Riansh Os: Dhoka ke badle dhoka

Hey guys, thank you for your love, this story too was written during Vihaan’s track line. I hope you like it.

Author’s pov

Riddhima was on her bed reminiscing what occurred one hour back, she still feeling her fast heartbeats.

One hour before

Riddhima was still sleeping in the orphanage but a ringing tone woke her up and she smiled happily.

R: Hello, Jaan

Voice: Hello, Sweetheart

R: Vansh, I am angry with you

V: Why, sweetheart? 

R: You promised to come but you didn’t.

V: I was stuck at work, however, open your cupboard now.

R(confused): Why? 

V: Sweetheart, just do as I say.

She walked to her cupboard and was surprised by the small box, She opened it. It was a marriage ring.

R(surprised): Vaansh!

She didn’t hear his voice from the other side And was anxious.

R: Vansh, Where are you?

V(from behind her): Mein yahaan ho sweetheart, with you,(going on his knees) So Miss Riddhima, Will you do me the honour of becoming my wife? 

The surprise paralyzed her, and he talked again to get her back so senses.

V: My knee hurt sweetheart.

R(laughing and hugging him): Of course, I would love to be Mrs. Raisinghania.

V(making their nose touch): I love you

R: I love you too.

He eyes her red inviting lips and came closer to touch it, But then he moved away.

V: Sorry, sweetheart. I know you are uncomfortable with all this now.


He excused himself because of the meeting, He is a thorough gentleman and she is so lucky to have him. She met him one month back, just one month was enough to make her head over heels in love with him.

Fb starts

Riddhima was in hurry because of the work, she has to go for physiotherapy seances, She rushed out of the orphanage without noticing the car coming at high speed toward her, The moment she was aware of the danger heading toward her, it was too late to back off, and she closed her eyes in fear, but she was pushed out of the way. She opened her eyes to meet his eyes, Her saviour, His eyes were sharp and held an intensity that made her shiver.

V: Are you ok? 

She was in a daze not able to understand what he was saying, she saw just observing him quietly.

V: Hello? Are you fine?

R: Huh, I am fine I guess. (seeing blood in his hand) Shit, You were wounded because of me, I am so sorry, Thank you for helping me.

V(smiling): It’s okay, It’s my duty, And don’t worry about this wound, I bore more serious injuries than this.

R: No no, Please come with me, I am going to dress your wound.

She took him almost forcefully with her inside And started applying ointment gently not to hurt him.

R: By the way, I am Riddhima.

V: Nice to meet you, I am Vansh.

R: Nice to meet you too, I would have been dead if you didn’t interfere. Thank you.

V: How may I let that happen in front of me? Of course, I won’t stand there watching. So no need to say thanks.

R: I am done.

V: Thank you

R: Oh don’t embarrass me.

He stood up to go and she felt sad without knowing the reason, Deep inside her, she wanted badly to see him again. She lowered her head, Then she felt a shadow near her, He was Vansh.

R: Vansh? 

V: mm may I have your number? 

R(shocked): Huh

V: If you don’t mind

R: No no, not at all.

She blushed when she saw his smile cursing her slip of the tongue, and then he forwarded his phone. Taking her number, he walked away leaving her dreamily looking at him.

2 days passed

R(to herself): Mr. Handsome, Why didn’t you call me? (hitting her pillow) you are too bad, I want to see you again, I have never been so desperate(slapping her face) Riddhima wake up, don’t behave like this.

she whined against the pillow in disappointment wondering whether he didn’t like her as she likes him. And then she received a call expecting to be someone else she picked it.

R(bored tone): Hello

V: Hello, Did I disturb you?

R: Who is this?

V: Oh sorry, I am Vansh, You remembered, I met you in front of the orphanage.

she jumped from the bed excited kissing the phone.

V: What’s this sound? 

R(hitting her head): Of course I do, Hello, How are you?

