Part of growing up is moving on and leaving something behind which can only offer pain.
You don’t pass it. You just get used to it over the time.

A quinquennial later.

A warm feeling of sun entering the atmosphere that day made him to smile widely.

He stretched his hands sitting on his bed with his eyes still closed.

“Zorro” he heard a squeal and opened his eyes immediately and the smile on his face disappeared.

“Oh shit” he glanced the clock and pushed the quilt aside and ran to the washroom and walked out after freshening himself.

“Zorro” he heard the voice again when he was setting his hair looking at the mirror. He increased his speed and ran out of the room.

“Zorro” he heard the voice again and ran with more quick steps. Finally left a breath when he reached the door of that particular room. He pushed the door and looked at her and smiled widely looking at her.

She was sitting with her closed eyes still. She felt his presence and her smile widened.

She opened her eyes and looked at him with the same wide smile and twinkle shining at the corner of her eyes.

She chuckled cutely. “Phew” he left a breath to relax himself.

“Zorro you are late” she crossed her arms pouting cutely. “Sorry Phoo Bear” he walked to her apologizing holding his ears. She just twisted her lips not meeting his eyes.

“Ohho my Phoo Bear is angry. What shall I do now? ” he sat in front of her and placed his hand under his chin.

He smirked and neared her and started tickling. She started laughing and the whole house was filled with her laughter.

Pari who walked out of the kitchen nodded her head smiling. “She woke up” Anjali walked with a baby in her hand.

“Why did you come out Anji. It’s not even a week that you gave birth to the baby and I had told you for a month you will take only rest” Pari scolded her 10 minutes late twin.

“I just came out to meet everyone Jeeji. It’s so suffocating in that room” Anjali pouted.

“Anji. What the hell are you doing here?” Kishan walked to her concerned while he returned from the gym.

“I was getting bored there” she looked at him. “And for god sake you had a scisarian just three days ago” he took his son in his arms and held her shoulder.

“Come now” he dragged her along to their room. Anjali looked at her sister and pouted walking towards the room.

“I’m fine Kishan” she said as she entered the room. “I know you are fine wifey. But you know your chicken heart husband don’t you? I just wanted you to take more rest. So that the pain of stitches goes away soon and you know I had promised Pari bhabi that I will make sure of it so only she let me to get you discharged so soon” he made her sit and sat beside her holding their son.

“Thought of any name? ” Anjali asked her husband as she placed her chin over his shoulder and looked at their son.

Ruhan” he smiled widely. Anjali kissed Kishan’s cheek and he turned to kiss her forehead.

“Chachu” they heard a squeal and chuckled looking at each other.

As they both turned their heads towards the door they found her standing with her hands on her waist and glaring them.

“Oh please don’t you people get enough of this romance?” she rolled her eyes entering the room.

“Ananya” she felt a back head slap and turned to look at her elder sister who was glaring her crossing her arms.

“Where does she learns all that?” Kishan asked and Anisha huffed. “Chachs don’t you know her craze for Bollywood movies” Anisha walked along with Ananya.

“Now don’t change the topic Chachs you had told today you will let us to play with our baby brother didn’t you? ” Ananya asked. Kishan smiled at her and brought the baby in front of Ananya.

“He is so so cute” she squealed happy. “Can I hold him please?” she looked up at Kishan pleading.

“Of course” Anjali said and Kishan carefully handed the baby to Ananya whose eyes gleamed. She looked at Anisha who smiled at her little sister.

They all heard a glass cracking noise and startled.

“She again dropped the glass” Anisha spoke nodding her head.

She walked out of the room with Kishan while Ananya played with the baby sitting beside Anjali.

They neared the table.

“Pooh Bear that’s fine see nothing happened” “Ansh Bhai” Anisha called him and he turned.

“Why is she crying so badly?” Anisha neared her.

Ansh wiped her face and kissed her forehead. “Dadi will scold you” she hiccuped.

“Hey Pooh Bear I like her scoldings don’t you know? ” he asked her and she pouted.

Anisha looked at her and neared her kneeling. “Dhwani baby look at me” Anisha cupped her face.

“We will clean it before Dadi comes okay and she will not know” Anisha spoke with an assuring smile.

“But we should not tell lies” she said cutely. “You don’t tell lie okay. We will manage but you don’t speak when Dadi comes” Ansh spoke and she looked at him.

