Santoshi Maa 19th January 2021 Written Episode Update – Swati is running away from Devesh while Laila is caught having jewellery.

Santoshi Maa 19th January 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Devesh’s mother is asking everybody to check if valuables are there due to Swati ran away. Devesh says I’ll search her out wherever she is while Devi Polomi also instigates him saying that you have to as she steers him & her powers encourages Devesh.
Laila forces Bubli to keep stolen valuables in her cupboard thinking that if caught than Bubli would fall in trouble & she can run away smartly.
Swati is running away asking people to help her give phone to call Indresh but nobody is helpful for her while Devesh leaves taking gun to search her.
Lovely comes to give juice to Bubli telling her that see mother in law has prepared specially for you & also asks her how does this family necklace jewellery looks on me & she says ok while Pinky comes to ask Lovely about her make-up & Lovely asks her too how she is looking wearing the jewellery but she instead jokes with her & Lovely feels bad thinking this jewellery it seems looks old fashioned.
Laila offers lemon juice to Abhay, Singhasan’s brother as well as Singhasan himself while his brother asks her who gave you this address but she instead tells him to come on terrace at 12 o’clock night & will tell you while Abhay & Singhasan’s brother takes the juice but Singhasan doesn’t.
Swati is running but sees a woman & asks her to help with her phone to call Indresh but she demands her jewellery & Swati gives her while woman gives her the phone but Swati is unable to connect Indresh but she also sees Devesh following her hence takes away her phone & runs from there.
Dev Rishi asks Mata Santoshi that why Swati is facing so much trouble to go to Indresh without getting proper help from people also but Mata explains him that as she has now recovered completely regaining her memory with blessings of Shri Hanuman hence now she is empowered to tackle situation.
Swati is running away from Devesh while she is followed by some goons seeing her jewellery & she gets scared but Shri Hanuman in disguise comes to help her & she feels better while goons vanish as also Shri Hanuman too & Swati is confused but prays Mata’s photo which she is holding along with her.
Bubli asks Indresh where is the ring which he hasn’t yet put on her finger but he tells her it’s lost & she insists him to bring new one & put on her finger before marriage celebration takes place.
Lovely forces mother in law to give her new necklace instead of what she has worn now but she instead tells her now no time for this & Indresh hears this so he tells his mother to open the locker & give new necklace to her while take out another ring also for Swati, whom Indresh thinks as.
Indresh’s mother opens the locker telling everybody to take whatever you wish but all find the locker empty & his mother runs shouting to inform Singhasan that everything is stolen from locker while he too sees & comes out shouting who must have done this while Bubli says this can be outsiders work but Indresh says who is outsider her than Lovely says who else can be except this new woman, Laila. All are doubting on her while she reacts saying do you feel I am a thief & why should I do this kind of thing.
Lovely & Pinky are searching Laila’s room but do not find anything while Laila comes telling them there is nothing I have taken.
Abhay falls on chair feeling drowsy while Singhasan’s brother too says I too am feeling drowsy & Lovely says might be juice must be containing some mixture so Indresh gets wild telling Laila that this must be your plan of taking away all valuables making everybody unconscious & goes in her room to search & finds the bag of valuables but Laila is shocked steering Bubli while Bubli shows her attitude because she itself had planned to keep the bag in her room by instigating Lovely for necklace & Indresh for ring. Singhasan’s brother curses her saying now police will come but Singhasan remembers about his hidden secret & says to not to call police because the bag is found hence to close the chapter here itself but Bubli insists him to call the police & let the truth come out while Laila warns saying let police come & I’ll also open all the secrets of everybody while Singhasan is shocked & Bubli is also confused.
Singhasan’s brother is cursing & insulting Laila while she gets wild saying that now I’ll show you the truth of your so called daughter in law & she opens her phone showing all of them the video clip.

Precap: Brahman tells Indresh & Bubli to get up for exchanging garlands & they accordingly exchange the same around each other while Devi Polomi smiles but Mata Santoshi is watching in shock. Devesh is following Swati who is running away from him in Rickshaw. Brahman tells both to start the rounds around fire but Swati comes shouting to stop while Bubli is shocked including all.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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