V: I am fine, Actually I spent 2 days wondering either you’ll be offended by my call or not, so at last I surrendered and decided to call you.

R: You chose the right decision (realizing) I mean I am ok with it.

V: Then, I want to tell you something, but please don’t get anxious, I think I like you and I want to know you more if you have no problem with it.

R(shy): I don’t mind it.

V: great, so what do you? 

R: I am a physiotherapist, You?

V: I have my own company, a VR company. VR as Vansh Raisinghania

R: It seems so familiar, I think I heard it somewhere.

V: Yeah, you would have heard it before definitely.

R: Arrogance ha? 

V(laughed): No just stating facts.

R: So Mr. Arrogant, Do you have a family? 

V: Yeah, I have a big one.

R: Lucky you.

V: You’ll have it too soon.

R: Means? 

V: Never mind, I want to take you tomorrow on a date,  I know maybe you feel that Everything is happening fast, but Main khidkiyon se Nahi darwazon mein se aane walon mein se hoon, I don’t appreciate beating around the bush.

R: I like the people who come straightly to the point, And Yes, I am ready to go on date with you.

V: Perfect, Then, Tomorrow at 7 pm.

R: sure.

V: Goodnight.

R: Goodnight.

She disconnected the call jumping with happiness, she took the pillow again in her arms.

R: Mr. Perfect, I back off from my previous statement, You are not bad, in fact, you are the best. By the way, He said, His name is Vansh Raisinghania.

She took her phone and searched on the internet, and she found him, She was astonished as He is more famous than what she expected. Not that it matters to her, but he seems to be perfect.

The other day

She was confused about what to wear on her first date, She has no idea what he likes.

And her friend brought a packet with her.

R: what’s this? 

S: It was sent to you, Open it, I want to see it.

R: she opened and found a yellow dress for her and A note 

“It caught my eyes that this colour suits you, so I hope you like my gift

Vansh “

S: Awwwee, I feel a Romantic aura here.

R(blushed): Shut up.
S: beautiful dress, come on, get ready

now for your date or else you’ll be late.

She changed her clothes and put a

slight makeup and came out looking gorgeous.

S: you'll definitely make him knocked down, girl!

S: you’ll definitely make him knocked down, girl!

R: really? Do I look good?

S: just good? You look great.

Her phone rang, he was Vansh.

R: ok darling, I’ve to go, by love you.

S(laughing): by

She walked outside and found him in his full glory, not any less than a prince charming.
V(he kissed her hand): looking like an angel.
R(examining him): you don’t look bad yourself.
V: oh I am grateful to get praised by you, your Excellency.
R(laughing): I meant you look handsome, Mr.raisinghania.
He took her and opened the door for her, she sat in his luxurious car. and he drove them to their destination.

Their candle night date was so perfect and they started dating each other. he hasn’t expressed his love but she was so happy with the care she receives from him.

After 2 weeks
Vansh called Riddhima urgently and she was afraid because his tone held seriousness. she was thinking on her way to his apartment, what does he want? What if he wants them to be apart? Her heart broke just by the mere thought.
She was on the edge of crying, as she didn’t want to lose him.
She knocked on his door and he came out opening the door for her to go inside.
V(serious): riddhima, actually I have something important to discuss with you.
R(scared): what’s going on?
V: I am sick
V(keeping her hand on his heart): here
R(still not understanding): heart illness? Did you visit a doc?
V(laughing): you are tube light, yaar.

R(confused): what do you mean? You said you are ill, and something wrong with your heart, if it’s not medical then (widening her eyes) do you mean you are in love?
V(grinning ): yes
R(sad): really? Do you love someone else? 
V: oh my god, my girlfriend is so idiot.
R: what? Why? 
V: because (his breath was burning her ear) I love you very much, you made this heart beats for you, miss you and I can’t afford to lose you.
R(hugging him):  I was so scared of our separation, I love you too crazily.
FB ends

Within 3 days their marriage took place, and they were going to his house.