Ansh and Anisha both cleaned the glass pieces and threw it in the dustbin quickly.

“Ansh you broke one more glass is it? ” Annapurna walked down the stairs.

“Glass? Dadi what are you talking about? ” Anisha spoke innocently. Annapurna wore her glass which she was wiping and looked at her grand daughter pointing a look.

She walked across and reached the dustbin. “This one” she pointed the dustbin. Anisha and Andha closed their eyes.

“That Dadi… ” Ansh was interrupted. “Maa it was me. I was making milk for Dhwani and dropped the hot glass” Adarsh came from the kitchen holding a tray of milk shake glasses.

“Mikshake” Dhwani squealed and neared Adarsh. “Pooh bear” Ansh walked to her and stopped. He took the glass and tug her along with him to reach the dining table.

He made her sit and placed the glass near her lips and she emptied the glass.

“Hot glass really? ” Annapurna stared at her son walking to the kitchen. “Pops. Don’t do the things which you don’t know” Anisha complained.

“Exactly” Kishan gave her a high five. Adarsh glared them and they continued laughing more.


Vikram sat pouting. Sriti entered the room. “Ahhh” she shouted in shock looking at his face.

“What the hell? ” she placed her hand on her fast beating heart.

“I told you… I told you Dadda. Mumma will be scared” the little girl popped out from behind the chair Vikram was sitting.

“And you needed to test that on your Dadda? Kumud? ” Sriti wiped Vikram’s face with the edge of her Saree and he hugged her by her stomach.

“Mr. Vikram Asthana stop being a kid. You are a father of four year old devil” Sriti pushed him a bit.

“That’s not fair. I become the experimenting rat for her and don’t even get love” he said like a baby.

“Really? Then is she proof of your hate? ” Sriti held little Kumud’s shoulder.

“Kumud” Shekar walked to their room and started laughing looking at Vikram’s face.

“Dadu” Kumud ran to Shekar and he picked her in his arms. “Great work baby” he said giving a high five to her.

“Dad” Vikram whined. “oh I’m sorry son. I can’t stop admiring her art” Shekar said controlling his laugh.

“What’s happening here?” Sumi walked to the room and looked at Vikram. She also burst out laughing. “Maa” he whined like a small kid.

“Okay okay but she is great at making you look like a clown” Sumi said in between her giggles.

“Nobody loves me here. Only my bacha loves me” he said and suddenly all became silent.

“Bhayyu” her voice made his eyes drop the tear and he closed his eyes folding his lips.

Kumud got down to reach her father. She wiped his cheeks with her little hands and gave him a sweet smile.

“She still loves you Dadda” she hugged her father who looked up to control his emotions.


Kavya roamed all over the house holding the milk glass. “Ashish” she called his name and her son who was hiding below the table giggled covering his mouth.

“Ashu come out from your hiding it else it will be bad if I found you alright?” she warned.

“Ashu” she called him again. “What happened Kavi? ” Harish strode down the stair case wearing his watch.

“See na dad. One side this Ashu is playing with me and on the other hand his father the kumbkaran has not even woke up” she whined.

“Ashu” Avantika walked adjusting her bracelet. ” Now see how he will be out of his hideout” Harish whispered in Kavya’s ear.

“Dadi” Ashish came out of under the table and hugged Avantika by her legs. She smiled widely and ruffled his hair and bent to place a soft caring kiss on his forehead.

“Told you” Harish chuckled. Avantika who heard his giggle looked at him. “What did you call me this time Harish?” she asked narrowing her eyes.

“Do I have that courage Biwi? I was just telling Kavya that your voice is so powerful” he said and Avantika looked at him weirdly.

Avantika handed Ashish to Kavya who glared her son and walked to the dining table.

She made him drink the milk and he twitched his face after that. “Where is Yohan?” Avantika asked Kavya.

“He is still sleeping” Kavya wiped Ashish’s lips.

“Still? ” she looked in disbelief and Kavya nodded her head. “Yohan” Avantika called and Yohan who was at the edge of the bed fell off it and landed on the ground.

“Yes mom” he woke up with a jerk and screamed. “You are still sleeping?” he heard her and stood up quickly placing the quilt over the bed. “Nope mom. I was on my way to washroom” he spoke with his half closed eyes and rushed towards the washroom door and banged the closed the door of it with his head. “Ouch” he rubbed the temple.

