecting them, they were each other’s fiancé, and they both love each other. Now after this mess, being friends was difficult.

Ragini was certain that their relation has o scope, so even after being his friend; he was keeping distance from him.

Laksh wanted her back in his life, but her ignorance, since she was always around Swara, Laksh too bonded really with her, it was the only way to stay close with Ragini.

But Swara has seen the things in different angle altogether. Ragini was always staying away from Laksh and Laksh was getting close to her, doesn’t that means Ragini doesn’t has any feelings for Laksh and Laksh getting close to her, does it means that he has got feelings for her?

Both the girls were affected by Laksh’s closeness with Swara, one was breaking down, thinking that her love has fallen for her sister; other was in her dream world, thinking that her love loves her back.

The problem with the trio was they were assuming too much. None of them even tried to ask the other two about their feelings.


Few days later:

Early Morning:

Ragini woke up earlier than usual. She was so happy and excited. She looked to her side and found Swara fast asleep.

She caressed her hair, and got down from the bed. After getting fresh, she took out a bag and came to the hall. She spread the whole content of the bag on the table; it is Swara’s birthday, that day.

She wants to decorate the hall, but alone it will take time, but she can’t disturb her parents or grandparents in the early morning, so she went to Laksh.

Laksh was in deep sleep when Ragini came to knock his door. He was really irritated but opened the door and was shocked to see Ragini.

Lak: Ragini? What are you doing here at this night?

Rag: Laksh, it is early morning.

He looks outside, and it was still dark.

Lak: It’s still dark outside.

Rag: (awkwardly) I know, well, it is Swara’s birthday today and I….

Lak: (excitedly) You want me to help you in decoration?

He was happy that she came to him and excited that he could spent some time alone with her.

But she misunderstood it, she thought he was excited because it is Swara’s birthday and that he wants to make Swara feel special.

She simply nodes and left to the hall. He came there soon. Together they hang the birthday banner and colour paper garlands on the walls. Ragini had bought any balloons, both sat on the ground and started to blow air in them.

Laksh didn’t know how to tie the balloon and every balloon was losing it’s air while he tried to tie it. He pouts when the same happened fourth time in a row. Ragini laughs seeing him.

Lak: What type of a friend you are, here I am suffering and you are laughing at me, not fair.

Rag: So you want me to cry?

Lak: Help me yaar!

Rag: (laughs) Ok.

She shows him how to tie the balloon, he learned it quickly and found it interesting, well it better than filling the air. So he told Ragini that he would tie every balloon and asked her to fill air. She agreed, and then he was tying every balloon she filled air with.

Something struck Laksh, he intentionally arranged the balloons such that Ragini as i the centre and was surrounded by so many balloons, Ragini who was busy filling air, didn’t notice it.

When she was done with filling air, Ragini looked around, she was surprised to see too many balloons around her, she felt so special and happy. She was smiling ear to ear caressing the balloons.

Laksh too smiles widely seeing her and took a pic her without her knowledge.

Rag: Laksh what is this, you surrounded me with balloons?

Lak: Vo, sorry Ragini, I, it wasn’t intentional.

Rag: It’s ok, I am not angry.

Rag: (in mind) Thank you Laksh, even if unintentional, you made me feel so special.

Lak: (in mind) It was intentional only Ragini, for this smile of yours, I can do anything.

They then decorated and Ragini placed the cake she bought last day, on the table along with a gift for Swara.

Shomi and Dadi got up by then, Ragini asked them to call Shekar and Dadaji and she went to wake Swara up.

Ragini came back with a Swara, Swara was surprised seeing the whole decoration, she felt so special and she was so happy. She hugs Ragini tightly.

Swa: Thank you so much Ragini, this is so amazing.

Ragini smiles and kisses her forehead.

Rag: Happy birthday Swara, but I didn’t do all these alone, Laksh helped me.

Laksh smiles, but Swara was blushing, he did all these for her, and she is so special for him that as running through her mind.

Swara then took blessing from her parents and grandparents, and then cut the cake.

Starting from Ragini, she made everyone eat from her hand, all were happy.

Ragini then presented her, her gift. Swara opened it and was surprised, she had tears in her eyes, it was the same gift which Ragini made her select. She hugs her emotionally.

Laksh smiles genuinely seeing these sisters.

Swara calls her name emotionally.

Rag: Kya? I told you right, that the person is very close to me and very very very special for me.

Swara tightens her grip on her, both were smiling, and others admired them.

The day went on, Ragini made Swara’s favourite food and the sisters sent quality time with each other.


Swara was sitting on her bed, lost in her thoughts, she felt blessed to have a sister like Ragini, and she smiles thinking of Ragini. Then she thought of Laksh, she blushed again, he was making her feel special.

Ragini entered the room and saw Swara lost in her dream world. Ragini smiles seeing her, and sat beside her.

Rag: Whose thoughts are you lost in?

Swa: (dreamingly) Laksh,

Ragini felt like a thunder hit her, her sister loves Laksh, she felt very week, tears starts to fall from her eyes, and she wiped them quickly. She acted strong and shook Swara, which helped to Swara to come out of her dream world.

Only then Swara realised what she blabbered.

Swa: Voh, mein Ragini,

Rag: What Ragini ? What is going on?

Swara took a deep breath, and then she told Ragini everything about her love for Laksh and also her thoughts on Laksh’s feelings. Each and every words of Swara was stabbing Ragini’s heart mercilessly, but she stayed calm.

Rag: I am so happy for you Swara,

Swa: Are you sure Ragini, I mean you,

Rag: Swara, I told you earlier itself, that I don’t.

They smile and Swara hugs her.

Rag: (in mind) Even if I have a problem, it doesn’t matter Swara, because like you, I too feels that Laksh loves you, and you too love him, yours is a perfect love story, I am the outsider here, and I shouldn’t be a hindrance in your love story. I promise you Swara, I will never be a barrier in your love story.

She tightens hr grip on Swara. They both lay down, but neither slept that night, one was in her dream world and the other, well she was truly broken. Ragini was determined that she won’t become a barrier in her sister’s love story, but that doesn’t mean she could move on from Laksh. She believed that she doesn’t have a future with Laksh, and she was trying to make her heart believe that Laksh has feelings for her sister, but was not successful yet, and now her sister too loves him, the mere thought of them being together was killing her heart, even after her multiple tries, her heart is not ready to accept this fact!

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