Love Me Not Love Me – Twinj FF – Episode 2

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Love Me Not Love Me- Twinj FF episode2 

some New characters

BurakDeniz as Kabir Kapoor                HandeErcel as Anuska Kapoor              NamishTaneja as Namish Taneja

Twinkle pov~

It has been three years since I left New York and Kunj behind, I have been living my life peacefully, even through I have dreams about him, my life has not been so easy,but I continue to work my hardest for my family.
I have become a successful model and a person that plans events,such as important meetings, festivals,parties and important bonquets.
I focus more on modelling,but I still enjoy my other job. In the past few years I have never seen Kunj . I see him in magazines, but none of them I have seen him with a woman. I don’t know if I should be happy or not, I still love him even through I tell myself that he cheated on me with a girl he didn’t even know.
After that event, I ran away. I know live with my brother Namish, sister Anuska and brother-in-low Kabir both of them living Los Angeles.Anhuska is two years older than me which means I’m the middle child and Namish the youngest at Twenty-three.Now, I’m twenty-four years old.
Times flies by so quickly, sometimes I want to stop time.
I wanted to live with my parents but I know he wouldn’t live me alone,he knows where my parents. At the end I decided to Los Angeles instead of California. He doesn’t know where my brother and sister live because they move and travel me alot. When I come here I was sad and depressed, but my brother,sister and brother-in- low helped me alot. I have been doing good, but soon after I arrived I found out I was Pregnant to a beautiful baby boy,wh who now two years old and his name is Samridh Kunj Sarna.
I would him to have his dad’s last name.He looks exactly like his dad, but he has the same eyes as parents have supported me throughout my moment doesn’t like Kunj no more and my dad hates him for leaving me with a kid and everyday I tell him that I was the one who left him, but he doesn’t understand or won’t older sister,bro brother and brother-in-law  despite,hat despise Kunj especially my younger brother Namish who saw me cry over him the few weeks I had arrive here.
Mommy!”My two yearold son screams getting my attention.
“Look!!” I glance outside the plane and see we were about to land, I was still not ready to come back to New York, but Kabir insisted that I take over his company ceo’s plan parties. It’s a small but I had to come back with my son. I don’t think l will see Kunj, but if I do I won’t know what to do.Kunj doesn’t know I have a child. I wanted to tell him but I didn’t have his information. Even after I get it, I still didn’t have the courage to call him.
Now after three years I have come back to help a very popular CEO. Kabir hasn’t told me who it is because he has been busy changing stuff in the company. He told his assistant to worry about it,so I felt like he himself doesn’t even know.He just told me to arrive in New York and get ready for a very fancy party that will start at 6:30pm. I get interputed from my thoughts when I hear my angel’ voice.
“Mommy!” I hear Sam call me.
“Sorry baby,oh! Yeah we arrive, come on let’s go get your beg.Ready to see the house dad bought us,” He jumps out of his seat and I pull him up to my chest getting our staff and coming face to face with Chirs. I smile as I wave to him, Chris hasn’t left my side and doesn’t mention anything to Kunj  which I’m really grateful for.
Come this way Ms.Taneja.”He smiles I laugh and follow him to the same black ca not I had has been my chuffecha.


After setting down in my my new house. I start look around. It consisted of two floors and from the outside it was light blue and three bedrooms with each one having their bathroom and a balcony to the main room.when you enter the house,to your left is the living-room and to your right was hanger for jackets and a small table was a door to the playroom and the garage was connected to the kitchen by wall and then the backyard.
It was small but cozy.
“Sam!are you hungry?” I ask as I see Sam sitting on the dinning chair .
” No babe!” I smile and think of his nanny bebe is fourty-seven years old and she has been like a second mother to me.Even if she is older than me by the twenty three years.Bebe was his nanny only when we visited our parents, but she is moving in with us as I might be busy for the first few weeks.she hasn’t her own family so she stay with his cousin and not stay with us that long.
“She is arriving in two hours!Be patience.” I hold up two fingers in front him. I trun around and open a cabinet taking in front him. I trun around and open a cabinet taking out some cookies. I checked the date and they were good. Kabir assistant mention something about having snacks in the drawers,so this should be fine.
I trun around to face Sam and place the cookies on the table.opning the lid and grabbing one for myself.
“Where Daddy?” I almost dropped the cookie I was eating. I hAve told Sam about Kunj, but I told him he was too busy and he lived in New York.He is way too smart for his age and I sometimes wonder what he knows.
What if I meet him while l’m with Sam? Would he take him away from me or would he take him to another country…No I shouldn’t be stressing out,there is a big chance that he won’t meet us.
“Very soon Baby, but not know okay. I’ll tell you when,”  He smiles and gives me a hug. I try not to think about Sam.However I know it is time to let him know he has a son.
I feel bad for not informing him,bu b I am too scared of what he is capable of doing.
Bebe arrived at the right time,it was 5:00pm and I had to leave at 6:00pm. I took a shower and blow dried my hair. I put on a black dress that hugged my hips in the right place.Once I had Sam, I become a model and yough and exercise enough to be satisfied with my body. I wasn’t too worry about Kunj finding me because the photoshoots were in different countries. I ushalus put an eye contact but my image was Simple, I have blue eyes with Black brown hair and dark long eyelashes.
I sit on my desk put on little make-up and my favourite black hills.My dress reached a little pass my mid thigh and was strapless with a flower design on my right hip. It was gorgeous,checking the time it was around 5:45and I knew I was going to be I hurried doed the stairs grabbing my dark blue purse and phone kissing Sam on the head as he sat on the sofa.
I will be arriving around 11:00pm.Go to sleep baby okay?” He nods and truns back to watching him favourite movie Avengers:The infinity war.(My favourite movie ?)
Bebe please Don’t let him sleep that late today.You can order a pizza, but only today because we still need to go buy food.”
Bebe smiles and stairs at me from head to toe.
“You look so beautiful”. I quickly give kiss on her cheeks I walk away give her a big smile.
“Thankyou”I grab my long dark blue jacket and go  straight to my car that my dad bought me.Chirs Has a day off,so I won’t bother him. I get incide the black car and make my way to my destination nervous to meet the ceo I’m working with for three years .


So here is the second chapter of this fanfiction.
Please ignore my mistakes.?


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