“What was that? ” he heard Avantika’s voice. “Soap mom. It just slipped out of my hand” he said turning the knob of the door.

Kavya and Harish chuckled realizing what actually might have happened. “Come down quick. You are getting late” Avantika maintained her poise sitting on the chair.

“Hey mom” Sahil bent to hug her. She smiled looking at him.

“How is Ragvi?” she asked as he sat on the chair beside her. “She is better. I made her to eat the soup you made. And now she is taking rest” he said and flipped the plate in front of him.

“And Yohan said it is normal in pregnancy. And he has prescribed some tablets I will get it on my way back” he said and ate the food Kavya served him.

“I’m sorry Kavi. I’m increasing a burden on you” he weakly smiled at Kavya.

“Come on Jeth ji. Even you all cared for me while I was pregnant I can understand. She is no less than my sister” Kavya smiled at him.

They all continued to have the breakfast.

Anisha sat in front of her laptop and sighed.

“Dear Chachu.

How are you? I know I keep asking this everyday. But just want to know about you every day.

Today Dhwani dropped the glass again and luckily Dad saved us from Dadi’s wrath. You know she has become a bit intolerant after Dadu’s death.

It makes me feel how important is a life partner and when that particular person leaves us it seems impossible to remain same.

Ansh Bhai was again late to wake up. I wonder how the alarms of the world fail to wake him up and he wakes up at one squeal of Dhwani calling him Zorro.

And she never opens her eyes if he isn’t standing in front of her every morning.

She reminds me of Chachi and you a lot. She has become Ansh bhai’s life and never leaves him for a second also.

She still is not able to talk the words clearly. But she is trying. Sahil Chachu had talked to the head master of Ansh bhai’s school to let Dhwani sit along with him in the class and she will not disturb the class.

All his classmates make fun of him that he is her mother. He tolerates everything but today when his best friend Arav teased her calling mentally unstable he beat him blue and black.

Like every week he was punished by the head master for taking one of his sister’s side. Remember last week he beat a boy of Ananya’s class who called her moti though he is was right.

But he cannot tolerate anyone speaking against his sisters.

Kumud crossed Dhwani’ s class this year and she will be in a class higher than that of Dhwani.

But don’t worry Dhwani is all happy to be with her Zorro.

Yohan Chachu was arguing with Kishan Chachu to change Dhwani’s school as she needs special class but Kishan Chachu did not agree to it. He knew Dhwani cannot be away from Ansh Bhai.

Ashish got a gold medal in frog race and was very happy. Ragvi chachi presented him a doll to play and he was whining that he is not a girl.

But Sahil Chachu brought a remote car which made the situation light.

He has really learned finally how to console people. But he misses you.

Not only he. We all are missing you. I know you will take time to return but it has been five years Chachu. It’s a huge time. Please come back soon.

Your lovely niece

She closed the laptop after pressing the send button and looked up to control her paining throat.

Sanskar woke up hearing a alerting sound from his mobile. He half opened his eyes and looked at the screen of it.

He opened the mail and his eyes moistened. He smiled weakly and turned to look at his left where Ragini was sleeping.

He kissed her forehead and walked to the washroom.

As he walked out he saw her again and she lied as lifeless as she was earlier. “You woke up?” he asked her but there was no response. He kissed her forehead and walked to the dresser to get himself ready.

“You know biwi. Just an hour ago I got a email from Ani. She was narrating everything…..” he told her everything there in the mail he read.

“Hello” he heard a knock on his door. “come in Laksh” he said and Laksh walked inside the room.

“Hey dumbo how are you?” he asked her checking her pulse but there was no response from her.

“I know I know you want to give me a sarcastic reply but I can’t help it till you wake up I will be the best” he played with his collar.

“Haa because your Kadva Karela tho will not be in his sarcasm senses unless you are reverting him. So who is the king of sarcasm Now?” he said proudly.

His smile faded as he did not get a reply from her. “Get up soon dumbo. We miss you” he said lowly.

Sanskar pushed the curtain letting the sun light enter the room.

“Ohho I forgot” he moved to his table grabbing the phone.

“Sorry Sale sahab” he apologized and pressed the speaker button.

“Bacha” Vikram spoke from the other side and his voice cracked.

” You know today Kumud had made me a clown again” he chuckled through his tears.

“I know I deserve to be one” he said.

