Tere ishq me jana- RagSan Episode 29

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Hi sissy’s… back with tere ishq me jana next part.

After few months..
Rag: sanskar. Its Sunday. U r not going to office na?

San: no. y?

Rag: simply asked.

San looks at her.

Rag: ok I’ll tell. I wanna go out. So asked.

San: directly u can ask? Not ask, u order me.

Rag smiles: then get ready.

Both got ready. San took his car.

Rag: today I’ll drive.

San: wat? No. only one week ago u finished ur driving classes. I wont allow u. I cant take risk.

Rag pouts: don’t u trust ur wife?
Seeing her cute face san agreed.

San: u all ladies do this only. By showing ur cute antics u make us agree.

Rag laughs and takes keys.
Rag started driving. At every few seconds sanskar used to tell her ‘ragini slowly’ ‘ragini road brakers’ ‘ragini u turn’

Rag stops car at side of road and comes out. San also comes out.
San: wat happened?

Rag: do u want me to drive or not?

San: u r only driving dear.

Rag: u r distracting me at every second, then how can I concentrate?
San comes close to her.

San: I belive u honey.

She smiled.
San: but not ur driving.

Rag shows fake anger and turns her face.

Rag: then lets go home. U ruined my mood.

San: ok sry. I’ll not tel like that. Lets go now.

Rag smiles and they start their journey.
San: BTW wher r we going?

Rag: sshhh. Don’t ask. Finger on ur lips.

San does as she says smilingly. They reached ragini’s colony where ragini’s home was there.
San: y we r here? many of ur frnds got shifted to other places. Then for whom u came here?

Rag: for us.

San: ??

She stops car infront of her home. She gives home keys to sanskar and tells him to open the door. San got confused, but took keys and opened door. That room was divided into 3 parts with different colors. One side blue and other side pink filled with some gifts. Middle with a rainbow color wher a table and 2 chairs kept.
He looks at ragini.

Rag: this was my surprise.

San dint understand: wat surprise? I dint get u?

Rag: tubelight. See properly. And think.

San looks again. After few mins he widen his eyes with broad smile and turned to ragini.
San: really?

Rag node yes blushingly. He took her in his arms happily.
Rag: sanskar slowly.

San kept her down.
Rag: I had told u that I’ll confess my love in special way. (became sad) but due to that situation I cant.
San hugs her.

Rag: but I thought to tell this in different way. I selected this coz our love started here. its only single room I know. But its very special for me.

San: not only u. for me too. Thanku ragini for this surprise and gift. But y blue u kept here. I want only pink.

Rag: no. actually I want blue. But only for like ur sake I made arrangement of pink.

San: pink.

Rag: blue.

San: lets see.

Rag: ok. It’ll b blue( by raising her invisible collar.

San: ok then y this rainbow color?

Rag: I dint get any color for our love. Nut when I thought ur name closing my eyes, I came to know u made my life colorfull. So this one.

San: smart.

Rag: I agree. Hey.. y we r standing here. lets celebrate.

She holds his hand and goes near to table. They have their food by feeding each other.

Rag: lets dance.

San: now forget dance till ur delivery. No such things now onwards. I’ll keep my eye on u.

Rag: ( fake anger) so rude.

San: ragini . y these gifts?

Rag: oh. I forgot. See wat ur love made me? I became lazy in ur love and forgetting things in ur love. I brought some gifts for our baby now only. U see them and tell which one u like most.

San: both of us will open.

They opened all gifts one by one teasing eachother taking gifts. They spent some time and went back to home.


After few weeks. Ragini is 8 month pregnant now.
Rag: sanskar, sankar wher r u?

San comes to hall.

San: y did u came out? I told u to call me, I’ll only come. I don’t want u to get tired.
Rag: sanskar I only came to hall from room. How much I’ll get tired.?

San: I don’t know that . u just sit and order. I don’t want my daughter to get tired.

Rag: turns other side. Son

San: daughter.

Rag: don’t start argument. Wait for one more month.

San: fine.

Rag: don’t u ask y I called u?

San: oh yes. Tell wat y u called?

Rag: I want to eat moongdaal ka halwa.

San: wats this moongdaal ka halwa? I never heard.

Rag: I don’t know whether u know or not. But I want it rite now.

San: ok. I’ll order.

He took his phone.
Rag: no. I want ur hand made.

San: u know I don’t know cooking.

Rag: but m want to eat ur handmade.

San: u and ur mood swings.

Rag: pouts: pls. cant u cook for ur baby. Baby is hungry. I’ll tell to baby when she’ll b of few years, that u dint cook for her.

San: happily. U told ‘she’.

Rag: (realized) no no. its he.

San: I’ll cook happily, as its she.

He shows her tongue.
He starts preparing. Ragini was guiding him sitting on chair. After struggling so much finally halwa is ready.
Ragini ate it happily with unexplainable expressions.

San: ragini ur expressions r saying that like u r eating after many days.

Rag( mouth full of halwa): it happens sanskar. U wont understand. BTW its very tasty. Congrats. U prepared well.

He sits admiring her. Lost in her innocence and cuteness while eating too. She was eating like a kid.

Rag (again mouth with full of halwa): Milan bhaiya u came? Come . see sanskar prepared halwa. U also taste.
San: ragini first u eat then speak. No one will understand if u talk like this.

She smiles naughtily.
Mil: really sir? U prepared? That too halwa?

Rag: hmm. For ur bhanja.

San: ragini first eat then speak. Not eating properly. Still u r behaving like kid. By seeing ur behavior no one wil say that u r going to have kid.

She again smiles widely.
Mil looks at san.

San: stop staring. U can eat. Go and take urself.

Mil: thanks a lot sir.

Mil also took and joins ragini. They started chit chat while eating only. San gave them unbelievable look. They both smiled and continued their chat.

Precap: ragini’s delivery

So sissy’s hows this part.
Hope u liked it.
Love u all…..

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