R’s pov
I’ve found it weird to not see any of his family there, yet I decided to not ask and disturb him, maybe he has a problem with them. the car stopped near a very big mansion, VR was written outside, is it his house? Wow.

He departed the car and I followed him and see his big family standing in front of the door.
An old woman glared at me angrily and then at Vansh.
V: dadi
D: I told you I am against it.
V: dadi, now it’s too late.
I: ha, Bhai made the right decision.

She couldn’t understand what was happening there, and what they were talking about? 
I: good to see you, Riddhima, again!
R: again? (To vansh) but I’ve never seen her.
V: you did, sweetheart, now let”s go
He pulled her harshly with him that her hand was bruised.
R:vansh, it hurts
He did neither stop not look at her, he continues toward a room and pushed her inside.
R: what’s wrong with you? You pulled me like this, and didn’t even introduce your family to me, and by the way, how did they know me?
V: shut up, just shut your mouth, welcome in the cage again.
R: again? Cage? Is this a joke?
V: trust me, I am going to take revenge on every deed of yours, For the cheat, you’ve given me, I will make your life unworthy to be lived.
She looked at him in horror, he was serious, she could tell by the look in his eyes.
R(scared): I have never cheated on you.
V: Naaaa, you did, with your boyfriend.
R: I swear I don’t have one. i love you only.
V(holding her face harshly): I hate you, my heart has limitless despise for you.
R(thunderstruck): what? You are lying, right? You love me, you said you did.
V: just for revenge which was incomplete when you ran away.
R(held her head): you are crazy, I will go.
V: take one step further and I will burn the orphanage into ashes.
She realized at that moment she was fooled by the fake love and affection, and her life will never be the same.
R: why?
V: ask yourself, what you have done 2 months ago!
R: I can’t remember it
V: betrayal, you betrayed me.
R(shocked): we have known each other?
V: known? We were married.
R: and now, what do you want?
V: to make you suffer.
R: really? Then I promise you to melt this anger soon, this is the eighth vow of our Shaadi, jaanu.
V: I promise you to break this illusion soon, sweetheart, this is the ninth vow.
R: then I will wait desperately to see how you will fulfill it. I don’t know which Riddhima you met before but this one (touching his face) knows how to fight for her love, wait and watch., and one more thing, thank you for marrying me even though for revenge if you didn’t do it, I would have tried to lure you.
He looked at her stunned, he expected her to be pissed off, or to shout at him but she is so steady.
R: Saachi, I am not lying, since I saw you, I lost my heart, Now I understand that it must be related to our past.
V: past? You didn’t love me in the past.
R: my heart is saying the opposite, you can take the revenge the way you want,  I am ready, jaanu.
V: Janu? what the hell? How can you say that?
R: I am helping you as a dutiful wife.
V: you are a shameless woman.
She held her laughter at his cuteness, she couldn’t stop loving him after seeing his hatred for her.
R: And you are so hot, husband.
V’s pov
What the ? She is weird, because of her amnesia, her personality is different now. Damn!
I went to the bed and I felt her weight on me.
V: what now?
R: My husband, my wish!
V: my chest I guess.
R: what belongs to my husband is automatically mine. (kissing his cheek) good night, jaanu.

He was more frustrated and annoyed, he can’t forget the way she betrayed him.
FB starts

He faked his death, and made his wife believe that he wasn’t Vansh, As he was predicting, she asked him to be Vansh for the property, and he made it so difficult task for her so that she never doubts him. Apparently, after his arrival as Vansh, the day he got Anupriya and kabir arrested, she eloped leaving a letter behind.
” I have never loved you, vansh, you were just a mission, and it failed, don’t try to look for me, because everything is finished between us”
He was damn angry, while he was trying to believe in her innocence, she left for him that letter as a big shock.