“Take care” he said after talking for a while and getting disappointed as she did not reply back to him.

A tear tripped her close eye.

Vikram buried his face in Sriti’s embrace. “I wish she would have been here. I miss her so much” he said sobbing.

“You know she will get the best medication in London itself. And need to have patience. She needs you to be strong” Sriti rubbed his cheek.

“There is someone else also who needs you Vikram” she said looking into his eyes and he nodded his head.

Sanskar sat beside Ragini holding her hand in his.

“I love you” he kissed her hand and felt that unspoken reply ‘I love you too Dumbledore’

And there was this hopeful smile on his face.

Mai tenu samjhava ki
Tere Bina na lagda jee
Tu ki jaane pyar mera
Mai Karu intezar tera

Sometimes the hardest thing also seems possible when you have the courage to overcome your sorrows. And at times most easy things look impossible when you can’t look over your miseries.

A month later:
As the new day started like there was no change Sanskar pecked his wife’s forehead baiting on a hope that may be today it will be different.

Years have been passing without hearing her voice and he had no idea for how many more will he survive this silence of hers.

He sat beside her as he walked back to home in the evening that day. What he did not expect was the slight movement in her finger. His eyes widened as he stared her blankly waiting she will make more movements but he was disappointed.

Chahu Mai rahu jaha me tu na rahe
Tere mere pyar ki umar salamat rahe

“Sanky” he heard Laksh’s voice and came out of his trans and wiped that tear off.

He walked out of the room and found Laksh entering the home with a wide smile.

He found two people entering behind him. He felt he knew them for an unknown reason.

“Oh I’m sorry these are my relatives. I had to leave to Spain for few days on emergency and these still small to leave them on themselves. I thought you will not mind looking after them for few days” he said with a sheepish smile.

Ansh in took a sharp breath to control and his urge to hug Sanskar immediately. Sanskar weakly smiled at them and nodded his head.

“He is Ankur and she is his sister Dhani” he introduced Ansh and Dhwani with fake names.

“Good to see you” Sanskar moved to pat Ansh’s shoulder and he smiled weakly at Sanskar.

Dhwani moved behind Ansh and held his hand tightly. Only if she knew she knew how much her father has missed her all these years..

Ansh brought her front. “Pooh Bear. Say hello” he looked at her and she nodded her head.

“Bad manners Pooh Bear. You should say hello to people you meet” he complained.

She pouted cutely looking up at him. “Hell… Hello” she said and held Ansh more tightly.

Sanskar felt tingling sensation running down his spine. Suddenly the last moment he saw Dhwani and kissing her forehead before handing her to Pari flashed in his mind and tear tripped his eye.

He wiped it soon and smiled at the girl who was holding on to her brother.

Laksh looked at them helplessly and could not hold on to that lone tear from escaping his eye. He quickly wiped it wearing the smile back as Sanskar looked at him. He excused himself and walked out of the house.

Sanskar guided them to the guest room and Ansh arranged his and Dhwani’s luggage. “Zorro” she held his pant and walked along with him in that room wherever he was going.

“Haa Pooh Bear” he said closing the closet. “Why did Laksh mausa ji told a lie” she asked and Ansh bent to cover her mouth.

“Shhhh Pooh Bear. You had promised you will not talk about it” he pouted. “Sorry” she dangled her hands across his neck and he lifted her along with him.

“Pooh Bear is hungry? ” he held her back. She nodded her head cutely. “I miss parathas Badi Maa used to make” she said cutely pouting.

“But baby it is not our home na. We have to eat what they have made” he said helpless. Sanskar who was walking by heard them.

“Ankur” he entered the room and Ansh looked at him and panicked thinking if he heard anything.

“You can tell the servants whatever you or Dhani want to eat. Feel free okay” he walked out and Ansh sighed.

“Parathas…parathas….” Dhwani squealed happy. “Fine” he said walking with her reaching the kitchen. He made Dhwani sit on the table away.

“You be here alright. No jumping down. And no running around” he warned walking towards the stove and searching for the ingredients. The servants insisted on making the food but he denied saying his baby sister only eats what he makes.

Dhwani looked around and found the apple and played with it. “Pooh Bear I had told you na don’t play with the things we eat” Ansh looked over his shoulder.

“Sorry” she said and placed the apple back but it rolled down on the floor and Dhwani looked at it and then at Ansh. She tiptoed and walked out of the kitchen. She looked at the room which was on the other side of the hallway.

