Tere ishq me jana- RagSan Episode 8

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Now lets start

Both ragsan were returning to home by walk.
Sanskar in mind lets know her opinion about me.
San: ragini. Can i…
Rag: interrupting him, ask sanskar. I already told u that u don need permission.
San: (slowly) sweet ragu.
Rag: what?
San: nothing. Actually what do you think about me?
Rag: means?
San: means…your opinion about me.
Rag: oh… hmm… let me think…(acting like thinking)
San: come on ragini. Don’t act now.
Rag: smiles. Ok . my opinion about….
she sees little far few people are standing and discussing something, seeing that her expression changes. Sanskar notices this.
San: what happened ragini?
Rag: nothing.
San: see. Now you are doing formality. Tell me.
Rag: nothing sanskar. Just was thinking how much selfish people exist in this world.
San: about whom you are talking?
Rag: many. In that one of is mr. maheshwari. I hate mr.maheshwari.
San: shocked for a moment. What? What I did? I mean what he did that you hate him.?
Rag:do you want to know what he did? Come with me.
She was taking him with her. Sanskar was shocked that how she knows me? What I have done.? Why she hates me?.he was confused. And main thing he was not able to bear that she hates him.

They reached to a small house. There one mid age lady was lying on bed. She was ill. She was trying to take water to drink from jug. She was about to fall ragini holds her makes her sit and gives water. Then made her to sleep. They came out.
Rag: did u see that sanskar? This is all becoz of mr.maheshwari. he is responsible for this.
Sanskar sees that lady. He was seeing her first time then how he became responsible?
San: but how ragini?
Just that moment one person comes.
Rag: hi abhay. What about your interview.?
Abhay: nothing went gud ragini. They are all sold out. They just keep interview for name sake. They decide first only whom to take. Next week two more interviews I have. Lets see what happens. Thanks for helping mom.
Rag: its ok abhay. That’s humanity. Don’t loose hope ok. I’ll come tomorrow to meet aunty.
Abhay: bye.
Rag: bye.
Rag : sanskar. He’s abhay. That lady’s only son. He was working in one of the company of maheshwaris. Not only him, those people who were standing there, they too were working in that company only. But unfortunately loss happened and company need to closed. And you know how selfish and mean is that owner of that company, he dint even gave any notice period. Suddenly he told all workers to leave job and closed the company. For him if one company closed means not any problem. But people like us will suffer. You know due to sudden loosing job they not able to feed their family properly. And you already know that getting new job is not easier. Abhay mom is ill. Abhay is roaming from 2 months for job but not getting anywhere. He’s not able to buy medicines for his mom. Now you only tell mr. maheshwari is selfish and mean person or not.
After listening to ragini sanskar stood silent. Becoz her each and everyword has truth. He remembers something.

She: sanskar beta. We have to pay attention towards that company or else we will get loss.
San: uncle, if its like that then close that company. We have still many companies all over. Why you are taking tension.
She: but sanskar. Workers of that company are very loyal and honest, where they will go?
San: give them 1 month salary and tell to search new job. That’s it. Simple.
FB ends

Sanskar in mind: just by closing one company this much happened. I took it lightly. But due to that these many people are suffering. For middle class people each rupee matters. I never thought about workers for a moment also. I never thought where they will go. Ragini is rite. Am only responsible for this. Now I’ll only fix everything properly.
San: ragini. Will you give me one rupee coin?
Rag: what? But why?
San: I don have money na. so asking you. And I’ll solve this problem. I’ll call and pray to god and tell my wish. You just see.
Rag: what you are telling? Am not understanding.
San: just give one coin. Ok baba give it as advance, when my salary comes I’ll give u.
Rag: smiles and gives.
Ragini in mind: what am telling and what he’s asking. Am really not able to understand him. He’s different. When will I understand him.
Sanskar goes to coin booth. Makes a call and comes to ragini.
San: now see ragini. I told god to solve this problem. He’ll do it soon.
Rag: smiling.. you are really mad. Ok we will see god will listen you or what.
Sanskar in mind: he’ll do ragini. I found solution. Within 24 hours everything will be solved. I want to see you happy ragini. I don’t want any tension in your mind. Whether it is of you or others. And more importantly I cant bear a word hate from your mouth for me. You should not hate me. I never able to bear that. For you I’ll find solution for all problems.

Precap: ragsan’s different date.

let me know your views frnds. how u felt this episode?

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