Tere Ishq Mein Marjawaan [Episode 12]

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When Sejal has retired to bed Ridhima came out in the balcony to fell the cold breeze on her face which was making her relax. It was all dark around  . But suddenly this relaxation was disturbed by the hand on her waist . First she got scared but then she got a feeling that this hand was familier . Then she heard a voice saying .

Voice: I love you.

Ridhima: I love you too.

Voice: By the way you were looking very nice today.

Ridhma: Thank you Vansh . And you also was not less.

Voice: What ????. You love Vansh bhai. You betrayed me Sejal. Tears rolling down

Ridhima:  What the heck? Sejal loves Vansh. I wil not leave him. And who are you mister.

Voice:  I should be the one asking you. Wait . Are you Ridhima.

Ridhiam: Yes . But who are you.

Voice: Apne beat friend ko nahi pehechan payi. [You are not able to recognise your best friend]

Ridhima: Kabir??

Kabir: Haan.

Ridhima: Oh sorry Kabir . I thought you to be Vansh and that he has come to ask me about the plan implementation as we didn’t met him in the night.

Kabir: What??

Realising what she said . Ridhima: Kabir  leave it . Go and meet Sejal . She is in my room.

Kabir: No way . I first want to know you love my bhai? I didn’t knew about it. And no one ever told me. And what about the plan you are talking. But when you both fell in love. As you came here only about 2 weeks ago and moreover you didn’t met him also. Wait was it a plan by you and Bhai. Speak Ridhima. Why are you silent.

Before Ridhima could speak. A voice came

Voice : How will she speak Kabir . You bombarded her with a huge set  of questions. Acha wait for a minute. Riddhu now speak.

Kabir was hell shocked by it. He had tears in his eyes. Without any delay he went her childhood beat friend Ridhima. He got to know about it by just one word Riddu . As this name was given by him only.

The speaker was Aryan who was also shocked . And was standing with Ahana.

Kabir: Breaking the hug. How you came here.

Ahana: We were enjoying our date when we saw you stealthily going out of the mansion. We didn’t bothered much but after sometime Vansh bhai also went like you and in the same directions as yours. When we came here we first witnessed the drama of Vansh and Sejal. And after hearing all the confessions by Vansh bhai. We came here and witnessed your’s drama too.

Vansh: Sorry all of you we didn’t wanted to hide it from you all. But had to . This is known by ,

Voice: Me , Isha Vansh, Ridhima and Angre.

Ridhima went and hugged Angre. And all others to the voice. It was Ragini.

Breaking the hug . Kabir: How are you di.  Actually I never saw you but heard a lot about you.

Ragini: Mine is also the same.

Kabir: Wait . Di isse phele ki hum sab apna siblinghood dikahen plz tell me  all about this anyone.

Ridhima: Ok wait Kabir I will tell you.

Saying so she told everything to them.

All were shocked.

All : What uncle was murdered by Papa.

The trio nodded their head. Ragini and Ishani were also shocked as she didn’t knew the whole.

Kabir: I will tell everything to maa and dadi. Then they will throw him out of the house.

Ridhima: Kabir wait.

As soon as she said this he backed  off and suddenly hugged her. He was now felling her pain. He was cursing himself for not being there for her in her misery.

Ridhima: Don’t cry Kabir.

Kabir: Where is aunty . I want to meet her.

Sejal came and took him with her to the room. Ridhima also wanted to go but was stopped by all others. She knew what they meant.

Ridhima: Now as per our plan I will marry Vansh. So that I can enter the house. Then we will start collecting the proof against him.

Precap: Wedding preparations of Sejal and Kabir.

Wedding proposal for Vansh??

As guessed by Maryem and Siddhi the speakers were Kabir and Ridhima.

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