“No jumping around or running around” she remembered Ansh’s warning. “But I’m not jumping and running” she said to herself and crossed the hallway to reach the room.

She smiled widely holding the door and pushing it and found Ragini.

She tiptoed to reach her mother. A spark lightened in her eyes. “Sleeping Beauty” she squealed happy. She placed her little hand on her mother’s cheek who felt her nerves blasting suddenly.

She so much wanted to wake up and cover Dhwani right now but her soul was trapped in her body which had lost its senses.

“Pooh Bear” Ansh walked inside the room looking around carefully.

Kya bebasi hai yeh Kya majburiya
Hum pass hai phir bhi kitni hai Duriya

He could not hold himself anymore when he saw Ragini’s face after so many years and walked to reach her with heavy steps.

Jism tu jaan mai Teri pehchan mai
Mil ke bhi na mile yeh hai Kaisa Bharam

He collapsed beside her and tried touching her face to make it sure his mother was there right in front of him but without responding.

That pain was intolerable and he hiccuped. “Zorrro” Dhwani worried looking at his state.

“Maa” he whispered and left a breath which was trapped in his throat from eternity.

“Pooh Bear” he smiled through his tears looking at Ragini and pointing at Dhwani.

Dhwani looked at his face and wiped his tears with her little hands.

“She is just like you” he whispered lowly and Ragini’s heart was cursing her body. She wanted to hug him and console him. But she was helpless. She felt dead right now.

“What are you kids doing here? ” Sanskar entered from his study. Ansh wiped his tears quickly and stood up looking around.

“When Laksh introduced you I gave permission for you both to stay thinking you have good manners. How can you just roam around so carelessly? ” he asked and stopped as he felt a pull on his pant and looked down.

“Why are you screaming? We did not touched anything other than Sleeping Beauty” Dhwani bent her hand backward pointing at Ragini.

“But you are like big Rakshas shouting. You can’t hear? ” she asked pointing at her ear.

He stood not responding. “Hello” she shrieked. “Deafo” she screamed.

It looked like the past is replaying in front of him.

Before Dhwani could scream one more time Ansh reached her to cover her mouth and she stopped.

“We are sorry for trespassing. We won’t repeat it” Ansh lifted Dhwani and started walking from there.

Sanskar was watching them. “Zorro” she whined when Ansh moved his hand away. Sanskar’s eyes widened.

“Wait” he stopped Ansh.

Ansh looked horrified. “Why is she calling you Zorro? ” Sanskar asked and Ansh panicked.

“That’s because Deafo he is my Zorro” Dhwani screamed dangling her hands across Ansh’s neck and touching his cheek with hers.

Ansh smiled weakly and looked at Sanskar who looked convinced.

He turned to move. “Ansh” called. ” Haa chachu” he said without realizing. Then his heart stopped beating suddenly.

“Ansh” Sanskar looked at him shocked. Ansh could not hold his emotions and ran to Sanskar as he let Dhwani get down and hugged Sanskar in a bone crushing hug and let out all his emotions.

” I had told you. You cannot see your Maa like this. That’s why I came so far and promised you I will get her back all fine or never show you my face” Sanskar spoke with his paining throat.

“I could no longer stay without seeing her Chachu I am sorry” he apologized.

“She is…” Sanskar looked at Dhwani. Ansh nodded his head. Sanskar passed him and walked towards Dhwani who looked at him baffled.

“Zorro” she said panicking. “Zorro” she ran crossing Sanskar and hugged Ansh’s legs. Suddenly the pain in Sanskar’s heart shot up and he gulped the soar lump.

“Pooh Bear. It’s papa” he said and she nodded her head. “He loves you” he tried convincing her but she tightened her grip. “Won’t you listen to your Zorro? ” he asked and she looked at him sadly.

“He will take me away from you? ” she asked innocently. “He will not I promise” he said and her hold loosened.

She turned to look at Sanskar. He collapsed on the ground and she neared him slowly and hugged him closing her eyes tightly fearing.

Sanskar left that held breath and crying bitterly. There was no second he did not miss her from the day he had left her in Paris hand. He told Ani not to send any pictures because he knew his daughter was his weakness and he will leave behind everything to reach her.

He covered her and held her tightly with all the love he had stored for her from years. Ansh looked at him and folded his lips trying to control his emotions.