FB ends
He pushed her hands but she was clinging to him, therefore he slept too.
The morning
He opened his eyes only to be welcomed by his wife’s beauty.
V’s pov
Damn this innocence, why did I remarry her when we are already married? And what kind of stupid revenge plan is it? 
I am just fooling myself, the fact was that I wanted her back in my life, although she hated me, I wanted her, god how pathetic that sounds.
R(with her eyes shut): staring is a bad habit (opened her eyes) but guess what? I love this bad habit. (she kissed him on his cheek) good morning, hubby
V: arent you flirting a lot? 
R: and this bad habit is cooler than yours.
She stood up and took the towel to the washroom after sometimes, she came

His jaw was dropped and she smirked, coming closer, she encircled her arms around his neck

His jaw was dropped and she smirked, coming closer, she encircled her arms around his neck.
R: how do I look?
V: so ugly. 
R: really? So why are you gripping my waist?
He pushed her off him.
V: just by mistake. And you should wear something traditional.

R: Come on, Hubby, I prefer it this way.

V: Whatever, I don’t care.
R:vansh? Tell me at least what did I do?

V: no, it’s better to stay like this, thinking what was your mistake to deserve being cheated like that.

He left to take a shower and she went downstairs, She saw his sister and approached her.

R: Good morning

I(gave her a look): How can it be good when I am seeing you here again?

R(taken aback): Oh easy, it’s not good for you to hold all this anger inside, It will harm your baby.

I: Now, Do I have to listen to your advice? 

R: Yeah, If you are going to be immature, Then I will gladly advise you, Don’t worry your babhi is here now.

She looked at her oddly as if asking her if she has gone mad.

R: mmm analyzing your situation, I guess the old version of me was quiet, But darling, I am not, I know how to answer back people who are trying to humiliate me.

She saw dadi and went toward her seeking her blessing, Dadi was still upset after knowing about the cheat she gave them.

D(unwantedly): God, Bless you.

Vansh descended the stairs while she glanced at her husband, she is still smitten by him although she has seen how many grudges he held against her.

V: Good morning, dadi & Ishaani

D&I: Good morning, Beta/Bhai.

I: Bhai, Now That you brought her back, She must at least prepare your breakfast.

V: Yeah, you’re right, So You were calling me Hubby, jaanu since yesterday, I don’t think you have a problem with cooking for me.

She glared at him, to which he gave her a winning smile, but to his surprise, she smiled.

R: Of course, It’s my duty to make your breakfast, moreover that I will make sweets for you, exclusively, with lots of love.

V: Don’t you have self-respect? I said I hate you to the peaks.

R: Look, You have feelings for me, Even if it’s hatred, but you can’t ignore my effect on you, Now, I am going to make your breakfast.

I: she became so weird, not like before.

Days passed

Vansh’s attitude was the same, He is always showing his hatred toward her while she tried to melt the ice between them. She tried to mend her relationship with his family as well, but they were always either ignoring her or taunting her especially Ishaani.

One day

Although he never has shown that he was affected by her presence, He actually was, He got used to her flirting with him, expressing how much love she has for him. Cooking for him. He understood that it wasn’t about taking revenge, it was because his heart missed her when she wasn’t around. Alas! who will admit this fact? Obviously not him! Men’s ego!

He arrived inside the room but found her asleep, He looked at his watch confused, She is usually running around to bring his food, help him even if he didn’t require her help. Why is she still asleep?

He touched her cheek and his pupils widened, she was burning with fever.

V: Riddhima, wake up

R(opened her eyes slowly): Vansh

V: I will call the doctor

R(weakly): No, I don’t want a doctor, He will give me An injection

He smiled at the memory of the tetanus injection when he distracted her attention to giving it to her.

R: Not fair, Here I am sick and you’re smiling happily.

V: No, I am going to call the doc now, Don’t argue in this state.

He called him and he came and she started shivering to look at the Acetaminophen injection. She felt a hand holding hers, She looked at Vansh who blinked at her in an assuring gesture that she will be fine.

Doc: It’s done.

