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Good Morning My Lovely Readers Thanks alot dear jasmine sia (dear cannot thank u enough for suggesting me main theme)anuva anu Shanya

Thanks dear maanvi Its a pleasure to know ur opinion.

Thanks silent readers


Recap-zoya n adi reach usa

Zoya feels pari is suffering from food allergy she gives her injection

Sakshi feels Adiya are perfect couple she wishes for their togetherness

Adiya together take care of an unconscious pari

Sun is shown rising

Adi is resting his head on zoya’s shoulder

Zoya too sleeping by taking support of edge of pari’s bed

Zoya opens her eyes

She notices Adi sleeping by resting his head on her shoulder

She gently tries to move his face

She cups his face

She looks at him

She feels some pain

Dard diloke kaam ho jaate mein aur tum agar hum ho Jate Plays in Bg

Zoya moves away

She checks pari’s fever

Zoya moves her hand over pari’still hair lovingly

Adi opens his eyes

He notices zoya loving pari

He smiles with tears in his eyes

Suddenly zoya’s phone rings

Zoya sees Maa calling

Adi looks in panic at her

Zoya picks up

Anjana (angry tone )-Zoya what’s all this since yesterday we are trying to reach to u n adi n ur phones are switched off

N now driver told us u both left for usa

Zoya-Maa Iam sorry Pls listen to me pls

Adi gets nervous

Anjana -zoya Adi is mad I can expect this out of him but how could u be so negligent Do u even know what I was going through

Anjana weeps

Zoya feels bad

Harshvardan takes phone

Harshvardan -zoya beta Whats all this.

Zoya-Papa actually Dr Watson told me to bring Aditya urgently to Usa they wanted to do some treatment  of his knees It was urgent I tried to contact but there were network issues Pls tell ma Iam sorry  It all happened in hurry

Harshvardan -u both are fine

Zoya-yes papa ma is fine

Harshvardan -Dnt wry u get Adi’s treatment done properly If u need any help pls let us know stay in touch n take care God bless u both Dnt wry I will explain Anjana

Zoya-Thank u papa

Adi looks at zoya

Adi-thank u i actually cannot thank u enough

Zoya-Aditya its just that now hooda family is my family too I didn’t want to hurt them

Whenever u feel the time is right u tell them truth urself

Zoya leaves

Adi keeps looking at her

Adi kisses pari’s forehead

Adi notices pari is murmuring something

Adi-Zoya zoya Zoya

Pari is gaining consciousness

Zoya comes running

She checks pari

Pari gently opens her eyes

Adi is holding her hand

Pari smiles seeing him

Pari-p p p p papa

Adi kisses her

Zoya notices

Pari tries  to sit up

Pari looks at adi

Tears well up in her eyes

Pari-what happened papa Why are u sitting on this chair

U fell down kya what happened

Pari starts weeping

Pari-it might be paining na

Adi tries to pacify her

But she cries

Zoya-pari beta papa is fine nothing happened pls dnt cry u know bhagwaan jii is playing a game with papa He told him to sit on this chair for some days If he wins God will gift him something beautiful

Pari-Really Dr Aunty

Zoya smiles

Zoya-now be a good girl show me ur tongue

While zoya checks pari

Adi marvells how zoya n he has same way of explaining pari

Pari-Thanks Dr Aunty u are very beautiful

Adi-princess u know who is this Dr Aunty She is zoya Aunty

Pari makes faces -ur wife because of whom u were not coming to meet me I hate her Why she came here

Zoya feels bad

Adi -no bachaa no she fought with bhagwaan jii n got me to u Sachii beta she has got me here come on say sorry to her

Pari-Sowiee Aunty can we pls be friends

Zoya shakes hand with her

Adi smiles

Pari kisses her

Zoya smiles


Zoya-Aditya how come u told pari that Iam ur wife isn’t she too small to understand all this

Adi-Zoya I dnt hide anything from her she will understand everything

Thanks for loving her

Zoya n adi together make pari eat food

They are shown playing games n enjoying with pari

Zoya comes across some pics of pooja n adi in a room

She has tears in her eyes

Adi observes

Zoya is about to leave

He holds her hand

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  1. Woww loved it so much…..
    Adi should give the love that zoya deserves??????

  2. Anuva

    I really loved it a lot… Now Pari accepts Zoya… I am happy… Now i want their family should accept Pari n Adi should love Zoya… Hope Zoya will handle them…

  3. Wow that’s so sweet. Now only waiting for Adi to fall in love with zoya. Waiting for the next.

  4. Firstly thanks , and next awesome waiting for adi realize some feelings for zoya , and can we expect some romantic or close scenes of adiya?? ????? Post soon

  5. Is this show bepannah streaming somewhere or you are just telling us story

    1. No dear its not streaming anywhere
      This is fan fiction I have created using characters of bepannah serial which has ended now earlier was telecasted on colours

  6. It was fantastic yaar.I am waiting for the moment that adi realises his love for zoya.the precap was interesting…. Waiting for the next …post soon… Happy Christmas to all of u in advance ????.

  7. Jasminerahul

    adi pari scene was emotional.i felt sad when pari said she hates zoya.but glad that mu got cleared n pari made friends with zoya

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