“I’m sorry baby” Sanskar whispered closing his eyes. Dhwani came out of the hug and moved her little hand reluctantly to wipe his cheeks. He cried more.

“Did I hurt you? Sorry” she looked around to check if she has by mistake hurt him hardly realizing his pain.

“Laksh mausa ji told me a week ago that you were reluctant about the treatment he suggested and I could not stop myself when I knew Maa could be cured” Ansh narrated Sanskar after the dinner about the reason for his arrival.

“It is risky Ansh. And I don’t think you want to let your mom die” Sanskar said stiffly. “She is anyways in a state of non life Chachu. What’s the harm in trying the shock treatment?” Ansh asked.

“I had enough arguments over it. I don’t care if she stays this way for eternity as far as she is breathing” his eyes dropped a tear.

“She doesn’t have only you in her life Chachu. She is part of many lives. She has to get back otherwise I don’t think anyone is gonna survive without her. Not me at least” Ansh’s eyes moistened.

“No Ansh. I don’t want to talk about it. You can spend your summer vacation and return back India but I will not agree for this treatment where her survival chances are toggling” Sanskar walked from there to his room and found Dhwani sleeping beside Ragini.

How much he wished to have that normal family but may be he did not deserve it. Ansh who stood beside him looked at the mother daughter and then at emotional Sanskar.

“You deserve that happy family Chachu and I will make sure you will have it for forever” he thoughts and moved inside to lift Dhwani in his arms and walked out of the room. Sanskar looked at the innocent face of his daughter.

“She is part of many lives” Ansh’s voice ringed in his mind. But he brushed all his thoughts and lied on the bed beside Ragini and watched her face.


ext day

Ansh made Ragini sit on the wheelchair and took her out of the house to reach the garden. Dhwani who was clutching to him did not understood what was he doing.

“Zorro” she asked him and he just gave her an assuring smile.

“You be with Maa here okay. I will get something to play from the store room. It is very dark you will cry” he caressed Dhwani’s cheek. “But you also are scared of darkness na? ” she asked innocently.

He looked at Ragini and smiled weakly. “Its okay I will manage” he kissed Dhwani’s forehead and walked from there.

He reached the store room and brought a big box which was filled with the toys and things of sports. It was difficult for him to hold but somehow he managed to walk with it.

He stumbled when he was approaching Dhwani in the garden. He fell down and the box fell on his leg and he let out a shriek “Maa”

Ragini felt the pulses galloping in her veins. “Maa” he screamed again hoping she will wake up.

Sanskar who was in the reading room ran out to reach them. He saw Ansh struggling below the wooden box and his leg bleeding. He was about to reach him but Ansh stopped him.

He signed him not to come and signed towards Ragini.

She blinked her eyes in that instant. Dhwani was running towards Ansh with panic but was stopped by Sanskar. She struggled in her father’s hold. She hit him with her small hands to let him go.

Ragini who felt Ansh’s painful scream in took a deep breath looking at him. She stood on her legs and stumbled as her legs were not strong enough to hold her right now.

She saw Ansh crying and made herself stand with difficulty and ran to him falling several times.

Finally she reached Ansh and pushed that wooden box with her all the strength.

“Baby” she whispered and cupped his face. “Maa” he hugged her and burst into a bitter cry.

“Maa” he had no words only that one word which kept him alive all these years. He hugged her tightly.

Sanskar let Dhwani and she ran to reach Ansh. “Zorro” she screamed hugging him from behind and cried bitterly.

“Zo… Zorro” she hiccuped. Ansh moved to hug her and she cried more.

“Maa” he pointed at Ragini who was looking at her daughter. She smiled a bit.

Dhwani looked at Ragini but then hugged Ansh more tightly. Ragini caressed her daughter’s hair and Dhwani closed her eyes.

“Pooh Bear” Ansh said and Dhwani moved to stand in front of Ragini.

Ragini stretched her hands with the hope and Dhwani looked back at her brother. He nodded his head and she hugged Ragini and Ragini felt she was finally alive in years.

Vikram was standing and watching the photo on the wall. He felt her presence in that silence and looked behind him.

“Bhayyu” when she said that word he realized he wasn’t dreaming. He smiled while a hot tear tripped his eye.

“Bacha” his voice was a mere whisper.