He walked out, and Vansh smirked looking at the shock on her face.

V: This trick always works on you.

R: really? 

V(realizing): You better sleep as you are not well.

R: Please, Vansh, Tell me the reason why you are angry with me.

V: I am not interested in this conversation.

R(pleading eyes): Please

He cursed himself for being so weak in front of her, although she managed to fool him twice already.

V: you married me before to send me to jail.

R(in horror): What?

V: For your ex-fiance’s sake who was my step-brother as well, You married me, I doubted you since the first time My eyes were laid on you, But You took a bullet on yourself to save me, I couldn’t be the same anymore, and I fell for you. I thought you loved me too, but You broke my heart by giving fake shreds of evidence to him, He handcuffed me and took me with him to kill me. However, I managed to escape jail and death,  I faked my death and came back with another identity to take revenge on people who broke my trust including you. You made me believe again that you love me, and you were innocent, But you escaped with him the day He was about to be arrested. Leaving a letter for me.

R(in disbelief): No I can’t be that bad, I can’t be a betrayer.

V: You were, Riddhima.

She started crying bitterly, all these allegations were too much for her mind to digest. He felt bad for her condition, especially that she was sick.

V: Don’t cry.

She looked at him with her moist eyes and he hugged her.

V: rest, I’ve told you before not to cry, I hate your tears.

R: Why?

V: Just like that, I don’t like to see tears generally.

R(smiled): You are cute.

V: Cute? Am I a child? 

She pulled his cheeks laughing and then she remembered something.

R: where is the so-called ex-fiance with whom I plotted against you?

V: Jail!

R: I have a request.

V: mm say 


V: what? Have you gone mad?How dare you?

2 days later

She entered the police station and they brought a man in front of her, He was Kabir.

R: Hello, Kabir.

K(gritting his teeth): You? What are you doing here?

R: I wanted to see in this condition.

K: Just shut up, How dare you to show me your face? 

R: Why wouldn’t I? AFter what you’ve done.

K: You did it, Because of you, I was caught, If you didn’t make that Sejal call the cops and arrest me, I would have eloped.

R: You failed, dear Kabir.

K: My plan was perfect, You went with me for Vansh’s safety, However, I didn’t know that you were such a cunning, You made us go in a car accident and ran.

R: Thank you.

She left after reaching the real truth that she wanted to know, She rushed into the room, Playing the record.

R(sadly): I told you, Vansh, I am not a traitor, But you didn’t believe me. Now the truth is in front of you.

FB starts

R: I have a request.

V: mm say

R: I want to see him.

V: What? Have you gone mad? How dare you ask me for this?

R: I am not going to see him because I missed him, I want to know the real truth, why did I go with him. It’s my last request, Please.

V: Ok, Now, Rest.

Fb ends

V(guilty): Riddhima 

R: I want to remember our old memories.

V: It has only pain, doubt, and misunderstanding. 

R: It’s part of our life, I will have to face it one day. we won’t be able to move further if we didn’t sort out everything.

V: I am sorry, Riddhima, Mujhe Maaf Kar do, I did what I thought was right.

R: You didn’t hurt me, Despite uttering nonsense, I saw your love. You married me but didn’t take any revenge on me.

V: deep my heart, I’ve always known, that I missed you, and I have no plans to hurt you, but my ego didn’t allow me to admit it.

R(teasingly): It’s ok, Jaanu. (winking)

A smile broke into his face and soon it turned to laughter.

V(laughing): You won’t believe how much you talk differently, And jaanu is so cheesy!

R(grinned): I know, I was just teasing you. How was I in the past?

V: Angry bird, always arguing with me and doubting me.

R: But I loved you, right?

V: I don’t know.

R: You still have a doubt? I went with that man to save you, isn’t it love? 

V(thinking deeply):  Wait, I will return later.

R: Vansh?

V: mm

R: I really love you, with my memory or without it, your love dominates my heart.

