Anything for u my love… Swasan – Part 2

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Hi frnds.. how are you feeling about this ff? pls let me now in comments. As I told Its my first ff.
After party shashe go to there room, they saw their room is fully decorated with their family photos. From shashe childhood pics to their young and marriage pics, then swaragini’s childhood pics with them. Room is decorated and written with flowers that world’s best mom and dad. They get emotional seeing them. From behind swaragini comes and hugs them.
Shashe: thanku for this gift. Love you both.
Swaragini: we too love you both.
Next morning both were having breakfast.
She: ragini, how’s ur practice going on?
Rag: gud papa. Now I’ve started to work under doctors in OT. Soon I’ll become doctor.
She: swara. Wat abt you beta?
Swa: papa. Its bit heavy work now a days. Our company may get many projects. If we complete it successfully then am not sure abt promotion but definitely will get increase in salary.
She: do work like this only. But don’t get much stress and strain. I already told you both. First of all no need of doing job. You are doing as per your wish. I don’t want to go against your wish. But anytime if you don’t want, you can leave job.
Swa: ok papa. Don’t worry.
Both left for their works.

Swa: hi lucky.
Lak: hi. So, mom and dad liked yesterday’s party?
Swa: ya. They were really happy. Thanks for helping lucky.
Lak: shona dear, am going to be son in law of that house. So no need of thanks.
Swa: (throws pen at him)don’t start your drama now.

Lak: ragini told me she is going to assist for a operation today.
Swa: yes.
Ritu: from how many years you and ragini know each other?
Lak: two years ritu. That too because of swara. Or else still I’ll be dreaming of ragini only.
Ritu: means?
Lak: I dint knew that ragini is swara’s sis. I mean I know that swara is having a sis. But never seen her. Daily she passes by our company only. One day I saw her and fell in love with her. Then its become my daily routine to see her passing through our company.
Ritu: then?
Swa: he was not having courage to propose her. He came to take my help without knowing that she is my sis.
Swara started laughing. Laksh was glaring at her fake angrily.
Ritu: what hapnd swara? Why are you laughing suddenly?
Lak: no swara. You wont tell.
Swa: shows her tongue. I’ll tell. By the way ritu. One day he came to me

Lak: swara come here.
Swa: wat hapnd lucky?
Lak: just come for a min.
He took her to window and told that
Lak: Now she’ll come.
Swa: oh.. your dreamgirl? Let me see her today.
Just then ragini passes from there.
Lak: she’s that girl.
Swara sees ragini. And got happy also that laksh loves her. She knew that he’s perfect for her.
Lak: help me swara.
Swa: act like thinking. Ok tmrw I’ll talk with her.
Lak: so soon?
Swa: yes dear. Just wait and watch.

Next day (Sunday)
@coffee shop
Laksh comes there, sees swaragini sitting. Swara seems to be in dull mood. And ragini in angry.
He just went and sit next to swara.
Lak: swara…
Rag: stop. Don’t talk to her. Talk with me. U love me ha? Do you think by telling me I’ll also start to love you.
Lak: no. you misunderstood. Actually..
Rag: I know you both are palnning something against me. And see this girl, acting like innocent. But I know she’s criminal mind.
Lak: (angrily stands) shut up. Stop telling bad abt her. She’s my best frnd. She was just helping me coz I love you. And its truth that I love you so much. But I dint knew that your thinking is like this. I cant bear anything against swara. If you don’t want my proposal then you may leave.
Swaragini started laughing. Laksh was luking at them confused.
Rag: di.. I told you. He’ll select you only among us.
Lak: di? Means u r ragini?
Rag: yes.
Lak: swara. What is this? Is this way to do like this?
Swa: sorry lucky. I just want to play with you little bit. Now I did my job. U both r lovers from now.
Both were blushing
FB ends

Swa: like this hapnd.
Ritu: laughing. Really?
Lak: stop ritu.
Ritu: wat abt u swara? I mean u and sanskar?
Lak: I’ll tell that. Its of 8yrs now.
Ritu: wat ? 8yrs? You both are very lucky. Now a days who wil stay for so long? Well. How u knew sanskar?
Lak: actually we three were classmates.

@xyz college
Swasanlak were of 17 yrs.
Swalak were best frnds. Still swara just knows sanskar but not frnds. Laksh and sanskar are frnds. Whenever sanskar comes to talk with laksh, he just says hi to swara and swara also replies by hi.
After few days in canteen, swalak having lunch. Sanskar comes.
Lak: sanskar, join us only.
San: ok. Hi swara.
Swa: hi.
As days passes swasanlak became best frnds. Trio always sit together in class. Together they were making notes and preparing for exam. Laksh family knows abt swasan. Swara’s family knew laksh from before only. And after they knew sanskar also. They too like sanskar and his behavior.

Precap: swasan love story conitues

Sorry frns for no swasan scenes today, from next episode, its swasan scenes. Don’t forget to tell about ur views. Thanku.

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