Khushiya chum lu Ya ro lu Zara…….

Ragini ran to him covering him tightly and Vikram cried bitterly holding her close very close almost suffocating her.

“You know how much I missed you? ” he asked her and she chuckled.

“More than the words could say?”she asked and he nodded his head folding his lips.

Sahil barged inside Asthana home and looked around.

“Sadu….” he heard her voice and his heart stopped beating. Sanskar stood in front of Sahil covering him in his embrace.

“Tell her I am not speaking to her” he whined like a small kid.

“Then how will you know to what level your brain has stopped growing? ” she chuckled and he turned to hug her tightly.

“Dare you. Dare you ever thought of leaving me live without your sarcastic replies” he hiccuped. “I’m scared” she chuckled. “You better be” he said and she smiled through her tears.

“Jhalli” Yohan walked inside the house. “OMG” he hugged her and cried like a small kid. Kavya who was holding Ashish let him on the ground and ran to hug Ragini.

“Do you have any idea how much we missed you? ” she asked and Ragini smiled through her tears.

“Nobody missed me. I better go back” Sanskar said sadly. “Chachu” he heard a cracking voice and a hold on his wrist.

Anisha and Ananya hugged him from both the sides. “We are gonna tie you with the ropes this time” Ananya spoke.

“Ananya” Anisha whined chuckling. “No I’m serious” she said making everyone giggle.

“Dadda why are you crying? ” Kumud who walked inside ran to Vikram who was smiling with tears leaving her mother behind.

“Ragu” Sumi looked at Ragini with shock as she entered the home behind Sriti along with Shekar.

Ragini moved to them to hug.

“You Dadda is very happy baby” Vikram said lifting Kumud in his arms.

Sriti who was hugging Ragini now looked at her husband. “Finally your Dadda’s life has come back” she said and Kumud looked at Ragini.

“This is Ragini Bua right? ” she asked and Vikram nodded his head. She got down and ran to Ragini and hugged her. “You know Dadda used to miss you a lot” she kissed Ragini’s cheek.

“And you made him pass that feeling” Ragini caressed Kumud’s cheek. Kumud nodded her head.

“Nobody can take Dadda’s bacha’s place and Ansh Bhai’s Maa’s place, Sahil fufa’s Ms. Collider and Yohan fufa’s Jhalli’s place in the world” she said stretching her hands.

Ragini smiled and hugged her. “She is just like you” Ragini smiled at Sriti.

“Where is Ragvi dee?” asked Ragini. “She is taking rest” Sahil said.

“She is four months pregnant” he said and Ragini widened her eyes looking at him.

“You Sade hue Karele you got married?” she asked him and he closed his eyes.

“Thank god” she chuckled. He blushed and looked down..

Ragini took Rehan in her hands carefully. “He is so cute” she shrieked. Kishan smiled looking at her.

Adarsh smiled as he remembered the day Ragini saw Anisha and had the same excitement.

“He is of course your nephew right” Annapurna caressed Ragini’s hair.

Ragini hugged Annapurna smiling at her.

Ansh was patting Dhwani’s shoulder while she was lying on the bed.

“Pooh Bear. Aren’t you sleepy yet? ” he asked her.

“Zorro. I am not understanding who are they” she said innocently. He smiled at her. She knew nothing about relation called mother and father as she had never seen them or felt their love.

“Maa is someone who will be with us always and takes care of us in every situation. And dad is someone who protects us and gives us everything we need” he said.

“So you are my mom and dad? ” she asked and he looked at her confused.

“You do both the things for me no? ” she asked and he smiled kissing her forehead.

“Now onwards they will do it for you” he said. “No I want you only to do all that for me forever” she hugged him and he smiled at her caressing her hair.

Ragini wiped the tear looking at them and walked to their room.

Sanskar hugged her from back and she smiled through her tears.

“Hey biwi” he said cupping her face and wiping the tears with his thumb.

“I always have to make tough choices why? ” she asked him. “That Day I chose Ansh’s life and my baby is suffering due to it. She can’t be like the kids of her age” she said sadly.

“She has her Zorro beside her protecting her always so don’t worry. Everything has a purpose” he said dragging her to a warm hug.

“Somewhere along the life I wish I be with you till I breath my last” he kissed her forehead.

“I wish the same Dumbledore” she dragged him more near to her.

So this is how it ends.

Thank you so much for all the love guys.



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