Destined to be yours, Raglak, part 2

I am sorry for delaying. here the next part.

Same night.

After the rituals were completed, Ragini was guided into her new room and was told to stay there and not to move. She nodes nervously and sat on the bed, waiting for Laksh.
Laksh on the other hand, who was thoroughly upset and frustrated with everything that happened was on terrace, lost in his own thoughts.

He was finding it hard to accept that he is married, that too when he is in love with someone else.

He walked to and fro in frustration, hit his hand on the railings…but…all that comes swara’s smiling face, to which he is attracted and Ragini’s crying face during her biday. He was having multiple emotions, nothing positive. He had no idea of the time.

It was almost 1 in morning and Ragini was very worried and was waiting for laksh to come. As she was told not to move from the room, she was anxiously waiting. Many thoughts were coming into her mind and she was trying to calm herself.

After some more time, laksh decided to go back to his room, he thought ragini would be asleep by then and was shocked to find her awake, that too in her wedding dress.
Before he could ask her anything she ran to him.

Rag: Laksh ji, you came, you are fine right, nothing happened to you right, I was very tensed.

Laksh was shocked to react. She was waiting for him, he looked the time, it was 2 am!

Rag: laksh ji why are you not saying anything? What happened?

Lak: you, you didn’t sleep yet?

Rag: voh, you didn’tcome right, I was tensed…

Lak: I, I am sorry, I didn’t… I mean I..

Rag: you,….. are you ( taking a long breath) are you not happy with our marriage??

She asked it with much difficulty, killing her heart, but that was the only conclusion she could make out of his late coming. Because he didn’tsay her anything about being late and he appeared dull.

Laksh was shocked, he didn’t know what to say, it is true that he is upset with the marriage, but seeing her face, he couldn’t say this to her.

Lak: N, no, not with ou, our marriage, but wi, with marriage as a whole.
He was stammering.

Lak: I , l mean I didn’twant to get married now, I am not yet ready to take such huge responsibility and I…

Ragini smiles, so he has no problem with her, it is with marriage, she became happy.

Rag: laksh ji, there is no hurry, you need not worry, I will wait for you, till then let us remain as friends.

Laksh was half relived and half guilty. Relived that he didn’t has to take his marriage forward, guilty that he is giving her hopes which he might never be able to fulfil. He was in dilemma.

Rag: it is ok laksh ji, I can understand.

Lak: you said we are friends right, then stop calling me with that ji.

Rag: O, ok lakshhh.

With great difficulty she stopped herself from saying ”ji”.
He smiled seeing her cute expression.

Lak: it is really late, let us change and sleep.

She nodes.
Lak: you change from here, I will change in bathroom.
She again nodes.
After changing:
Lak: you sleep on bed, I will sleep on couch.
Rag: no,
Lak: I won’t let you sleep on couch.
Rag: neither I will let you.
Lak: but then,
Rag: bed is huge enough for both of us,
Lak: but,
He hesitates.
She smiles and went to bed and created the pillow wall.
Rag: (smiling) now??
He smiles. Both lay on their side, with their back facing the other.

Rag: ( in mind) I wish if everything is perfect between us like the normal couple, but it is ok, if you need time, I will wait for you, for however time you need. Because I love you Laksh.
She smiles and sleeps.

Lak: (in mind) you are doing very much for me and I, I don’tknlw whether I will be able to move on, I know I should forget swara, but I don’tknow how. I don’tknow whether I will be able to give you the love you deserve, but I will try to fulfil my responsibilities, I wish I would.
He too sleeps.

Next morning:
Ragini wakes up early as usual.

(Guys, biological clock, no matter at what time we sleeps, we would wake up at our normal timing, personal experience.)

She felt very strange, of course she would, she was in her new room.
It took a moment for her to understand her surrounding, then she reminded that now is she is married. She looks at her side found laksh sleeping peacefully. A huge smile came on her face seeing him peaceful. She forwarded her hand to caress his head, but then back off. She wished him morning and went to get ready.
He was still sleeping when she came after being fresh, she smiles and went down.
She met pari in the kitchen, they shares a great bond.
Pari: ragini, you here, that too this early, on your first day after marriage?
Rag: (faking fear) Bhabhi, I am sorry, I really didn’t know that we should wake late on our first day, now what to do, shall I sleep again?
Ragini winks at pari and she frowns.
Pari: no, after first and all, I thought you would be late…
Rag: Bhabhi no matter at what time I sleeps, I wake at this time.
Pari: oh, so you slept late, means..
Pari winks.
Rag: means what bhabhi…
Only then she understood what pari meant, she was embarrassed. Pari kept on teasing her, while they were working, just then Sujatha came in asked for milk for sanskar.
Rag: Chachi, if you don’t mind, shall I wake him up?
Sujatha smiles at her and nodes.
Pari: nice escape ragini.
Rag: bhabhi!!!
She leaves and pari laughs.

Ragini went to Sanskar,he was sleeping peacefully. She caressed his head. She is very happy being with him and considers herself lucky to be his favorite, his best friend.
Rag: I hope you get well soon sanskar, but will you forget me then, I wish you won’t. I like you very much.
She wakes him up. He geys excited seeing her.
San: dosth, you here…
Rag: yes sanskar, from now I will be here only, with you, always.
He jumps in happiness and she smiles seeing him
Rag : ok sanskar brush your teeth and drink this milk, will come by then.
He nodes childishly. She leaves. He looks at her painfully.
San: I am sorry Ragini.
He was awake when she came in.

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