V(cupping her face): I love you too, sweetheart, I can’t express how sorry I am, to misunderstand everything, and make this idiot plan.

She burst into laughter and They hugged each other, then he went out for an hour ordering Angrey to prepare something. 

After an hour

V: Riddhima, I want you to wear this dress, can you?

R: Yeah, it’s beautiful.

She walked into the washroom and wore the dress.

She walked into the washroom and wore the dress

V: Mrs.Vansh Raisinghania, You look gorgeous.

She heard A voice in her head saying the same sentence.

V: Are you ready for today’s special evening? 

He extended his hand and she could tell that she lived that moment before, but she held his hand giving him a beautiful smile.

R: Always.

They walked down to the hall together and found a chocolate cake, He took her hand and took a bite.

Then the music was played “Ishq Mein Marjawan”, And they danced happily, at a certain moment, he twirled her and hold her and bend toward her. She automatically looked in the other direction, Only to see a gun was pointed in Vansh’s direction. She pushed him in a fast move and fell unconscious between his arms. 

I: Bhai, is she alright? 

V: Thank you guys, for your help.

Fb starts

V: Wait, I will return later.

R: Vansh?

V: mm

R: I really love you, with my memory or without it, your love dominates my heart.

V(cupping her face): I love you too, sweetheart, I can’t express how sorry I am

They hugged each other, and he went out for an hour ordering Angrey to prepare something.

Ishangre’s room

V: Ishaani, call dadi here as well.

She called her and they came back together.

D: What happened, my child? 

V: I want you to hear something important, the truth that we wronged Riddhima, SHe was innocent.

He played the record of Kabir’s confession, and they were thunderstruck.

I: Does it mean she wanted to save you?

V: Yeah, When I got to know about her being in the orphanage,I came in front of her but she didn’t recognize me. That’s why I planned my entry in her life, to break her heart, her trust the way she did, however, I was mistaken. I need your help to get her memory back.

Ang: Just order us, Bhai.

I: We are ready.

V: Ishaani, I want everything to be prepared the way I will tell you, and Angrey, You’ll have to point out a gun in my direction when I signaled you, shoot.


V: just fake bullet. Maybe she will remember if I relive that memory.

D: we’ll support you.

He smiled and go back to his room.

Fb ends

He adjusted her on the bed waiting for her to gain consciousness, and praying that his plan will succeed.

After a while

He saw her opening her eyes slowly and looking at the room, Then at him examining him and then smiled.

R: Hello, Jaanu.

V(eyes popped out): It means you don’t remember? 

R: No

V(closed his eyes in disappointment): I am sorry

R: I remember  (laughed crazily) I called you jaanu, seriously! So flirty!


R: I remember our past together, Kabir and Anupriya, the flirty Vihaan, Now I know why you wanted to break my heart badly.

V(hugging her): I am so sorry, sweetheart, I wasn’t thinking straight.

R: You were right on your perspective, That day, Kabir blackmailed me and I had written the letter, Mishra was pointing a gun toward you, and  I was so helpless. I asked Sejal for help to catch him and the car hit a tree, It was dangerous, but I ran away from him and in the process, I went into an accident.

V: When I found the letter I was in a vengeance mind, I looked for you till I founded you, but without your memory, I wanted to torture, to make you feel the same pain I went through.

R: But you didn’t, you were always good to me & I love you, I still do.

They shared a kiss in which they assure each other’s presence and made new promises to keep love and trust always between them.

R: you know, Vansh?

V: What?

R: I heard that “dhoka ke badle dhoka” but the first time I see “dhoka ke badle pyaar”, Wasn’t our love strange? 

V: Indeed, it was, however, it wasn’t deliberately betrayal, so Love was fated anyway. And by the way, Tonight, No talks about dhoka just love.

AS they promised each other, they kept trusting and loving each other.

Sweetheart, don’t forget your pov, love you!  SORRY FOR ERRORS;

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